Enraged China’s ‘shocking’ threat to Australia’s kids

THE children of any Australian parent who dares to disrespect China will forever live in shame, according to a high-ranking Chinese official. 

China’s Deputy Head of Mission Wang Xining also told his Canberra audience on Thursday that any Australian who “selfishly vilified China” would be “cast aside in history”. 

Chinese diplomats should think about what damage they are doing to the reputation of the regime in Beijing and China as a whole…
Alexander Downer
Former Foreign Minister

In his previous public address – back in 2020 – Mr Wang attempted to convince Australia that the Wuhan virus had originated outside of China.

His latest speech, however, has diplomatic circles in a tizz. His harsh criticism labelled Australians critical of China as being either “degenerates” or “scum”. Official translators remain split.

“History will prove that it is wise and visionary to be China’s friends, and your children and grandchildren would be proud of you to be China’s friends and they will benefit from the relationship with China,” Mr Wang said.

“Those degenerates [or scum] who deliberately vilify China and sabotage the friendship between our two countries and do damage to our long-term friendship and benefits out of their sectoral or selfish interest will be cast aside in history,” he said.

“Their children will be ashamed of mentioning their names.”

China expert Adrian Brown, who has lived in and reported on China affairs for 16 years, said he was surprised by the harshness of their stance.

“I can’t think of an occasion when a diplomat has used a word like that in a host country to sum up the people in that host country,” Mr Brown told told Sky News anchor Andrew Bolt yesterday.

“It is a measure, if you like, of just how deeply unhappy China remains with Australia….”

Mr Brown said, however, there may have also been a glimmer of a silver lining.


“If you look at the speech, within it, I detected fragments of an olive branch,” he said.

“[Mr Wang] stressed the long relationship, the friendship between Australia and China and he said, you know, we stand by our old friends.

“So possibly, just possibly, there is a hint of an olive branch there.

“Big picture, though, if Australia is expecting major concessions from President Xi Jinping this year, forget about them.”

Former Australian Foreign Minister Alexander Downer describe Mt Wang’s comments as “shocking”.

“I’m afraid this has become quite characteristic of Chinese diplomats over the past year or two,” Mr Downer told Sky News host Chris Kenny yesterday .

“Going around making these kinds of threatening speeches, [thinking] this blood curdling language will make us all tremble and obey – and all that does is irritate people,” he said.

“The Australian government won’t say anything about it, but what do people privately think?

“Bad manners never get you anywhere and this guy and many Chinese diplomats should think about what damage they are doing to the reputation of the regime in Beijing and China as a whole.”

Mr Downer lays blame for the Australia/China breakdown on the Chinese government.

“What has changed in the past couple of years is China,” he said.

“China has become quite arrogant with its power and success. They are much more difficult to deal with … they’ve become much more aggressive in recent years.” PC

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MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  China’s Deputy Head of Mission Wang Xining (courtesy www.sheppnews.com.au/Bounty Parents)
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3 thoughts on “Enraged China’s ‘shocking’ threat to Australia’s kids

  1. Is he saying the media is printing fake news? He must be barking mad if he thinks we believe that. His words “their children will be embarrassed to mention their names” – does he mean “afraid”. Sounds like a nasty threat, we must prepare to protect our country by increasing our military preparedness

  2. His talk is of course directed at his superiors in the CCP.
    It will go on his file to be approved when he is due for promotion.
    Unless of course the boss changes his mind and initiates a charm offensive in the future.
    Then he will be purged as reactionary.
    Such is life in the CCP

  3. Whilst definitely taking the wrong approach, everything China is doing nowadays is to do with its desperate need to recover face after its “century of humiliation”

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