Higgins affair could topple Albo

by NICK BURY – NEW details of the Brittany Higgins affair have served a body blow to the Albanese Government, as Labor’s secret involvement in the scandal comes to light. 

Senator Malcolm Roberts posed a question this week to Sky News presenter Sharri Markson asking “was Brittany Higgins’ payout her reward for bringing down the [Morrison] government”. 

Are we about to witness a re-run of Labor’s 1975 travails? Will Ms Higgins become Labor’s new Khemlani and will she personally bring down a second government?

This question along with many others have been referred to Labor’s recently created National Anti-Corruption Commission (NACC), which had originally been intended to discredit Liberal MPs, not Labor’s own.

The rationale for Senator Roberts’ question was that, before the last election, Ms Higgins’ rape allegations were promoted by Channel 10’s Lisa Wilkinson as proof the Liberals had “a problem” with women.


After Ms Wilkinson was exposed this week of secretly coaching Ms Higgins to push this Labor narrative, the case has escalated into a national scandal.

Are we about to witness a re-run of Labor’s 1975 travails? Will Ms Higgins become Labor’s new Khemlani and will she bring down a second government?

Certainly the Higgins’ payout is inexplicably lacking justification.

The exclusion of Liberal senators Reynolds and Cash from the deliberation process, which was resolved remarkably quickly, requires judicial oversite.

Afghan vets awaiting deserved assistance – and who so bravely served their country – must be wondering what they did wrong.

Reynolds and Cash could have critically contributed to these deliberations.

Assurances given by Labor Attorney General Richard Dreyfus that there’s “nothing to see here” cuts little ice with an incredulous public.

Embattled Finance Minister Katy Gallagher – who allegedly lied to Parliament about when she became aware of Ms Higgins’ allegation – will probably have to resign.

Under duress, Gallagher had little choice but to concede her close connection with Ms Higgins and her radical Left boyfriend David Sharaz.

Ms Gallagher was a former Chief Minister for the ACT.

Did she have any input from Labor into the appointment of Shane Drumgold as Canberra’s DPP?


Given Drumgold’s historical lack of competence, why was he appointed to his position?

And why did he choose to personally prosecute allegations against Bruce Lehrmann, instead of delegating to another barrister!

Video footage of Ms Higgins shown entering Parliament House with Lehrmann does not display her as being inebriated.

She claimed that he sexually assaulted her during the next 40 minutes before she was later found sleeping naked on the Defence Minister’s lounge at about 4am.

Higgins returned home about 10am the next morning – and had coffee with Lehrmann about 72 hours later.

According to Lehrmann, the rape allegation arose when she learnt that he had been summarily dismissed for the late night entry when it was reported to the Minister’s Office

Brittany, it is alleged, was worried her dismissal was likely to follow.

The public will never know what did or didn’t happen in the Defence Minister’s office, as Higgins’ and Lehrmann’s respective versions of events are irreconcilable.

The radical Left gained much mileage from the Porter, Pell and Tudge episodes – and Labor’s fingerprints are all over Higgins.

Public interest would be better served if federal Labor formulated functional policies, as opposed to contriving fake allegations to nobble its opponents.

It appears the Kremlin’s modus operandi works well in totalitarian societies – an MO adopted by both Australian Labor and the Liberal Left.


The Porter allegations were hopeless, and the late victim’s parents allegedly did not believe her story that Porter had raped her.

Their daughter had been in love with him as a teenager. Yet again Labor utilised a disgruntled former girlfriend to weaponised a predicament – albeit from a deceased woman who was, from all accounts, a lovely girl but mentally very sick.

A lesson I’ve learned from 30 years police service is that cognitively sick witnesses can with clarity remember an alleged event that never took place, notwithstanding their high intelligence, best intentions and unblemished character.

These “recalls” inflict the greatest pain on those who most cared for them. Bipolar and schizophrenia sufferers are particularly prone to this form of deceit.

Many of the Left’s aspersions against Porter were ridiculous – as opposed to separate, serious and credible rape allegations made against a Labor front bencher and a Labor staffer, which have somehow never been actioned.

Only a socialist judiciary could have incarcerated Pell on fantasy sex charges, which the High Court later excoriated.

There’s been no credible evidence yet publicised that he was an offender or paedophile, and if he was that way inclined he’d have probably come to realistic attention during his 50 years of public life.

In another incident, Labor senior front bencher Tony Burke and former Minister Alan Tudge were both in publicised consensual relationships with former staffers, as happens. But when Tudge’s relationship became acrimonious, his former partner accused him of kicking her out of bed. So what!

Yet the Liberals, suffering from a serious lack of testosterone, stood him down pending an enquiry!

Those on the Left collectively view fair play, justice, or any squeamish feelings experienced when falsely slandering opponents as a mug’s game.

