Green ‘hoax’ wrapped in a scare campaign

WITH renewable energy last week exposed as little more than a subsidised hoax, Parliamentary climate activists have scrambled to shovel the next round of publicly funded paycheques to green industry. 

NSW’s Environment & Planning Committee is pressuring the Berejiklian government to fast track so-called “low-carbon” technologies under the guise of staving off a post-virus economic disaster. 

The parliamentary committee includes Liberal MPs James Griffin, Felicity Wilson and Nathaniel Smith as well as Labor’s Anoulack Chanthivong and independent MP and chair Alex Greenwich. 


Mr Greenwich pressed for urgent action saying “accelerating the take-up of wind and solar would be critical for the State’s rebound”.

The committee’s position, however, is at environmental odds with evidence presented last week by US science and engineering academic Dr Ozzie Zehner (MS/Drs Science & Technology, BS Engineering).

Zehner said it was an “illusion” that renewables were replacing any fossil fuels at all – that they were, in fact, adding to carbon emissions.

During an interview for environmentalist Michael Moore’s latest documentary, Planet of the Humans, Zehner said green energy was causing massively more environmental harm than if fossil fuels were used alone.


“Renewable energy relies upon the most toxic and industrialised processes we have ever created,” he said. “Well-meaning people are being misled.”

NSW Energy and Environment Minister Matt Kean, who has indicated he aims to accelerate the roll-out of renewable energy, said he would respond to the committee’s request “shortly”, according to a May 4 report in The Sydney Morning Herald.

“I welcome the committee’s support for ensuring a strong and sustainable economic recovery from COVID-19 and their approach to seeking expert input on this matter,” Mr Kean said.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: NSW’s Parliamentary Environment & Planning Committee (from left) independent MP and chair Alex Greenwich, Liberal MPs James Griffin, Felicity Wilson and Nathaniel Smith and Labor’s Anoulack Chanthivong. 
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Planet of the Humans, video skip time 24:25.

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3 thoughts on “Green ‘hoax’ wrapped in a scare campaign

  1. Oh for heaven’s sake!! I had no idea the Berejiklian/Keane-Green Govt. were/are, committing to bilious insanity, exhibiting such monstrously costly obeisance to the thoroughly denounced cult of ‘cliiiimate change’! (Thanks Mark- for your timely Latham’s Law article in this weeks’s Spectator!)

    Ms. Berejiklian and Co. – face reality! Do your research into the truth behind so-called ‘renewables’. Don’t even think of wasting one more dollar on promoting garbage with money this State, this Country no longer has!

    We have such abundant, high-quality coal and this wonderful commodity, combined with several small, in situ nuclear reactors, (think aluminium), are the ONLY means Australia needs to produce copious, cheap energy for all households and to once again, fire-up great manufacturing by Australians, for Australians, in the vitally important years to come.

  2. Ohh how I would love to see those “Extinction Rebellion” groupies pull their heads out of the sand, and take a look at the sad reality of their destructive and dangerous climate change religion.

  3. And the bulk of politicians seemingly have to go along with the emotion of Anthropogenic Climate Change rather than seek the real issues behind the movement to renewable energy. Virtue signalling to the extremem all because of the fear of what social media and left leaning media will do to their voter image.

    There needs to be some mature debate on this subject and it is nice to see Michael Moore, whilst a left leaning social commentator, has actually done his research. One hopes the likes of Zali Steggall, Turnbull, Flannery and Gore open their minds and take a look at this video and think again of the greater good rather than their own wallets.

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