Liberal church too ‘bulgingly’ broad

by SEAN BURKE – A FORMER Coalition prime minister and a senior ex-Liberal member have taken the Party to task over its “disastrous” change in direction. 

Former Prime Minister Tony Abbott said this week that while the Party should be a broad church, it should “not be to the point of being endlessly elastic about its beliefs”. 

People have every right to be in public life but no entitlement to identify as centre-Right; yet the only people conservative Parties ever seem to expel are the conservatives!
Tony Abbott
Former Prime Minister

Meanwhile, former Liberal Party member and branch president Mark White said his old Party was “wallowing in the same mire as the Left”.

In an article in the Weekend Australian newspaper Mr Abbott said the Liberal Party had turned its traditional value statement on its head.


“Liberal-Nationals governments and oppositions – defying the Howard dictum – have lately tried to be economically conservative and socially liberal, only to end up aping the centre-Left, usually disastrously,” he wrote.

“Why would voters go for the fake Left rather than the real one?

“Instead of shifting to the Left, where they can’t credibly compete, centre-Right leaders need to understand the roots of this Leftward drift – often fostered by their own unwillingness to call it out.

“For a centre-Right Party it’s not enough to be slightly less spendthrift, slightly less overbearing and slightly less politically correct than its opponents because it’s impossible to win where there’s hardly any fight.”

“For the centre-Right, a way to win would be refusing to close down any fossil-fuelled power stations until there’s a reliable alternative; and getting to net-zero (if we must) without putting the lights out and killing heavy industry, via emissions-free, proven, reliable nuclear power.

“There are lots of people who have every right to be in public life but no entitlement to identify as centre-Right; yet paradoxically, at least in Australia, the only people conservative Parties ever seem to expel are the conservatives!”

Meanwhile, Mr White – who recently quit the Party in disgust – has publicly criticised attempts by “hard Left” NSW Liberal leader Mark Speakman to “remould” the once centre-Right Party.

“Mr Speakman believes that recruiting more women, young people and candidates from diverse backgrounds ‘will be key’ to the Liberals winning the next State election,” he wrote on a social media.


“He also wants to ‘refresh the Party brand’, and ‘boost respect’, encouraging ‘respect for each other and respect for the volunteer members of our Party’.

“And this would all be fine if Speakman was running a childcare centre, but when does this new ‘respect’ extend to respecting those who were attracted to the Liberal Party because of the Party’s beliefs? When can they expect some respect?

“And since when did ‘respect’ in a centre-Right Party include wallowing in the same mire as Leftists who are unable to spend a day without mentioning diversity?

“Unless some strange new Party rules have been instituted, literally nothing is preventing women or young people or ‘candidates from diverse backgrounds’ being involved in the Liberal Party. Literally nothing!”

Mr White said watching the Party being destroyed by hard-Left “moderates” was heartbreaking.

“Mr Speakman’s remarks are all the more depressing, given he has no better ideas to explain away the Party’s loss of members, loss of advocates and the rolled gold evidence in the form of repeated election losses that moderate leadership has delivered in spades.

“Could it be that ordinary people can see what Mr Speakman can’t? That leadership is not about remoulding the Liberal Party to neatly fit the demands of inner urban identity fantasists.

“It is about loudly and proudly restating what the Party stands for to all Australians, whatever their circumstances.

“But they won’t! RIP the Menzies Party.” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Tony Abbott. (courtesy SBS)

9 thoughts on “Liberal church too ‘bulgingly’ broad

  1. One has to wonder how the new catchcry idea of ‘ building things in Australia’ is going to be implemented when all forms of govt have been rushing to outdo themselves in the ‘me too’ movement to shut down base load power stations like coal fired in some ridiculous ideal of zero carbon emissions. To fulfil that we would all have to stop breathing! But we are still sending the coal to other parts of the world which build things there. What happened to practising what we preach? Why can’t we stick to the script & set Australia up to value add & actually build things here?

    1. Look up UN Lima Agreement signed in 1975 by the Whitlam Labor Government agreeing to support transfer of manufacturing industry businesses to developing nations, one example being China.

