Perrottet’s imposter who can’t be removed

by PAUL COLLITS – THE fact that Matt Kean hasn’t been sacked from the NSW government, indeed from the Liberal Party itself, tells you every single thing you need to know about Premier Dominic Perrottet. 

And, indeed, about the workings of his government. 

Matt Kean’s in the wrong political Party – though, come to think of it, who else would have someone of his white-anting skill set?

If I wanted to get the sack, I would simply follow the Matt Kean (affectionately known also as Matt Green) playbook.

Simply do everything in your power to destroy the organisation for whom you work in the pursuit of your own agenda.


But no matter what he gets up to – actively undermining Scott Morrison’s election campaign, as noted of late by Sharri Markson, partying on election night with the Labor Party and assorted Leftist luvvies, dissing a more conservative Liberal colleague seeking election in a must-win federal seat (Warringah), singlehandedly wrecking the NSW energy sector and the economy as a whole through his jihad against coal, or generally just being a Liberal teal – nothing but nothing seems enough to get him sacked. 

Markson’s piece was headlined: Re-elect PM? Turns out some weren’t so Kean.

Markson began: “It was less than two weeks from election day when Matt Kean, the second most senior Liberal in NSW and the State’s Treasurer, inserted himself into the political campaign against Scott Morrison’s re-election.

“Kean shot a message to a young journalist on the road with the then-prime minister, encouraging her to ask questions around the political controversy over Katherine Deves.

“The Warringah candidate had backtracked on her apology over comments about transgender children being ‘surgically mutilated’ the night before in an interview with Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Kean, 11 days out from polling day, messaged the Ten Network’s Stela Todorovic, urging her to ask questions about the issue.”

In Markson’s impressive telling, Kean is a devious two-timer who is willing to help throw an election for his own side so long as his own ideological interests are served.

Hence the comparisons with Malcolm Turnbull are inevitable and, seemingly, well deserved. Or maybe Kim Philby is the comparison for which we should be looking.

Perhaps Kean’s attendance at the ALP post-election do was like Philby’s homecoming to Moscow after a career in the British secret service.

Unlike Tim Paine, Matt even survived a sexting scandal, back in the day. When he had the hots for his then backbench colleague, Eleni Petinos, now also a minister in the NSW government, much to the anguish of his then girlfriend, who duly published the texts. Ouch.

Clearly, Kean is in the wrong political Party – though, come to think of it, who else would have someone of his white-anting skill set?

But we knew he was in the wrong Party. He makes Turnbull, the original Malchurian candidate, look like John Howard.

There isn’t a woke, progressive, green, globalist, rainbow, fiscally incontinent cause that Matt doesn’t hold close to his heart.


And every day, in every way, he demonstrates the veracity of Pro David Flint’s claim that Kean is the most dangerous politician in Australia.

Hence, worse than Albo. Worse than Penny Wong. Worse than Daniel “call me Xi Jinping” Andrews.

Worse than the unspellable Queensland premier. Worse than Mad Dog McGowan. An impressive effort, then.

And he is Dominic’s best buddy, apart from the man who runs MelDanistan.

Here was the Premier on Kean’s unfortunate intervention on transgender offence and (Warringah Liberal candidate) Katherine Deves, specifically calling for her to be dumped: Dominic Perrottet supports Matt Kean’s views on transgender women in sport as he shuts down suggestion of white anting.

Kean also offered his “expert” opinion, prior to the election when the electoral fate of his “moderate” buddies was looking increasingly grim, on the feared Liberal drift to the Right in the event (happily achieved) of a clean out of the Moderates:

“Treasurer Matt Kean said earlier on Thursday that the Liberal Party could go the way of the US Republican Party, becoming “the Party of Trump, the Party of Putin sympathisers and anti-vaxxers”, if moderate voters defected to independents in the federal election.”

To which Perrottet limply offered the “Liberal Party is a broad church” line, now not remotely true, certainly not in his own State.

With not the slightest hint of any pushback against Kean for his offensive slap of the conservative base.

Then there was this in January: “NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet has denied an allegation his Treasurer is leaking against him.

“NSW One Nation leader Mark Latham claims Matt Kean is leaking against the Premier over his pandemic response.

“Mr Perrottet told Ben Fordham [at 2GB] he doesn’t believe his Treasurer is responsible.

“There are always different views as we work through the pandemic.”


With (factional) enemies like Dominic, who needs friends? This is akin to being disciplined with the furry end of a feather duster.

Kean provides Mark Latham with a reason to get out of bed every single day. In a recent Facebook post, Latham stated: “How can we explain the rise of woke virtue signaling in Australian politics, especially in the NSW Liberal and National Parties?

“This for me has been the great surprise of coming back into parliamentary life, in Macquarie Street three years ago.

“When I was in the House of Representatives conservatives, like Howard and Abbott, dominated the Liberal Party.

“The Nationals had a Party room full of no-nonsense, tough farmers and businessmen who no more thought about gender-neutral pronouns and a net-zero economy than flying to Mars.

