Left: Tough on statues, soft on child rapists

WHILE the Left continues to scream abuse at “racist” statues and to cancel anything that hurts their feelings, their political masters were this week busy giving child rapists a free pass. 

Labor and the Greens teamed up in Federal Parliament on Monday to reject mandatory sentencing of convicted paedophiles. 

Legislation was introduced by the Coalition after it was revealed almost 40 per cent of convicted commonwealth child sex offenders did not spend a single day in prison.

Liberal Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton described the Labor/Green decision as one of “the worst acts I have seen in my 20 years in parliament”. 

With Labor colleague and convicted child rapist Milton Orkopoulos facing more charges of child sexual abuse, Labor has chosen sides. And it’s not good news for children.


A former NSW Aboriginal Affairs Minister, Orkopoulos recently completed an 11-year prison term for sexual and drug offences against children. He was convicted in 2008 of 26 charges of paedophilia and other drug related charges and was released on bail in December last year.

Orkopoulos has this week, however, been charged with three new counts of engaging in child prostitution as well as 12 historical sexual assault offences dating back to his time as a State minister.

In defending Labor’s soft stand, ALP Senator Murray Watts said mandatory sentencing was wrong in principle and did nothing to deter crime.

“It may sound tough … but there is nothing tough about measures that do nothing to reduce crime or criminality,” he said.

“Children are the most precious and vulnerable members of our community and Labor will always support strong and effective laws to protect children from abuse.”


Labor has long been accused of “protecting” paedophiles.

One of Orkopoulos’ early sexual victims, who was 16-years-old at the time, has condemned NSW politicians for “protecting” Orkopoulos and has called for an investigation into who knew what.

“I honestly believe that members of the upper echelons were told about the allegations well before Milton was arrested,” he said.

“I will always believe that and I will always stand by it.”

After rumours of child abuse broke in the media, future NSW Labor Premier Nathan Rees, who worked as an Orkopoulos staffer at the time, abruptly transferred to then Premier Morris Iemma’s office. Why?


Liberal Party parliamentarians, then in opposition, accused a number of ALP MPs and ministers of being aware of suspicions around Orkopoulos as far back as 2004. But they were brushed off at the time. “It was a matter still before the courts,” they were told.

Now that the Liberal Party is in government – and has been so for nine years – it’s past due to revive these accusations.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Sacked ALP Minister and convicted paedophile Milton Orkopoulos.

POLITICOM: Politicians ‘lucky’ to escape paedophile probe

2 thoughts on “Left: Tough on statues, soft on child rapists

  1. Labour and Greens also support “Safe Schools” which has been linked with pedophile grooming by George Christensen and any reasonable person who have seen some of the content would agree. So they both support sexualizing children and soft penalties on convicted pedophiles, it is not hard to see where their priorities lie. These people have no place in public office. Kudos to Politicom for reporting on these issues of national interest, as we know the tax payer funded broadcaster ABC won’t!

  2. I’m almost paralysed with anger and incredulity after reading this article on the monster that operated for so long, right in the middle of the Labor Party.

    Ample evidence points to many Labor Members, from all strata, knowing of the crimes of Milton Orkopoulos but criminally ignoring it all. This man was formerly a NSW Minister for Aboriginal Affairs no less! Convicted in 2008 of 26 crimes of paedophilia with now more to come! There’s not been anything so hugely disgusting in our Parliament before or since.

    Without any doubt, Labor has shown it’s unacceptable side once again, legislation for mandatory sentencing of convicted paedophiles should be immediately passed. These criminals must, MUST, be locked up.

    However, what ignites deep fury, is the knowledge of how abhorrently the Labor Party, and especially Daniel Andrew’s Victorian Labor Govt. backed and instigated the demolition, the crucifying of Archbishop George Pell for so many years, decimating his reputation, his career, his health. Any person with a brain could always clearly see that he was absolutely innocent, but on and on they went, a destroying juggernaut!

    How any person could even think of voting for Labor with it’s mobsters, criminals and deep hypocrites is quite beyond any reason!

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