Kean’s descent into political ‘madness’

by SEAN BURKE – THE uncompromising “madness” that has recently overwhelmed the NSW Liberal Party will afflict the State for generations, according to One Nation Leader Mark Latham. 

Crumbling education standards, extravagant State debt, a dysfunctional power grid, extreme LGBTQ indoctrination of kids and “other Left-wing fads” are its legacy. 

Matt Kean has not only destroyed the Liberal Party, he has destroyed electricity affordability in NSW and these price increases announced today are further evidence of that.”
Mark Latham
NSW One Nation Leader

The NSW election will be held next Saturday, March 25.

Mr Latham said he felt most sorry for future generations living in NSW.


“I feel sorry for the kids because they’re part of a generation in NSW where – because of Premier Dominic Perrottet and Treasurer Matt Kean and their fiscal extravagance – the State is over $120b in net debt,” he said.

“That’s an average for every person in NSW – every man, woman and child – of $17,000.”

Mr Latham said it would be future generations responsible for resolving the debt problem.

“State debt can only ever be paid off under Labor and Liberal with higher taxes,” he told Alan Jones on ADH TV this week.

“They don’t do any spending cuts whatsoever. These people are all upside spending.”

Mr Latham said the debt repayment problem was being increasingly exacerbated by the destruction of reliable energy and a collapse in education standards.

“To some extent in Australia we have been spoiled because, at one time, we had the most reliable and affordable electricity on the planet. And they’ve thrown that away,” he said.

“Matt Kean’s madness is to try and rebuild the entire electricity system within a decade.

“They haven’t got the pumped hydro, gas peaking plant or back-up power to support the renewables – so lights will go out.


“And when the prices go up, you only have to look at your electricity bill to know Kean is the villain.

“He’s not only destroyed the Liberal Party, he has destroyed electricity affordability in NSW and these price increases announced today are further evidence of that.”

On top, Mr Latham said, NSW education was churning out unprepared graduates.

“About 17,000 students start high school in NSW every year without decent reading skills – they’re semi-illiterate,” he said.

“These kids aren’t getting the best instruction for reading, writing and numbers in school.

“They’re not necessarily getting the phonics, they’re stuck with Left-wing fads like whole-word literacy.

“They’re getting lessons on why they should hate Australia, Invasion Day, gender fluidity.”

He said he wasn’t surprised at increasing levels of mental health issues among Australian children.


“I mean you talk about mental health with young people. If you tell a boy he’s a girl and give him all that anxiety – see how the mental health experts go.

“Perrottet has done nothing about any of these things. He’s not the friend of the children he used in his election campaign launch.

“He’s burdened them with debt, he’s given them a sub-standard school education system and is now saying here’s $400 a year if your parents can match it.” PC

No pride in Liberal legacy

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Matt Kean. (courtesy The Canberra Times)

9 thoughts on “Kean’s descent into political ‘madness’

  1. Kean is a line in the sand. If the punters put this wretch back in we’re done for. I personally don’t think Kean or blackout Bowen have inflicted enough pain on the punters yet. When the blackouts start occurring they may get restless.

    Having said that, it’s no fault of Mark Latham, who is the best pollie in Australia right now. The media is the real culprit because they have largely swallowed the monstrous lies of man-made climate change and renewables and vomit their agit-prop continually.

  2. It is not Matt Kean who is to blame, it is those who have supported him, especially in his slide into madness. e.g. WHY did Peter Dutton support Kean?
    Kean should have met strong opposition long ago, along with anybody else who stood flagrantly against “Our Beliefs”.

    1. “WHY did Peter Dutton support Kean?”

      Peter Dutton worked as a policeman. That is honest enough toil, but it’s hardly the preserve of intellectual giants – so the answer is probably that Dutton supported Kean because he’s simply too dull to know any better.

      Consider the fact that this insipid and uninspiring nonentity with an average IQ and a painfully wooden delivery is the *best* man that the Federal Parliamentary wing of the “Liberal” party could find to lead them. He’s a national-level analogue for that chicken-necked whiner, the one and only Dominic Perrottet (a man who is Dutton’s close rival in the mediocrity stakes).

      Just remember this: when the “leaders” are losers and the wannabes and also-rans are even worse, anyone who votes for them will get just what they deserve (which is not very much at all).

  3. Matt Green is one of the most annoying politicians I can recall, I hope his constituents dump him and rid the Liberal Party of his woke nonsense and lack of uncommon sense.

    I have decided for the first time to not vote Coalition in the Legislative Council of New South Wales this time, and trust others can “keep the bastards honest” and frighten them back to Menzies Liberal Party of Australia standards and values.

  4. Why should we be surprised at the behaviour of young people today? We have unwittingly allowed our children to be indoctrinated by leftist ideologists in our schools and universities. They are teaching them to be fearful of so called climate catastrophes that we have apparently caused, telling them that we have stolen our country and should forever be grovelling for forgiveness. Is it any wonder that many kids have low self esteem and anxiety based emotional problems? Our educational system is failing to teach them even the basic standards of English and Maths and instead is filling their precious young minds with gender studies and utter lies about men being able to miraculously give birth!
    Our children need guidance that is based on common sense from their parents and teachers. They need to know that the people that they look up to are here to support them. How else are they going to feel safe and protected if not from us? We have to stand up and fight against this madness at every turn.

    1. Well said Christine. Everyday we wake up to more ridiculous and devastating decisions made by our so called politicians. I along with a majority of my peers are speechless at their ignorance of what’s best for the future of our kids and OUR Country. Talk about looking a gift horse in the mouth. All our natural resources being condemned and denied to All Australians! Oh but they are happy to sell it to other countries. What lunacy!! Grrrr!

  5. If the Libs lose the coming election Matt Kean will probably become the NSW State Opposition Leader. If that happens, thousands of LP members will cancel or fail to renew their membership of this once-great centre-right Party and that will signal the end for the Libs in NSW – just as we’ve seen in other states.
    It’s a sad proposition but inevitable if we continue to allow these so-called ‘elite progressives’ to dominate the political scene. The silent majority has been silent for too long – it’s time we stood up and showed some backbone!

    1. Sometimes there’s a straw in the wind that points to an ‘event’. It was truly extraordinary to read that Peter Dutton had made a guest appearance in virtual form at Matt Kean’s campaign launch. Dutton’s entire CV reads like that of a genuine conservative. Why then would an unreconstructed progressive like Kean seek the public support of a conservative like Dutton? There’s only one possible answer; Kean can feel the party membership in his seat of Hornsby starting to mutiny. Perhaps LP polling points to a similar outcome, as the NSW electorate slowly realises that Kean has ended energy security in NSW. Kean may hold well-founded fears his political career will come to a smoking halt on 25th March.


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