Climate ‘catastrophe’ an imagined threat

CLIMATE alarmism is nothing more than an “imagined” threat created by far Left activists to wrestle control of Australia’s political and economic direction. 

By using carefully crafted talking points, GetUp has partnered with Liberal, Labor and Greens renewables pedlars to frighten otherwise sensible Australians with a fictional doomsday scenario. 

They say that politicians & businesses need to waste our money and resources on protecting Australia against largely imagined threats…
Jacinta Price
Research Director, Centre for Independent Studies

In doing so, the Left has all but destroyed the nation’s manufacturing base along with its ability to defend itself. All while creating rivers of taxpayer subsidies for themselves and their renewables investor mates.

Research Director at the Centre for Independent Studies Jacinta Price, who is also a spokeswomen for Advance Australia, said the climate debate had been dominated by dishonesty from the Left.


“They will say that politicians and businesses need to waste our money and resources on protecting Australia against largely imagined threats like climate change,” she said.

“But the real threat is an increasingly belligerent and militaristic Chinese Communist Party.”

According to Ms Price, the Left is far from worried by this reality.

“They’re perfectly happy that Australia is crippled and an easy target to the threat of the CCP, because of a lack of investment made by politicians and businesses into local manufacturing, or providing real reliable energy solutions, or our self-sufficiency and military independence,” the Alice Springs deputy mayor said.

“What about rebuilding our nation’s manufacturing and infrastructure, so Australians can secure their prosperity?” she asked.

“How about building a military that can operate independently of allies if require? What about freedom to speak out and not be ‘politically correct’?”

Ms Price said it was important to “wake-up the hearts and minds” of all Australians before the next federal election.


Her warning follows the 2019 general election, which is widely considered one the dirtiest and deceptive in living memory.

Across the nation, key seats were targeted and funded by environmental extremists – none more so than former prime minister Tony Abbott’s seat of Warringah, which was lost to a joint Labor/GetUp/Liberal Left collaboration.

Shopfronts displaying Abbott posters were smashed in, a Liberal campaign staffer was stabbed, multiple arrests were made, packages of faeces were delivered to Abbott’s offices and vandalism was rife on an electorate-wide scale.

The filth of Australia, it seemed, had descended on Sydney’s northern beaches.

While the 2019 campaign was descending into chaos on the streets, senior Warringah Liberal Party members from its Left faction were privately meeting with supporters of opposition candidate Zali Steggall.

Although more than 30 media reports have exposed the meetings between Warringah Liberals and the North Shore Environmental Stewards – which also named the Liberals who attended – all allegations of political betrayal have been brushed aside by Party administrators.


And grassroots members aren’t lying down.

In a letter circulating through Warringah and North Sydney this week, a prominent Liberal branch president has questioned the Party’s motives.

“I write to you about the North Shore Environmental Stewards matter,” the letter reads.

“It’s reported that a group of senior Liberals, including Warringah members, formed to work against the interests of the Party during the 2019 Warringah election campaign.

“There are more than 30 printed media articles which include names of specific Liberal Party members and their alleged activities … with the assistance of GetUp!

“Reports have been written by a large range of journalists including Andrew Clennell, Peta Credlin, Tim Blair, Ross Fitzgerald, Brad Norrington, Andrew Bolt and Miranda Divine.

“Zali Steggall even acknowledged the North Shore Environmental Stewards for their assistance in her maiden speech to parliament.”

The letter demands action.


“What are members and volunteers supposed to think when they read the numerous reports in the media about the Environmental Stewards and their destructive actions against the Liberal Party – and then the Party does nothing and says nothing?

“We consider the members of the Warringah conference are being treated with contempt by this lack of action or even comment.

“This matter needs to be resolved prior to the next election campaign if we have any hope of getting more local Liberal support than the reported 15 per cent of members who participated in the 2019 campaign.” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Tony Abbott and Zali Steggall during 2019’s brutal “climate change” election campaign. (courtesy St George & Sutherland Shire Leader)
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6 thoughts on “Climate ‘catastrophe’ an imagined threat

  1. Any properly educated, as distinct from ‘brainwashed in recent years’ person knows that the climate change hysteria is nothing more than a pyramid scheme, where those at the top with more money than they can spend in a lifetime, hope to profit further by milking the ‘serfs’ lower down the pyramid. It is akin to the Walpole ‘South Sea Bubble’ of earlier years in UK history.
    Shame on the advocates!! Shame on them for the abuse of our children by scaring them with the brainwashing at school. Shame on those that advertise the rubbish on TV. I mute and turn on the program guide to blank out their adverts whenever they come on TV and make a mental note NEVER to support those businesses !! And I know that at least privately – many have a similar view.
    It’s a matter of principal, because I know beyond any shadow of a doubt what rubbish this is. The proponents of the nonsense would vastly benefit from an astronomy lesson!!
    Sadly Melanie

  2. Too few people know the facts of the matter and are led, as usual, by group thinking MSM and what their friends are saying. There is no catastrophe. To use such word is an abuse of the language. Climate always changes, it never stays still in the great sweep of time. Man’s influence is minor on the climate but huge on governments’ reactions to it. Until people are prepared to read/listen/watch alternative assessments the Left will continue to scream disaster and reality will be forced into silence.

  3. Steven Koonin’s book, UNSETTLED is a must read by govt ministers and needs to be on the school syllabus.

  4. The problem is scientific ignorance, media bias and a lack of experience. Younger people have had declining STEM educational competence, with basic subjects and science being pushed aside left biased shibboleths. They have have not seen 50 years of catastrophic predictions fail, and had alarmist nonsense shoved into them since they were born through the schools system and most media. There is some hope though, as the Guardian wrote with typical condescension, “Australians aren’t worried about climate change, the message isn’t getting through”

  5. Steven Koonin, Barack Obama’s (remember him?) former chief scientist, has completely demolished the climate alarmists’ lies in his new book “Unsettled ?”. And he’s a self-declared Democrat with outstanding career and academic credentials. He advises that when people ask “Do you believe in climate change?” we should answer “Do you understand climate change?”. Good advice!

  6. “The Left has all but destroyed the nation’s manufacturing base along with its ability to defend itself. All while creating rivers of taxpayer subsidies for themselves and their renewables investor mates.”

    … All while the gutless Liberals either stand by and watch – or join them!

    Ain’t that the truth


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