Families thrown to wolves by queer agenda

A FAILURE by politicians to quickly dismantle the radical Left’s social re-engineering agenda has resulted in “quiet” Australian families suffering relentless attacks from obsessed activists. 

Well-intentioned businesses, community associations and sporting organisers have stood alone while being shamed and set-upon by hardened political militants pushing an aggressive identity agenda. 

It can’t be clearer that divisive identity politics is taking over when mothers are told that using the words ‘mothers’ & ‘breastfeeding’ aren’t inclusive…
Senator Clare Chandler
Australian Parliament

Their latest target is the Australian Breastfeeding Association who they accuse of ingrained discrimination against transvestites.

Radical gender group ACON (AIDS Council of NSW), which is primarily funded by NSW Health Minister Brad Hazard, has rubbished women’s unique role in childbirth.


“It’s not a thing that women can do,” it has announced on its taxpayer funded website. “It’s a thing that people can do.

“Being pregnant or the ability to become pregnant does not define your gender in any way.”

Another LGBTQ-aligned group called Rainbow Families has infiltrated the Australian Breastfeeding Association and grasped control of its agenda.

It has recently produced a radical “gender-inclusive” booklet under the association’s banner, which has upset long-serving members.

According to one dispirited member, anyone with alternate views now face disciplinary hearings.

“Our members identify very strongly as mothers and value the mother-to-mother space that the association has always provided,” she said.

“Now they’re undermining breastfeeding and mothers, science and female biology and mother-to-mother support.

“It opens the door to biological males to participate in ‘human milk feeding’ with babies – and babies deserve better than that.”


Australian Senator Clare Chandler said she was sick of seeing decent people pushed around by ideological extremists.

“It can’t be any clearer that divisive identity politics is taking over when mothers are being told that using the words ‘mothers’ and ‘breastfeeding’ aren’t inclusive,” Senator Chandler said.

“Governments should take a public stance by rejecting such nonsense – because if governments don’t, it’s much harder for smaller organisations to withstand the pressure from the activists pushing identity politics on them.”

Senator Chandler, however, has been fobbed off by Federal Health Minister Greg Hunt after formally raising her concerns with him.

A spokeswoman for Mr Hunt said the issue was a matter purely for the Australian Breastfeeding Association.

“The government supports the rights of individuals to make use of any descriptors they prefer while encouraging respect for the preference of others.”

Social engineering has become equally unbearable for Australian businesses, according to former ABC director Janet Albrechtsen.

“Anyone who thinks there’s not a culture war raging within corporate Australia needs their head read,” she wrote in The Australian newspaper on Saturday.

“It is the most frustrating kind of culture war. You only hear from one side – those who are drilling political agendas deep into the daily operations of board rooms.

“They fill board agendas with sessions on diversity and inclusion, quotas, pay gap, corporate culture reviews and so on.”


Ms Albrechtsen said corporate Australia had become obsessed with fringe issues.

“These fringe issues drive and excite a small group of social activists,” she said. “While the other side is cowered into obedient silence by social pressures, threats of being expelled from the cosy directors’ club and no more invitations to swanky dinners where heads nod in agreement with high priests of political corporate culture.”

Chairman of the Australia Future Fund and former Commonwealth Bank CEO David Murray agrees.

He told The Australian on the weekend that he couldn’t see Australian businesses returning to their core goal of driving economic prosperity.

“It’s too far gone,” Mr Murray said.

“We will have to wait until there is a general change in sentiment, some dissonance and then a consensus that things are not right,” he said.

“That can either come from great leaders … or a serious threat, economic or otherwise.”

On the sporting field, women’s sport is being systematically destroyed while politicians close their eyes or look the other way.

The latest example is male weightlifter Laurel Hubbard (aka Gavin Hubbard) who has identified as a female to represent New Zealand’s Olympic female team.

In doing so, she/he has displaced Olympic medallist Tracey Lambrechs, who has been forced to move weight divisions.

Ms Lambrechs said it appeared nothing could be done.

“I’ve had female weightlifters come up to me and say, ‘what do we do? This isn’t fair, what do we do?’,” she said.

 “Unfortunately, there’s nothing we can do because every time we voice it we get told to be quiet.”


A spokeswoman for Binary – an organisation that promotes biological gender allocation – Ms Kirralie Smith, said few people in the media, politics or health industry were willing to speak out.

 “Very few will speak the truth, despite science being on their side, for fear of cancellation, bullying and threats,” Ms Smith said.

“It staggers me that this has happened so quickly and with so little push back,” she said.

“The recent revelation that a biological male weightlifter can qualify for a female category at the Olympics has shaken some people out of their slumber.

“But there’s still a very long way to go. According to some reports, female athletes are being told to ‘shut up’ and not complain about this science-denying attempt to rob women of their place at the Olympics.” PC

The diabolical dumbness of the Left…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  New Zealand’s Laurel/Gavin Hubbard (r) stands with Australia’s Deb Lovely-Acason(courtesy CBN News)
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3 thoughts on “Families thrown to wolves by queer agenda

  1. It’s such a small, insignificant group that are making these ludicrous assertions.

    However, let’s face facts, all Australians, living in the REAL world, ignore the nonsense and get on with REAL life where biological facts reign supreme – indisputable, undeniable and unchangeable.

  2. Politics has descended into tribal warfare since Howard and Abbott departed.

    “Self interest, personal job security and lifestyle” has become the new mantra of the political weaklings who are unable to find an electoral majority.

    Tip. Stop copying the socialists if you want to re-engage mainstream Australia.


  3. These female hating low-lives are destructive.

    They have perfected the craft of making decent people feel ashamed for being normal.

    Australia requires a war to help it re-evaluate its national priorities.

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