“Today, in the NSW parliament, this is mostly what the Coalition thinks about.

“NSW has the fastest falling school academic results in the world, but at least the cabinet is fully versed in the new LGBTIQAP alphabet – a mish-mash of sexualities and gender types growing like Triffids, to the point where the publicly funded activists who invented this nonsense are starting to run out of letters.

“How did these Parties of conservatives, in the space of a generation, become Parties of woke?

“How do Liberal ministers like Matt Kean, Mark Speakman and Rob Stokes fit more readily into a Greens policy platform than mainstream liberalism or conservativism?”

An excellent question, Mark. The rise to power of unelected lobbyists explains the whole-of-system corruption that infects the modern Liberal Party’s every pore.

But that doesn’t explain why they are so Left-wing. Left-wing in the worst, post-modern sense.

Latham continues: “There’s also a God Complex to this approach to public administration, most notably in Matt Kean’s belief that, from a provincial government level in Australia, he’s saving the planet.

“Kean is turning the NSW electricity grid upside down, running a serious risk of blackouts.


“He’s also spending $10b per annum on green energy programs. For what net outcome in combating climate change?

“Using data supplied by the Parliamentary Library, Kean’s carbon abatement program will reduce global surface temperatures by 0.00055 degrees Celsius – over a century.

“That’s all: 0.00055 degrees by the year 2122.”

Of course, as Latham notes, the said lobbyists do quite well out of the renewable energy sector, to ensure that their bank balances are endlessly, well, renewable.

A nice little earner that will only end when the NSW Liberal Government is consigned to the dustbin of history.

I have always thought that the whole climate change lie is there only in order to create a market opportunity for renewables and all the green money behind them.

The money now wielded by the likes of Atlassian Man (aka Mike Cannon-Brookes).

The perfect scam that is the parliamentary career of Mr Kean provides yet more evidence for my theory.

But no, on Matt stays as Treasurer of NSW.

Tom Ripley was the fictional creation of the novelist Patricia Highsmith, made famous by Matt (yes, another one) Damon.


As noted on Wikipedia: “Highsmith characterises Ripley as a ‘suave, agreeable and utterly amoral’ con artist and serial killer who always evades justice.

Roger Ebert wrote: “Ripley is a criminal of intelligence and cunning who gets away with murder. He’s charming and literate, and a monster.

“It’s insidious, the way Highsmith seduces us into identifying with him and sharing his selfishness; Ripley believes that getting his own way is worth whatever price anyone else might have to pay. We all have a little of that in us.”

Certainly, like the other Matt, Kean is a political trickster, a political mobster and he has so far evaded justice.

I don’t know about his personal morality, though the sexting does provide some clues. Politically, he is without doubt amoral.


Trying to shaft your own prime minister? Partying with the enemy? Ruining the economy while pretending to be a Liberal? Causing the elderly (and others) to freeze in winter?

Is Kean seductive as well? He has certainly continued to seduce his Hornsby pre-selectors. Then again, they may well know exactly who and what he is, and approve.

If they do, God help the NSW Liberal Party. There is no doubt, that like Ripley, he takes people in and keeps getting away with his political tricks and misdemeanours.

I have no idea when Kean is charming and literate. And absolutely no interest in ever finding out.

And, no, do not be fooled by the talented Mr Kean’s apparent five minutes to midnight conversion to coal fired power.

Yes, he has been mugged by reality. But simply regard it as a tactical, temporary retreat. I am sure he does.

Let Mark Latham have the last word. Here is another headline (this time on Sky News): “Matt Kean ‘running loose’ as he holds Perrottet in a ‘political coffin’ – Latham.

And that was in April. I wonder if the NSW Premier would wish that to be his political epitaph.PC

Paul Collits

Kean has put his boss in a coffin…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Matt Kean. (courtesy The Guardian)

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  1. It would appear the only way Perrotett got the Premiership was by agreeing to Kean being treasurer, ensuring he got Kean & left faction votes?

  2. Malcolm Turnbull and Matt Kean should be expelled from the Liberal Party. Both are just grubs, with no integrity or commitment to the Menzies Liberal Party.

  3. It’s relentless negativity and used to undermine any person who gets in the way of the intellectual giant legend in his own mind.

    Matt Green is a a useful tool.

    Sharri Markson is one of Australia’s best investigative journalists.

    1. Author Aaron Patrick joined Ben Fordham to talk about his new book which explores how Turnbull became a “destructive force” in the Liberal Party.

      The book, Ego: Malcolm Turnbull’s and the Liberal Party civil war, details Turnbull’s journey from prime minister to apparent anti-Liberal.

      “I think he deserves a lot of the credit, or the blame, for the destruction of the Morrison government,” Aaron Patrick said.

      “He was having an impact in all those wealthy inner-city seats that all went teal.

      “He was able to articulate why wealthy, wavering Liberals should not like Scott Morrison.

      2GB News

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