Gates’ cash silences vaccine victims

by PAUL COLLITS – TALK about carrots and sticks. The COVID State’s unrelenting war on the unvaccinated has infamously involved both. 

From free hamburgers for getting the jab to ridicule, abuse and threats of unemployment for the “vaccine hesitant”. 

Why is the media in the business of hunting down vaccine injury groups and de-platforming them? Answer: Bill Gates…

Now there are new stories of carrots, brought to light by the diligent author Will Jones. It is an atrocious story, too. This time reported by The Daily Sceptic, with the following headline: “BBC Boasts it Got Vaccine Injured Support Group With 250,000 Members Removed From Facebook”.

Where the carrots come in is the clever use (up until now, that is) of a carrot emoji as a replacement for the word “vaccine” by members of this Facebook group to avoid detection by algorithmic fact checking and so counter censorship.


See, a carrot looks similar in shape to the syringe emoji. But it all came unstuck, thanks to the relentless and forensic tracking down of deplorables by the BBC.

This is astonishing, on its face. While Mark Steyn at the estimable GB News has been highlighting the plight of what is possibly the most ignored victim group in the modern age of woke and victimhood, Britain’s unfavourite Aunty has been hunting them down and depriving them of a voice.

A little akin to the BBC’s Australian cousin, the appalling ABC, which merely uses its RMIT University-led “fact checking” outfit to maintain the pro-vaxx narrative.

Will Jones continues: “The BBC has seen several groups, one with hundreds of thousands of members, in which the [carrot] emoji appears in place of the word ‘vaccine’. Facebook’s algorithms tend to focus on words rather than images. The groups are being used to share unverified claims of people being either injured or killed by vaccines.

“Once the BBC alerted Facebook’s parent company, Meta, the groups were removed.

“We have removed this group for violating our harmful misinformation policies and will review any other similar content in line with this policy. We continue to work closely with public health experts and the UK Government to further tackle COVID vaccine misinformation,” the firm said in a statement.

Why is the BBC in the business of hunting down vaccine injury groups and de-platforming them?

Well, there is COVID State ideology which clearly trumps investigative journalism for Britain’s public broadcaster. But maybe there are other things in play, like the BBC’s tethered relationship with Big COVID.

Yet again, the “two clicks to Bill Gates funding” law kicks in. For lo and behold, yes, the BBC has received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Just like The Guardian in the United Kingdom.

A huge gift in 2011, for example: “Gates Foundation Awards $20 Million to BBC World Service Trust”.

The size of Gates’ buying up of media outlets has been impressive, as a story in late 2021 noted: “Bill Gates bankrolled select media outlets to the tune of $319 million, including the UK’s Guardian and the BBC”.


“Documents have been obtained that suggest that billionaires and green activists, Bill and Melinda Gates, have donated hundreds of millions of dollars to select media outlets worldwide to support the kind of journalism they approve of.

“The documents, obtained by MintPress News, revealed that a staggering US$319m has been given to a range of high-profile media outlets from the Gates’ Foundation, including US$12.9m to the UK’s Guardian, and US$3.6m to the UK’s national broadcaster, the BBC. TheUK’s Daily Telegraph also received US$3.4m in direct funding.”

So, this is what Gates gets for his US$20m plus the other US$3.6m (together, A$35m).

Gates declared around the time of his BBC gift that the decade to follow would be “the decade of vaccines”.

It has been a result for the ages, both in terms of his massive wealth increase and his crusade to vaccine the globe with little caution or care about the consequences.

The use of military imagery by the emerging pandemic industry – another phrase of Will Jones’ – in fighting the virus has been prodigious.

Just look at Operation Warp Speed, Trump’s biggest blunder, driven by the US military (and his son-in-law, Jarod Kushner).

Well, to keep that image going, one of the “weapons” favoured by the vaccine class has been the creation and the isolation of enemies of the COVID State, especially the wilfully unvaccinated. Another has been plausible deniability.

US journalist Alex Berenson has written about a recent book on Operation Warp Speed by one of its chief strategists, one Paul Mango.

“Mango helped run Warp Speed, the Trump Administration program that developed COVID vaccines in nine months. Now he’s published a book about his experience, a slim volume also called Warp Speed.


“Mango’s book has received almost no attention since it came out in June. Too bad. It contains fascinating details about previously hidden fights in the project.

“Even more importantly, Warp Speed reveals the mindset that drove Warp Speed. This is a book about COVID vaccines, written by a man at the heart of the US$30b government program that funded and oversaw their development.

“Yet it contains almost no mention of the vaccines themselves – the technologies behind them, how they drive the immune system, how they were tested. Mango spends more time writing about syringes than mRNA.

“The reason, of course, is that Mango saw both syringes and mRNA merely as components of the product that it was his job to bring to market.”

One of the key phrases here is “brought to market”, a telling indictment of the motives of Big Pharma and their willing clients in the administrative State.

You see, there were many motives in play by all those involved in the shaming of the unvaccinated.

For Leftist media organisations, it was both a money spinner – just look at the advertising revenue for legacy media outlets occasioned by vaccine manufacturers – and an opportunity for further attacks on deplorables.

