Gladys backs Kean, ignores experts & voters

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian has intervened to force radical energy policy into law – against the wishes of voters and the advice of experts. 

Her demands to rush through NSW Energy Minister Matt Kean’s 100 per cent renewables “roadmap” – without first releasing cost modelling – succeeded last night with the backing of Labor and The Greens. 

More than 250 cross-bench amendments to the controversial bill were rejected. 


Mr Kean’s energy plan has been criticised by Federal colleagues, industry experts and NSW’s own Parliamentary Development Committee.

The rushed legislation comes at a time when voters have overwhelming rejected climate change as a legitimate community concern.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor has fired a broadside at Mr Kean saying his go-it-alone $32b renewables “roadmap” threatened to increase power prices.

Of particular concern, he said, was NSW’s failure to place a cap on costs that could be passed on to consumers.

Mr Taylor attempted to obtain copies of Mr Kean’s cost modelling, however, these requests were ignored.

According to reports in The Sydney Morning Herald, Mrs Berejiklian demanded the renewables bill be passed before Christmas triggering a 30-hour plus marathon sitting of parliament.

Almost 250 amendments were proposed by One Nation’s Mark Latham who claimed the government’s bill as it stands could increase power prices by up to $400 a year.


Mr Latham said the bill contained a “new electricity tax” via a mandatory levy on distributors that would ultimately be recouped by billing consumers.

He said he had tried “five ways” to get hold of the modelling but each time was thwarted.

“There’s a real risk the roadmap won’t trigger the level of renewable energy investment that has been claimed because the assumptions are incredibly optimistic,” Mr Latham told Sydney’s Daily Telegraph newspaper this week.

“But it may bring forward the retirement of reliable base-load generation. So we could get the worst of both worlds,” Mr Latham said.

Mr Kean said he expected his plan would save electricity consumers up to $130 a year.

AGL CEO Brett Redman said he was concerned the NSW government was doubling up on private investment already in the system.“It’s important we let the market make those big investments and not muddy up what technology can do,” he said.


In the meantime, Mr Kean’s own parliamentary colleagues on NSW’s powerful Parliamentary Development Committee warned in September that renewable energy alone was incapable of meeting the State’s growth demands.

Committee member Natasha Maclaren-Jones said at the time that the committee had found renewables alone were neither “viable” nor “reliable”.

“We found that a composition of wind and solar firmed with gas, batteries and pumped hydro energy sources is not a viable solution to meet the demand of electricity at a reliable and efficient rate,” the NSW Liberal MP said.

“Australians want reliable, cheap and clean energy and the best way to do that is with a mix of coal, gas, renewable and nuclear.”


Ms Maclaren-Jones said the government’s responsibility was to serve its citizens – not to push pet projects.

While ideologically-driven politicians continue to push their personal agenda, the public mood has turned.

Almost every independent opinion poll is consistent and clear in revealing the public’s growing disdain for climate change politics.

A JWS Research poll published just last week in The Weekend Australian newspaper was the latest.

A staggering 95 per cent of Labor voters rated climate change as a non-election issue at last month’s Queensland general election. They ranked climate change last behind COVID-19 response, the economy, jobs, living costs, healthcare and border control, in that order.

Even more Liberal voters, 98 per cent, rated climate last. Their primary concerns being the economy, jobs, living costs followed by border security, COVID-19 measures and healthcare.

Even Greens supporters – who are usually single-issue voters – are falling away, with almost half (43 per cent) ranking jobs, living costs, COVID response, borders and healthcare ahead of global warming.

Yet the NSW government has blocked its ears and instead engaged in an anti-coal and anti-gas scare campaign.

Federal Energy Minister Angus Taylor said to demonise gas energy was both irresponsible and intellectually dishonest.PC

Crony capitalism?

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian (l) with NSW Energy & Environment Minister Matt Kean. (courtesy Daily Telegraph)
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5 thoughts on “Gladys backs Kean, ignores experts & voters

  1. I DESPAIR! BEREJIKLIAN HAS BEEN CAPTURED BY THE GREEN FANTASIST KEAN – completely blinded to reality, to any intelligent sense!

    We feel so strongly about the huge corruption, the destruction this shocking ‘renewables’ FRAUD/HOAX will soon wreak on our Nation’s economy and therefore on our standard of living and well-being, — that unless MARK LATHAM’S ONE NATION can miraculously run a Candidate in the Manly Electorate, we will be tearing up our ballots come the next State election!

  2. When are they going to admit that a grid based on unreliables is a green fantasy doomed to disaster like where it’s been tried everywhere else. This is nothing but an excuse to hand out Gubbermint grants to the private sector whom will provide nothing but a stuff up.

  3. Matt Kean is an embarrassment to my electorate of Hornsby. He has less brain cells than he has hair on his head

  4. Green Energy is a myth.. it is another way to make energy and line the pockets of the rich but its not green.

  5. I’m from SA. DONT GO down this path. Trust me it leads to high prices and businesses leaving the state

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