It’s nuclear war, stupid!

by PAUL COLLITS – SOCRATES was once said to have opined that the unexamined life is not worth living. 

Well, if that’s the case, there are now billions of lives not worth the genes they are printed on. 

Think of the world’s population being divided into three large cohorts – those struggling for mere survival, and so not prone to deep reflection on the nature of things; those subject to dictatorship, and so simply not allowed to reflect on anything that their ruling elites deem to be harmful to their own interests; and those (in the so-called West) who are, in theory, capable of leading Socrates-adjacent lives but who (sort of) choose not to. 

As we lurch towards our dystopian future, built on fear and sold as health, convenience and security, we might just slouch our way into a nuclear war, and very soon.

We might call them the perpetually distracted and entertained. Or the willfully ignorant class.


It is the last of these three cohorts that is of interest here. These reflections are prompted by the recent words of a past Russian president, reported in The Telegraph (of London):

“Russia’s former president Dmitry Medvedev has said that Moscow ‘would be forced’ to use a nuclear weapon if Ukraine’s counter-offensive was a success.

“ ‘Imagine if the offensive, which is backed by NATO, was a success and they tore off a part of our land, then we would be forced to use a nuclear weapon, according to the rules of a decree from the president of Russia,’ he said. 

“ ‘There would simply be no other option. So our enemies should pray for our warriors’ (success). They are making sure that a global nuclear fire is not ignited.’

“Medvedev, who is deputy chairman of Russia’s Security Council, appeared to be referring to Moscow’s nuclear doctrine, which states that nuclear weapons can be used in response to aggression that threatens the existence of the Russian State.”

In the age of the Bay of Pigs, the placement of missiles in Turkey in 1961 by the United States (planned by Eisenhower and enacted by Kennedy) and the Cuban Missile Crisis, not to mention Reagan’s 1983 adventure, detailed in Marc Ambinder’s book, The Brink (2018) – which has been described as “the Cold War’s most dangerous moment” – both leaders and their peoples took the threat of World War III seriously.

Chastened by the suddenly famous J Robert Oppenheimer’s little bomb project and the events of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, people in the post-war era were scared witless by the thought of nuclear armageddon. And rightly so.

Now, the world gets freaked by a minor virus and yet yawns loudly at real threats. How to explain this?

The notion of the unserious age seems like a good place to start. An unexamined collective life helps to explain both the embrace of false crises – think also of the climate emergency chimera – and of false utopias, like “the Voice”.

Not to mention the endless, mindless clinging to celebrity news, reality TV by a generation that cannot read, write nor think, a generation bereft of critical skills and concrete knowledge and a generation with absolutely no sense of history or of the transcendent.

A generation lacking discernment. A generation ripe for mass formation, using the term popularised by Mattias Desmet, for hallucination, for hypnosis. A generation prone to subjugation. Up for a starring role in a global Milgram experiment.


Subjugation is being undertaken by a ruling class itself without moral formation or ethical compass – while manacled to ideology, and drip-feeding this ideology to the supine masses.

A generation distracted by meaningless minutiae, at home or in the barren public square. By bread and circuses. By what we might think of as adult pacifiers.

And not remotely concerned about nuclear war and other real threats to its endless days of fun, sunshine, State largesse and “smart” phones.

To take one example, we have a generation whose members massively value their own lives and health – ridiculously so, as the last three years have proven – but refuse even to accept that an unborn baby is a fully-fledged human life worth preserving at all costs.

What else other than the acceptance, and in some cases the radical embrace, by the majority of the unexamined life explains the ready acceptance of health fascism and the political longevity of serially bad actors like the Premier of Victoria, to cite two further examples?

The smugness of those in power who think they can simply get away with anything is a feature of the age, facilitated by the very same development of a generation of sheeple.

These are the gullible types who refuse to believe that governments actually do cover things up, that politicians lie, routinely.

Policies that are, literally, absurd can only survive in an age of unseriousness, where canny, thinking voters are thin on the ground.

It is patently clear that having a low information, non-resistant populace massively suits the interests of the ruling class. In all sorts of ways.

The big question is – was the unexamined life of the masses deliberately planned? A core part of the “liberticide”, the murder of our freedoms? Did the ruling class breed dumbness into the people? Or did they just get lucky?

The long march through the educational institutions was certainly planned, mainly by 1960s neo-Marxists bent on the far more effective revolutionary strategy of transforming the culture rather than the economy.

And it worked, far more effectively, no doubt, than anyone on the team back then would have expected – among them Gramsci, Rudi Dutschke, Saul Alinsky and the rest of the boys in the band.

What the long march delivered was the abandonment of rigour – deemed a racist, sexist, patriarchal, colonialist construct – in the curriculum and the filling of the empty space with post-modernist language and content. And filling education departments (and bureaucracies) with clones of the revolution, to keep the cycle going ad infinitum.

We now see the fruits of the strategy, in two generations (one which now runs the place) of citizens who will believe anything (except the truth of things) and do anything in the name of “diversity, social justice and empathy”.


They will do anything except think critically or morally. This is also a part of the plan. Denude students of their core skill set and philosophical compass. Set them adrift.

So, it looks like a plan by those who always aspired to be, and now are, the ruling class.

One might think of the work of the pandemic planning sub-branch of the long marchers as a critical phase two of the master plan.

