Drugs, carbon tax & massive debt

WATERED down laws dealing with drug use – along with the threat of a new carbon tax – lie in store for NSW citizens if senior members of its Coalition government have their way.

With NSW debt skyrocketing and its AAA credit rating downgraded this week, the Berejiklian government appears side tracked with implementing Greens Party policy.

S&P lowered NSW’s credit rating one notch to AA+ while at the same time dropped Victoria’s two notches to AA – bringing these States into line with all other Australian States’ AA rating.


A credit rating drop can result in borrowing difficulties as well as increased interest rates on government loans.

The Federal government retains its AAA credit rating for now, however, there’s speculation the Morrison government may struggle to maintain this in the wake of its COVID-19 spending.

As news of NSW’s falling credit rating was being announced, Liberal Party MPs were brawling over a government proposal to water down drug offence laws.

According to a report in The Australian newspaper on Friday, the proposals would see drug users issued with warnings or fines – instead of being charged.

Numerous Coalition MPs have said they would cross the floor if the proposal made it into parliament.


Ms Berejiklian is reported not to have a position on the proposal, however, has asked joint sponsors Attorney General Mark Speakman and Health Minister Brad Hazzard to revise their drug policy by December 14, 2020.

This is the latest of a string of proposals that have had grass roots Liberal Party supporters shaking their heads.

Late last year a proposal to water down bestiality offences was put to the NSW parliament – but rejected by cross bench MPs who called it “immoral”.

Just last month NSW Energy & Environment Minister Matt Kean backed a discussion paper calling for the re-introduction of a Julia Gillard-style emissions tax, according to Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper.

This follows recent legislative changes allowing for extreme late term abortions and the scrapping of laws requiring HIV carriers to disclose their condition to bed partners.

The NSW government’s net debt is projected to increase by almost 70 per cent over the next four years to just below $150b.

The State is expected to run budget deficits at least until 2023/24.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Co-sponsor of the watered down drug offences proposal Brad Hazzard. (courtesy The Australian)

5 thoughts on “Drugs, carbon tax & massive debt

  1. Hazzard and Berejiklian still have a lot to answer for over the Ruby Princess blunder where there was 27 deaths and over 1000 infections that we know of. This should not be forgotten at the next elaction.

  2. These people are becoming “ too full of themselves”
    They forget that to be a leader you must have followers
    They don’t reflect my views much anymore

  3. Gladys was put in place by moderate factions, aka the left, she is beholden to them for her survival. I would be surprised if someone of her background was as far left as the policies she has promoted would indicate. The editorial says that this policy was “floated” by her Attorney General. How much was she personally responsible for it?
    Certainly, the flood of wokeness which has emanated from her government is horrific to conservatives and will be pushing voters elsewhere.

  4. I have voted for, or at least preferenced, the Liberal Party in NSW for decades. No longer. Gladys’s championing of the late term abortion bill totally lost me. I’d rather see the LP rebuild themselves in Opposition as a very much less left wing party than to carry on in government carrying out an ideological program that would make their main opponents green with envy.

    1. “Gladys’s championing of the late term abortion bill totally lost me.”

      Abortion is the only “medical procedure” that is considered to be a failure if the patient survives.

      The judgement of Brad Hazzard, who has overseen this slaughter of the innocents, has not been sleeping, and it will come upon him swiftly in its time. There is a special place that has been reserved for him in the Lake of Fire.

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