For supine, panicked, clueless and venal governments, it was their get-out-of-lockdown free pass.

For Gates, well, see above.

For the pharma companies themselves, it was hitherto undreamed-of wealth and the private sector’s endless craving for popular approval and all without fear of litigation.

For public health bureaucrats, it was their one shot at a moment in the sun, political power and the sheer hubristic joy of being in charge and being virtuous.

Before he went full-on conspiracy researcher, Mike Yeadon coined the term “convergent opportunism” to describe the coalescence of interests invested in maintaining the fiction that COVID vaccines were needed, safe and effective.


All of which we now know to be untrue, thanks to a conga line of peer reviewed studies of the impacts of the jab.

(Yeadon now believes that they knew all along they were lying to the gullible public)

 Public choice theory long ago explained the existence of industry’s capture of governments and bureaucracies and the (often ugly) private interests of public officials, so none of this is new.

Similarly, democratic political theory explains the whole structure of unelected interest groups and how they run democratic governments and control election outcomes.

At least the British Parliament has a champion of the vaccine-injured and the unvaccinated-bullied.

His name is Sir Christopher Chope, and he has a committee that can be put to good use in unearthing vaccine crimes.

The Australian Parliament has no one – except perhaps Pauline Hanson, Malcolm Roberts, Gerard Rennick and Alex Antic.

They have no real parliamentary platform, as the Australian authorities continue to turn a blind eye to what must go down as the greatest medical disaster in our history.

There has been some joy in a recent article by Adam Creighton of The Australian newspaper.

Creighton wrote: “It should be clear lockdown proponents have been eviscerated on the question of schools. But schools are just the beginning.

“In a few years, I predict, defenders of authoritarian health policies will be like supporters of Vichy France after World War II – close to non-existent.

“Even renowned US public health expert Leana Wen, one of the doyens of authoritarian health restrictions in the US, who demanded the unvaccinated be forced to stay in their homes, has done an about-face.”

As always with Murdoch employees, the focus of the critique is on lockdowns, not vaccine safety or effectiveness.

But Creighton does mention excess deaths, though not in the context of the jab: “Excess deaths across the West have increased this year when they should have declined significantly, as elderly deaths from COVID-19 throughout 2020 and last year were brought forward in time.

“Whatever the cause, you can bet it stems from the unprecedented Chinese Communist Party-style interventions enacted in 2020 to ‘save lives’.”

From January to May, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, deaths were about 17 per cent higher than usual but only about half of those were accounted for by COVID-19.


It is progress, but we are not there yet, by any stretch. And Creighton does, at least, question the need for the vaccines, at least for the young and healthy. Few others have done so in the Australian media.

Mandatory vaccination will be the next policy to succumb to condemnation, as it becomes clear that forcing healthy young people, let alone children, to be vaccinated against a disease that obviously poses negligible threat to them was insane.

Insane and evil! Policies enacted without due care and diligence by Australian and other governments and egged on by all the interest groups mentioned above caused people to die, unnecessarily. We normally call this industrial manslaughter.

Meanwhile, it has come to light that Shooters Party politician in NSW, Robert Borsak, is arguing that a Firearms Registry employee should be charged with manslaughter over the deaths of two children at the hands of their father, who had obtained a gun with approval from the authorities despite having a known record of domestic violence.

Mr Borsak has told Minister for Police Paul Toole that registry staff failed in their duty of care, lacked due diligence and acted in ways that “directly” contributed to the shooting deaths in 2018 of Jack and Jennifer Edwards by their father.

He alleges the registry staff’s actions displayed “criminal negligence and merit criminal punishment for the offence of manslaughter”.

He wants the matter referred to the Director of Public Prosecutions on the basis that available evidence suggests the registry staff’s actions or omissions fall within the guidelines for proving “manslaughter by criminal negligence”.

These include, among other things, that the staff failed in their duty of care to the Edwards children by failing to properly assess John Edwards’ application for a pistol licence; that their actions “fell so far short of the standard of care which a reasonable person would have exercised”; and that their actions involved “a high risk of death”.

The evidence was reported in a Coroner’s Inquest into the deaths, which concluded that the murders were preventable.

Thank God for Borsak. But what about all those whose actions and inactions helped cause vaccine deaths?

And we haven’t even mentioned, so far, the criminal negligence of those who stopped doctors using Ivermectin and similarly effective drugs to fight serious cases of COVID.


In the case of making the latter publicly known, we can thank Craig Kelly and George Christensen, who, alas, have left the Australian Parliament.

And so, the pandemic industry motors on, unhindered by anyone whose day job might be considered to be the pursuit of the truth, and, in the case of our venerable elected officials, looking to the safety of their people.

As Borsak says, in a different context: “Someone has got to be lying.”

Mike Yeadon would concur, in relation to the selling job done for the vaccines.

Indeed, what a result it has been for Gates and his friends across the globe.

Including the BBC, whose action in having a vaccine-injured support group silenced on social media is beyond unconscionable.

Indeed, sober reflection on its activities might well lead the casual observer to conclude that the British public broadcaster, too, could be indicted for manslaughter.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Bill Gates. (courtesy Flickr)