Labor should grow up and give Malcolm his membership

THERE’S no secret that the first love of dumped Liberal Party Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is himself – followed closely by his beloved Australian Labor Party.

The “important” issues Turnbull and his family discuss around the kitchen table are not left to the imagination. That at least one of his kids teamed up with radical socialist group GetUp! speaks volumes.

So why did Turnbull join the Liberals, a traditionally centre-right political party? The answer, in short, is because the Australian Labor Party didn’t want a bar of him.

According to senior ALP figures, Turnbull begged for entry. He aspired to be a member, he pleaded to be parachuted into Parliament and he offered himself for the Finance Ministry. This was in the late 1990s and early 2000s, mind you. He was no wet-behind-the-ears, starry-eyed kid.

He approached former Labor PM Bob Hawke, ALP staffer David Briton, NSW’s Labor State Secretary John Della Bosca, ACTU Secretary Bill Kelty, ALP Leader Kim Beazley, factional power-broker Graham Richardson and many, many others.

In short, if you were a socialist with ears Turnbull was waffling at you: “Don’t you think Kim would like me as his Finance spokesman?”

It turned out neither ALP leader Kim nor the factional heavies wanted a thing to do with Turnbull. Richardson describing him as having “hopeless political instincts”.

But it’s now time they all grew up and gifted Malcolm his cherished membership.

After all, Turnbull has done more damage to the Liberal Party of Australia than all of them combined, except for perhaps Bob Hawke.

In reversing their decision they should consider these facts:


Turnbull entered the Liberal Party by knifing his colleague and sitting Wentworth MP Peter King with a branch stack of truly mind-blowing proportions.

He then snatched the party leadership for the first time with a campaign of verbal intimidation (some insiders say screaming abuse) and unforgivable disloyalty against then Liberal leader Brendan Nelson.

He then backed-up and stole the Prime Ministership in 2015 by relentlessly leaking and undermining then PM Tony Abbott. 

This leaking and undermining managed to turn opinion polls against Abbott – which spooked the Party into a spill. The problem with the opinion polls, however, was that almost every respondent who indicated they preferred Turnbull as PM didn’t bother to vote for him when he became PM. They instead voted Green, Labor or both as they always had.

A bloodbath 2016 election followed with Turnbull losing Abbott’s thumping majority and clinging to government by a single seat.

By 2018, when he was sacked by his own colleagues, he had taken the Liberal Party from Abbott’s huge Parliamentary majority won in 2013 to a rabble minority.

For that, he deserves his ALP membership.


After knifing an elected PM, the unelected Turnbull changed policy direction. He binned the Liberal’s winning 2013 manifesto and adopted Labor’s policy positions instead.

He revived Julia Gillard’s Gonski education reforms, which helped see Australian kids plummet behind Kazakhstan in maths, science and English (?!!!!).

He revived the climate wars under the advice of his hand-chosen global warming mentor, Chief Government Scientist Alan Finkel.

He campaigned for and delivered gay marriage but then immediately reneged on the religious freedom protections he promised would follow.

He took Labor’s jaw-dropping national debt left after its 2013 election loss – and almost doubled it. 

For that alone, he deserves his ALP membership.


Turnbull is despised by many in his second-choice party.

By lurching the Liberal Party hard to the left he helped revive One Nation and other right-wing political Parties. Lifelong members fled the Liberals and its support base completely tanked.

After his removal as leader, Turnbull simply walked away leaving a smoking ruin for others to repair.

For that, he deserves to be immediately expelled from the Liberal Party.PC


9 thoughts on “Labor should grow up and give Malcolm his membership

  1. Can not believe with his intelligence & knowing the ALP wouldn’t wear a bar of him, John Howard accepted him in the Liberal Party – sorry John your decision has just about wrecked a once great party, that long standing conservatives have walked away from.

  2. What is more stupid – the Librral party want to keep him ? Either that or the Liberals can’t pay back the $3 million ?

  3. Remarkable! It’s truly a remarkable piece of writing. I have a much clearer idea on the topic from this paragraph.

  4. “THERE’S no secret that the first love of dumped Liberal Party Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull is himself”

    You’ve got to love a narcissist.

    1. “Move on numb-nuts.”

      I assume that directive was intended for Malcolm, who is having a lot of trouble coping with having been so unceremoniously dumped, and who is pining every day for the limelight to which he will never return.

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