Matt Kean parties at ALP victory bash

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean has kicked back at an election night Labor victory party, according to an international news outlet. 

The Liberal MP joined the who’s who of Left-wing celebrities at a harbourside mansion, reportedly owned by pro-ALP personalities Lisa Wilkinson and Peter FitzSimons. 

Mr Kean spent the days after the election appearing on Left-leaning media outlets demanding the Liberal Party shift course further to the Left.

The gathering, described as “buoyant”, kicked on into the night according to the UK news site Mail Online.

ABC staff, Hollywood actors, TV and radio personalities as well as Labor politicians were joined by the member for Hornsby to celebrate Mr Albanese’s victory on May 21.


The Liberal Party, which had largely mirrored Labor policy going into the election, received a thrashing from voters dropping from 77 seats at the 2019 election to a losing 58 last month.

Mr Kean, who is an open critic of former PM Scott Morrison, is a known global warming activist who is attempting to bully his Party to adopt Labor/Greens climate and social policies.

Among the guests attending were Hollywood actors Bryan Brown, Rachel Ward and Simon Baker. UK celebrity chef and UK Labour supporter Nigela Lawson also flew in.

Closer to home, ABC presenters Julia Baird (sister of former NSW premier Mike Baird) and Jennifer Byrne as well as SMH reporter Kate McClymont and radio personalities Amanda Keller and Brendan Jones were also on the guest list.

Former Qld ALP premier Peter Beattie, Left-wing journalist Mike Carlton and novelist Thomas Kenneally also attended.

Mr Kean spent the days after the election appearing on Left-leaning media outlets demanding the Liberal Party shift course further to the Left.

He also called mid-campaign for Liberal candidate for Warringah Katherine Deves to be disendorsed for her stand on protecting sportswomen from competing against trans-gender athletes.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Matt Kean. (courtesy The Epoch Times)

11 thoughts on “Matt Kean parties at ALP victory bash

  1. Simon Holmes a Court should be asked to run one of his teal “independents” in the State seat of Hornsby. If he did he would earn the nation’s undying gratitude. Even the Liberal Party would thank him.

  2. I handed out How to Votes at the federal election campaign and Matt Kean was cited by voters as a Primary reason they did not want to vote Liberal! Voters are much smarter than the current NSW Treasurer. Hopefully the next state election will put a lid on him and his Left leaning ideologue no talent colleagues!

    1. If that report is true Matt Kean must have his Liberal Party membership cancelled and do the same to Malcolm Turnbull while you are at it. You can and must expel Turnbull for the good of the Party.
      No place in the Party for traitors.
      Make it a priority you won’t regret it.

  3. I don’t understand why Perrottet hands this moron ANY responsibility at all in his government!
    Readers of Politicom should read/subscribe to ELECTROVERSE.NET whose actual data supports an entirely different reality to the obsolete, madly obsessive, ‘global warming’ garbage that Keane constantly spruiks.
    —-The South Pole has just logged its coldest six month, winter spell (April to Sept) EVER RECORDED.
    —-Arctic sea ice is presently at a 30 year high.
    —-The Earth is cooling and the Sun is weaker than it’s been for the last century.

    1. Jennifer, the reason Perrottet is silent is because Matt Kean runs the NSW government. There is no discussion to be had on this. It’s an acknowledged fact.
      The Premier is weak and scared. He will deny Christ three times (and many, many times more) to keep hold of his position. Crossing Matt Kean and his leftist factional thugs would be career ending for Mr Perrottet. He knows it, we know it – and deep down, you also know this to be true.
      The radicals now own the Liberal Party. All we can do is vote them out en masse and hope the Party of Menzies can be revived after the political slaughter.

      1. BUNKUM! How ridiculous!
        You would demolish the only powerful Liberal State Government left in Australia!
        You want a complete blanket of socialists destroying all of mainland Australia?
        Your true colours are showing!

  4. I am bloody sick and tired of hearing and seeing this ring in, every day somewhere in the media! I seriously have doubts for the first time ever since I began voting in the early 1960s; about voting Liberal in the Lower House. A supposedly senior minister to attend such a function on the recent election night, proves beyond doubt that he is a grub and needs to be summarily removed before he destroys the party. The party needs to be rid of the likes of Kean and others of the Photios takeover the party accolytes. Maybe there are some good capable people in that region who can find a popular high profile candidate to do unto him, what those funded Teals did to selected Federal members. The sooner the party is rid of him the better it will be for all our currently held electorates.

  5. Matt Kean’s test comes at the next state election. If the left gets shunted out yet again his majority in his own seat faces erosion. How many electoral cycles will it take for him to lose the safe seat of Hornsby! His best guide is Trent Zimmerman’s experience in North Sydney. Zimmerman took 2 elections to turn a 14% majority into a loss. At least Kean is known in his seat, so he’s unlikely to be able to replicate Kristina Keneally’s feat of losing a safe seat at one election, but then he is demonstrably stupid.

  6. Matt, next election campaign for your side of politics and explain that to your constituents.

    1. True. But someone needs to challenge this guy. I don’t think the state LNP has the gonads to do it. It has to come from someone like PHON if Latham can get a good candidate with some serious funding to take this guy on because he will single handedly ruin NSW with his green energy policies.


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