This reached its apotheosis during COVID, after earlier failed attempts (Asian flu, AIDS, MERS, SARS 1, avian flu and so on) to engineer a global health crisis.

COVID itself appears to have been created in a laboratory in order to give the green light to the roll out of an untested, experimental vaccine that has turned out to be a pretty efficient killer.

Which brings us to what many take, plausibly, to be another part of the plan. It has been long alleged that the population control agenda – real and not imagined, and widely broadcast by the true believers – has been a driving force behind much of the pandemic planning activities.

This ideology is embedded in such supra-national institutions as the WHO, the World Bank, the on-side global NGOs, and in the strategies of the super-rich “philanthropists”, the so-called “effective altruists” so chillingly described in an article by US writer Jeffrey Tucker (which, in turn, draws on the work of Canadian writer Liam Sturgess).

This population control ideology and agenda is also shared by the climate catastrophist sub-branch of the long marchers, as well.

All of the de-populators appeal to apparently benign notions like “sustainability”, carefully manufactured in the 1980s and nurtured ever since.

And (of course) meticulously embedded in school curricula as a core part of the de-education push.


Who wouldn’t want “sustainability”? Only those with the skills, knowledge and inclination to dig deeper, to see what is actually behind the sweet-sounding rhetoric. Again, there are not many of those left.

The use of global emergencies is core to the ruling class’s plans, and this also plays to the combination of ignorance and fear extant across the population.

This scheme was outlined by none other than the head of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, in an innocent sounding document titled Strengthening the International Response to Complex Global Shocks – An Emergency Platform.

As Guterres explains: “No single agency exists to gather stakeholders in the event of complex global shocks. The United Nations is the only organisation that can fulfill this role. And we must take the [tough] decisions that can enable it to do so.”

Guterres has been quoted at greater length: “Recent complex global shocks have shown that, at the global level, our existing, conventional crisis response mechanisms are not up to the task of responding coherently and effectively to global shocks that have an impact on multiple sectors simultaneously.

“We lack the necessary forums at the global level to tackle multi-dimensional threats with a multi-dimensional response. Our existing response architecture, while appropriate for specific events, is too fragmented and sectoral to respond effectively to complex global crises.

“Our global response is too often hampered by the absence of incentives for multilateral entities to contribute to collective results, and accountability mechanisms and mandates that do not encourage collaboration and joined-up efforts.

“We are often too slow to convene the right actors at the right level, and we lack the means to collaborate and coordinate across sectors and communicate clearly on what needs to be done. In respect to some specific types of shock, our global response mechanisms are weak or underdeveloped.

“We must fill these gaps, learn the lessons from recent shocks and take a different approach – a multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder approach that can enable us to better respond to future, complex global shocks.

“We need a more formal, predictable and structured approach. When the world faces a complex global shock, we must ensure that all parts of the multilateral system are accountable for contributing to a collective response. No single agency exists to gather stakeholders in the event of complex global shocks. The United Nations is the only organisation that can fulfil this role. And we must take the decisions that can enable it to do so.

“Building on the ideas in Our Common Agenda and learning lessons from these recent crises, I propose that the General Assembly provide the Secretary-General and the United Nations system with a standing authority to convene and operationalise automatically an Emergency Platform in the event of a future complex global shock of sufficient scale, severity and reach.”

It all drips with code words, with cliches, with gibberish. The language plays to an audience incapable of independent thought, and disinclined to explore the meaning of things. And guess who will be in charge? With no one able to vote them out, or otherwise resist them.

And they will have the unerring backing of the world’s most powerful people.

As 17th Century French writer Baudelaire suggested, the devil’s greatest trick was to convince the world that he did not exist.


Playing out the trick became easy for the prince of this world when the world gave up its faith. Similarly, playing out the ruling elite’s globalist agenda became easy when we-the-people gave up thinking and, consequently, resisting.

The ruling class itself conspired to create a generation of passive non-believers with its capacity for critical thought removed, almost as if surgically.

You can only pull these things off when the masses are ready to be duped. That is why the prepping involved in the long march has been so patiently executed. The efforts were painstaking, but the rewards have been immense.

The unserious age of unexamined lives has simply invited a friendly takeover by long marching, bad actors bent on control and gathering up all of the tools that they need – digital ID, centrally controlled currencies, the silencing of dissidents, tracking and tracing technologies, corporate connivance, social media complicity in the censorship industrial complex, and the rest.

And to have convinced all and sundry that these freedom-destroying weapons are in our interests has been close to the greatest masterstroke of all.

Equally masterful has been the devilish trick of convincing those prone either to be “true believers” or located among the large middle cohort of yawners, that those who question the direction of travel are, in fact, nut jobs – “conspiracy theorists”.

Baudelaire’s description of Satan again comes to mind. Paraphrasing the great man, the satanic ruling class’s greatest trick has been to convince the world that those who spoke up about the ruling class’s agenda were insane.

Whereas, in reality, these are the ones who have been wide awake, and fully aware of what has been going on. Perhaps with a modicum of classical education.

So, as we lurch towards our dystopian future, built on fear and sold as health, convenience and security, we might just slouch our way into a nuclear war, and very soon.

If nothing else, that outcome would surely qualify for a UN takeover, to mop up the remains of a once great, once thinking civilisation.

Socrates was right. The unexamined life is not worth living.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Vladimir Putin. (courtesy RNZ)