Liberals to purge hundreds of conservatives

IN AN effort to sure up its invasive political influence, the Left-controlled South Australian Liberal Party has moved to expel up to 550 conservative members. 

Almost every person who joined the division in the past month – about 150 – is now facing expulsion due to their Christian conservative values, according to Sky News. 

The message would seem to be clear. If you’re a conservative, or you’re a Christian, the Liberal Party doesn't want you…
Caleb Bond
Sky News Contributor

A further 400 longer-serving members are being subjected to an internal Party audit and have been served with “show cause” notices.

South Australian federal MP Nicolle Flint – who is fleeing parliament due to ferocious harassment from the Left – has described these actions as the “most extraordinary and undemocratic” in her time.


According to Sky News, the South Australian members are being targeted because of their connection to the Pentecostal church.

Outsiders reporter Caleb Bond described the Party’s action as a witch hunt.

“These people have committed no crime, apart from being Pentecostal Christians,” he said.

“If conservative Christians can’t find a home in the Liberal Party, indeed they are forcefully expelled, where can they find a home?

“The message would seem to be clear. If you’re a conservative, or you’re a Christian, the Liberal Party doesn’t want you.”

The South Australian division of the Party is dominated by black-hand moderates – whose political and social bent is heavily aligned with the atheistic Greens Party.

“The South Australian Party is almost entirely run by the moderates,” Mr Bond said.

“Bit by bit, they have taken control of every facet of the Party … there are almost no conservatives left in the parliamentary Liberal Party in SA,” he said.

“About 500 new members have signed up in South Australia this year. The membership of the Party is perhaps 5000 people, which means those 500 new members present a significant threat to the ruling moderates.

“So the Party’s executive used the most serious powers it has to try to stack the deck and kick them all out … this is undemocratic but even worse, it is open religious discrimination.”


Leftist South Australian federal senator Simon Birmingham, however, said the internal audit was “prudent”.

“It seemed the prudent thing for the Party to run an audit process to try to ensure that those who are seeking to join are actually supporters of the Liberal Party,” he said.

Senator Birmingham said it was a prerequisite of Party membership to support Liberal Party objectives.

“I think most South Australians would think it ridiculous if we were embracing members who didn’t support our objectives or didn’t support our candidates,” he said.

SA Premier Steve Marshall – also of the hard Left – said while membership was a Party matter, he also supported an audit process.

“Everybody is welcome, but we need to have people joining our Party who subscribe to our values, to our constitution and who want to support our candidates,” he said.

With the Liberal Party across Australia throwing up increasingly radical Left candidates, grassroots Party members have expressed distress that their so-called representatives do not represent community values.

Federal MP for the South Australian seat of Barker, Tony Pasin said members were being targeted because of their conservative views on late-term abortion and euthanasia.

He described the audits as a factional move bordering “religious vilification”.

“This is just an example of individuals on the State executive seeking to maintain the good graces of some of the factional heavyweights,” Mr Pasin said.PC

Christians purged from radicalised Party…

2 thoughts on “Liberals to purge hundreds of conservatives


    What a truly disgusting, discriminating, vilifying agent for the implementation of undemocratic rule the S.A. Liberal Party have become! They must be thoroughly censured and shamed!

    Scott Morrison – (who I believe is a strong Pentecostal Christian) – should be squashing this anti-Christian, anti-Democratic movement in South Australia with all the force of superior influence, greater might and monetary threats at his disposal.

    A huge number of Aussies are active Christians with even more quietly adhering to Conservative Christian values. These are the voters who must be shocked and saddened by these atheistic, shallow and very hard characters that now run this Party, some of whom teeter dangerously close to the despicable mores and practices of past fascist regimes. Late-term abortions are definitely murder, while euthanasia of our sick and elderly also allows the real danger to connive at outright murder! How did these people seize control?

    I do wish some truly moral, conservatives with a conscience, would form a new, true-blue, CONSERVATIVE PARTY in both S.A. and in NSW. Then at Federal Level, some in our incumbent Govt., such as Senator Birmingham, could do with a demonstration of what DECENT, MORALLY CHRISTIAN, TRULY CONSERVATIVE VALUES ACTUALLY LOOK LIKE; the values to which a great number of Australians still thankfully adhere.

    1. An alliance of the centre and not far left and right conservatives from the major parties should join together to provide we the majority with political representatives we identify with and can trust.

      The globalist leftists masquerading as Lib-Nats are Union controlled Labor and the Greens in disguise.

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