Left labels Margaret Court ‘second-class human’

by SEAN BURKE – ONE of Australia’s greatest tennis champions, Margaret Court, has been characterised on national television this week as a second-class human and “delusional Jesus freak”. 

Melbourne newspaper columnist Justin Smith, who writes for News Ltd and broadcasts on Fairfax/Nine radio, launched his bitter attack just days before the sporting great was to attend the Australian Open for the first time in four years. 

She has done some dreadful damage and said some awful things about transgender people and same sex marriage and I think she’s a delusional Jesus freak.
Justin Smith
Newspaper Columnist

The self-proclaimed atheist made his comments on Sky News today, however, was promptly challenged by host Steve Price and another program guest Liz Storer, who is the National Director of Advance Australia.

Since taking her role as a Christian minister post tennis, the 24-times Singles Grand Slam winner has been targeted by Leftist activists who have made repeated calls to rename Margaret Court Arena over her religious views.


“Margaret Court is a first-class tennis player, beyond first class – she is magnificent,” Mr Smith said. “I happen to also think she is a second-class human being.

“She has done some dreadful damage and said some awful things about transgender people and same sex marriage and I think she’s a delusional Jesus freak.”

As he was winding up his on-air rant, Ms Storer interjected saying “shame Justin shame”. At the same time Mr Price cut in with a disagreeing “ah”.

“How can you say that about someone’s religious beliefs,” Ms Storer continued. “That is disgusting Justin. That is religious discrimination.

“She is simply quoting from her scriptures. I’ve not heard you speak out about any Muslims who are quoting from their scriptures.

“Those are her beliefs and they are very clearly laid out in the Bible.”

Mr Price then cut in telling Mr Smith that his comments were “out of line”.

“I mean, seriously, the woman is an evangelical minister in Western Australia, that’s her view – she is entitled to her views. It’s a matter of freedom of speech.”

Mr Smith said he would speak out against Islam if he had the chance.

“As an atheist, I think every religion is silly for exactly the same reasons. If you want me to speak out about Islam, I could do exactly that.”PC

Delusional Jesus freak…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Margaret Court. (courtesy The Guardian)

4 thoughts on “Left labels Margaret Court ‘second-class human’

  1. Hi, I am on Politicom’s mailing list, and would like to stay there. However, I cannot stand seeing a picture of pirate pete every time I open your site. Please remove it.

  2. Why do some of these lefty commentators claim to be atheists?
    Do they think they are something special not believing in a god?
    One thing is sure, they believe the most absurd nonsense!

  3. It’s a bit old hat these days to quote Voltaire he said, “I wholly disagree with what you say and will contend to the death for your right to say it.”
    Smith played to old game of those seeking recognition in the public space, and in so doing he becomes a lesser man and a bigot.
    Margaret Court is a Christian who spends her life devoted to helping those in need, maybe Smith should forget his Atheism? I he achieved one tenth of what Margaret Court achieves on a daily basis he would learn what it is like for someone in need to say ‘Thank you’.
    I don’t think for one moment he will do that he will just crawl back into that dark place where he lives.

    1. There was a saying when I was growing up (“if you can’t say something nice about someone say nothing at all.” I think this is something we as a nation should consider as we have become a very critical nation in my opinion. What did the Prime minister say before the election? “I want us to be a kinder government.” I haven’t seen much proof of this!!!

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