Seething Kean threatens punishment for Ward’s loss

NSW Treasurer and factional hack Matt Kean this week lashed Liberal Party members after they rejected his extremist ally Natalie Ward, threatening retribution by removing their voting rights. 

A seething Mr Kean claimed Party members were “out of step” with community values after Ms Ward’s intended move to the NSW Lower House was thwarted. 

While belittling Mr Cross’s rise through political ranks, Mr Kean failed to mention Ms Ward’s scandal-filled career as a short-lived political staffer.

The preselection, held yesterday in the State seat of Davidson, saw Ms Ward fail 85 to 95, despite having overwhelming support from both Party HQ and delegates representing Left faction leadership (40 to 2).

Ms Ward has four years of her Upper House term remaining. She was defeated by another Left faction candidate Matt Cross.


According to The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper, Mr Kean has threatened to “reassess the Liberal Party’s internal processes because the current arrangement – which relies on membership plebiscites to determine candidates – was not producing what the voting public wanted”.

“We’re not seeing the results that the community expects the Liberal Party to be delivering … the community has sent a very strong message, not only to the Liberal Party, but to all political Parties, that they want to see more diversity in our parliaments,” he said.

“If our Party mechanisms won’t deliver what the community is asking of us, then we need to change our systems and processes and clearly the current process is not working, so we need another mechanism to ensure that our Party reflects the values the community is after.”

Mr Kean opposes members’ plebiscites primarily because they diminish factional power and threaten to hold politicians to account for their actions.


The NSW Treasurer, mockingly referred to as Captain Planet, leads one of the most radical Left-wing factions in Liberal Party history, overseeing the dismantling of affordable energy, the introduction of late-term abortions and the passing of euthanasia legislation.

The faction also sponsored the watering down of  NSW’s bestiality laws, however, its bill failed in the Upper House after The Greens rejected the legislation on grounds of “immorality”. Ms Ward had personally moved the bill.

In criticising Party membership, Mr Kean described Ms Ward as the Liberal Party’s most senior woman in parliament.

“When you’ve got someone as talented, as able and as big a contributor as Natalie Ward who’s not able to win preselection over a former Liberal staffer, something’s wrong with our systems and processes,” he said.

While belittling Mr Cross’s rise through political ranks, Mr Kean failed to mention Ms Ward’s scandal-filled career as a short-lived political staffer.

As Deputy Chief of Staff to then Finance Minister Greg Pearce, Ms Ward was caught up in a lobbying scandal in 2013 which resulted in a clean-out of the Finance Minister’s office.

Those to depart alongside Ms Ward included then Chief of Staff Joanne McCafferty and, ultimately, the Finance Minister himself.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Matt Kean (L) & Natalie Ward. (courtesy The Courier Mail)

14 thoughts on “Seething Kean threatens punishment for Ward’s loss

  1. Matt Kean is a meddling maniac, I can’t help wondering if he is taking advice from that other most detestable saboteur Malcom Turnbull. This latest interference has Turnbull’s fingerprints all over it.

  2. This has nothing to do with community values. It is simply Matt Kean bullying, threatening and intimidating people into giving him what he wants. Essentially he wants to dismantle the democratic process, decimate the party as we know it and rise like a new messiah leading party Kean. There have been many men throughout history who thought they were all powerful and each of them fell with a resounding thud!!

  3. When is This tosser going to be sacked. He’s not a Liberal more green and out for himself.

  4. I don’t like having a leftie in the Liberal Party letalone as treasurer, next in line for premier.

  5. Maybe it is time that Mr Kean spent a lot more time in the branches, before he explodes with such immature comments.

  6. He & Perrotett will be gone in March,what genuine Conservative would vote for these socialists,as a 60 year old member & LP ,always voted LP except for 2016,2022 as they lost their way,can’t have 2 socialist parties?

  7. Bugger off Kean – we don’t want you or your comrades as members of the Liberal Party!

  8. I thought Kean was due for long service, if not he might receive DCM?

  9. Kean is the very reason why many have departed from the Liberal Party, let alone to vote for another party or independent at the next election. Time for a reshuffle Mr Perrottet and it should see Kean ready to leave from the back door.

  10. Kean should realise that the limited plebiscites, which grass roots Liberal members overwhelmingly pushed through the unconstitutional opposition of the factions, was only a harbinger of the widespread reforms still desired by the same grass roots. This will entail the removal of the factions including him to the garbage bin of history.

  11. Natalie Ward was defeated on the night. She had the numbers but performed dismally and was totally outpointed by her opponent. At least 8 people changed their votes after pledging to support her.

  12. The good news? The more some people speak, the more damage they inflict on themselves.

  13. Thank God the Liberal Party membership is, at last, pushing back against these crazy radicals. There is absolutely nothing normal about these people. They are greedy, immoral and dangerous.


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