They understand that a socialist influenced police force and judiciary are formidable weapons to employ against their conservative enemies, together with “cancel culture”.

At last, however, Labor has finally been outed for its time-honoured habitual scam, and they’ve compounded their electoral woes by delivering terrible governance.

Failing their acceptance of behavioural therapy and economic tuition, they’re unlikely to be returned next time round. And few will mourn Albanese and his “nasty” girls.

Meanwhile the Liberal task (especially in Victoria and NSW) is to pre-select quality candidates to deliver all Australians decent government next time round.

Our lobbyists will need to source alternate troughs for their snouts.PC

Nick Bury

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Anthony Albanese. (courtesy news.com.au)

10 thoughts on “Higgins affair could topple Albo

  1. Just like those before him Elma Fudd is an appeasement PM and nothing more . Look at me, look at what I and doing and who I know and and and… ALP = CCP and have no interests in looking after the people of the nation they are elected (32%) to serve. Take Him Down and The Governor General Must Show some spine (unlike Covid) and sack this woke joke party and have an honest and new election .

  2. “She claimed that he sexually assaulted her during the next 40 minutes before she was later found sleeping naked on the Defence Minister’s lounge at about 4am.

    Higgins returned home about 10am the next morning – and had coffee with Lehrmann about 72 hours later.”

    Well now people must be really confused and then convinced this whole Higgins allegation has turned out to be just an allegation and the rest being a controversy and a political plot by Labor that is starting to go wrong. Bring it on, so long as the truth comes to the fore but unlikely whilst Albanense/Wong/Gallagher/Plibersek are involved. The words of choice for them will be “I dont recall”

  3. Yes, the payout to Ms Higgins warrants investigation…but, as reported in the Press, Senators Cash and Reynolds were not excluded from the payout deliberations. They were told that they could participate, but that the Federal Government would not pay their legal costs if they did. That is another matter to scrutinise of undue influence upon the Senators. I would also add that, had the Senators had any gumption and respect for the process, they would have appeared in those deliberations and paid their own costs as a matter of principle. (Surely their ministerial salaries would cover the outlay). Morally and politically virtuous— yet money won out over principle, as with sooo many issues in both Liberal and Labor thinking.

  4. Where does the intelligence come from, now Albo, what about Scomo standing up & apologising in Federal Parliament for a case before the Courts certainly makes you wonder where they get their advice?

  5. The suggestion that BH had coffee with BL 72hrs after they were in the minister’s office I have not seen mentioned before – where do you source that from?

    1. The following Monday, Ms Higgins told officers that she went to work and saw Mr Lehrmann.

      But she said they did not talk about the night of the alleged incident – instead, he bought her coffee, the court heard.

      ‘I was trying to overcompensate to make it feel normal. We didn’t discuss it. We didn’t talk about it. He didn’t seem ashamed or upset.

      ‘It didn’t feel like something he wanted to address.’

      In a second police interview, recorded in May 2021 and played to the court on Wednesday, Ms Higgins elaborated on the encounter and said she thanked him for the coffee.

      From: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-11281599/Brittany-Higgins-claims-Bruce-Lehrmann-bought-coffee-alleged-rape.html

    2. I have.

      Also aware of her several friendly comments towards him on various matters.

    3. It was reported in the paper, was part of evidence, and there’s no secret about it.

      Every day, amazing little gems keep popping up – like the item on the Channel 7 News in May reporting that Brittany Higgins had allegedly had sex multiple times in her boss’s office. This has since been removed from most media sources, but it was allegedly included in text messages the police recovered from Higgins’ phone and referred to her alleged escapades with previous boyfriends on the Minister’s couch.

  6. According to Labor spin the Coalition has a problem with women, and we now know, if we had not worked this out earlier, that Labor was focusing on younger women voters.

    Act 1

    Labor targeted Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott claiming that he was a misogynist, the smearing highlight was an address to Parliament by Prime Minister Gillard. But how many voters realised that a same or similar political tactic was used against a UK leader by UK Labour, and that the spin doctor who created the stunt later came to Australia to work for Labor?

    Act 2

    Labor targeted Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison using several carefully crafted spins but the big one was the alleged after business hours attack in a cabinet office in Parliament House Canberra.

    And as we are now being told that allegation was “weaponised” by Labor.


    When will the Liberal Party realise that gentlemanly “Marquis of Queensbury” fighting rules do not apply to Union Labor gutter fighting tactics?

    It’s time Ladies and Gentlemen, do unto others as they will do unto you.

  7. The late Labor Senator Kimberley Kitching was right about the people she described as the “mean girls” wasn’t she.


    Former Labor MP Graham Richardson was right when he admitted Labor tactics are: “whatever it takes”.


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