      And the UN Agenda 21, Sustainability, signed by the Keating Labor Government and wide ranging impact.

      Then emissions reduction targets, UN IPCC Kyoto and Paris Agreements, Coalition governments signed.

      Add now the new Net Zero Emissions, or net zero economic prosperity plan.

  2. I too have joined the growing list of Liberal defectors.
    Rather feels like we’ve been cast adrift to wallow in the doldrums with no land in sight.
    Conservatives have apparently become so unfashionable that we are to be cast aside and replaced with the shiny new model that we regular buyers clearly don’t want! So, my message to them is ‘no thanks’ and good luck with that!

  3. Last time Liberals achieved a landslide victory was united behind Mr Abbott, the moderates took him out. They’ve never once improved the lot of the Liberal Party, and they have it rigged so only they will preside over the party’s dying corpse.
    The Liberal Party cannot be made great again, it’s cooked! Menzies Liberal ideals are not, they’re alive and well and being promoted from within several of the emerging parties.
    For mine Libdems, have been a welcoming environment and the best match for other hard working Aussies like me who the Liberal Party establishment despises. Ultimately I care little for what badge prevails, but I care very much about our government being representative of the population.
    It’s up to all of us to unite, and demand representation, and it’s never been more crucial, get involved, have an opinion, things won’t change if we don’t.

  4. All so true, which is the reason why I have not renewed my membership of the Liberal Party. I have tried to remain loyal but the left lurch continues to disappoint and dismay me. I have been deliberating and reassessing my membership over the past few years and only stayed because Tony Abbott has remained. I gave my support and my vote to my local member, Rory Amon, but that’s as far as I can go. The Liberal Party is doomed and I would not be surprised if it no longer exists in a few year. Very sad!

  5. This broach church nonsense shows how dumb little johnnie howard was and is. To be a conservative party protecting and representing conservative and democratic values you need to be the opposite of broad. A democracy like Australia tolerates all individuals AS LONG AS THEY SUPPORT DEMOCRACY.

    The alp/greens/teals obviously don’t support democracy and are fanatically tribal. The LNP which supposedly does allows all sorts of spoilers like turnball, green, the idiot leaders of the LNP in WA, SA, Victoria etc, who do not support democracy to be in the party. They embrace all the fashionable issues which the alp/greens use to subvert democracy: climate change, gender fluidity, aboriginal rights etc.

    There is no one currently in the LNP, except for a very few like Jacinta, Antic, who support democratic values and openly and aggressively opposes the undemocratic issues used by the alp/greens.

    The problem with the LNP is they still think there are rules and the alp/greens will play by them. There are no rules unless you’re prepared to fight for them. Right now the LNP are not fighting.

    1. The moderates don’t believe in hard & fast rules that people can count on. For them a Constitution is something that one changes & bends to suit one’s current narrative. If Australia did that with the Australian Constitution the country would have gone down the gurgler years ago, to the same swamp the moderates & their ‘fluid Constitution’ are dragging the once respected Liberal Party into.

      1. However, soon after the United Nations was established, and for very good purposes and reasons in my opinion, far left infiltrators commenced on their journey to establish a new world order, as I understand it based on the late 1800s Marxist Fabian Society of England objectives.

        A long story and many octopus arms of United Nations involved, World Economic Forum for example.

        Australian Attorney General Evatt, a Communist faction of the Australian Labor Party MP member, advised his UN associates of a plan involving member nations being encouraged to sign treaties and agreements that could later be used for governments to get around constitutional laws. Legislate and regulate for Lima Agreement and Agenda 21 for example.

        And right now as the video and transcript of Voice+Treaty+Truth referendum objectives or details that the Albanese Labor Government had been determined to keep private and confidential resisting requests for access by the Coalition Opposition and others.

        The long march continues, the inevitability of gradualness, new world order.

  6. Should not be elastic?

    But right now it has stretched so far that what it was holding up has fallen down.

    Shame but true.

    How often Liberal MPs behave like Labor centre left and further left now is frustrating and further isolates voters who were in decades past welded on.

    The self named Turnbull Party of LINO left white ants never left.


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