Higgins betrayed by own ‘shonky story’

by SEAN BURKE – BRITTANY Higgins was betrayed by her own “shonky story” – not the criminal justice system, according to leading social commentator Bettina Arndt. 

Ms Arndt said the former Liberal Party staffer, who alleged she was raped by an office colleague, had no basis to claim the system had let her down. 

At the end of the week Brittany Higgins collapsed and went off and had a mental health crisis because the heat was too much for her.
Bettina Arndt
Social Commentator

In a wide-ranging interview with Alan Jones on ADH TV this week, Ms Arndt said so many aspects of Ms Higgins’ story didn’t stack up.

The respected social commentator had been a lone voice in the media for almost two years shining a light on the “holes” in Ms Higgins’ evidence.


Other media outlets slowly adopted Ms Arndt’s concerns earlier this year – after a judicial inquiry into Ms Higgin’s failed rape trial.

“I started writing about the Higgins case when the story first broke back in March 2021 and I was inundated with people writing to me saying ‘this doesn’t pass the pub test’,” she told Alan Jones.

“This woman was found half naked asleep on a minister’s couch, her colleague [Bruce Lehrmann] had been fired and she blurts out this rape allegation.

“No one who wrote to me believed that – men nor women. They’ve been writing to me for two years about this and they are really concerned about what’s happening here.”

Ms Arndt said she was not surprised when Ms Higgins’ evidence started to fall apart during cross examination.

“And, of course, we’ve simply seen Higgin’s story unravel. During the criminal court case all sorts of holes appeared in her story,” she said.

“The question of what she had done with her dress, lying about doctors’ appointments, the bruise on her leg – there was issue after issue where she was caught out lying.

“And at the end of the week she collapsed and went off and had a mental health crisis because the heat was too much for her.”


Ms Arndt said the Sokronoff inquiry had revealed how politicised Australia’s legal system had become.

“The Sokronoff inquiry revealed all sorts of information,” she said.

“I think what is absolutely critical is that the police – federal and everywhere else – are under such pressure to push these cases through to trial.

“Here were these heroic police who spent three months looking at Higgins’ evidence and decided it absolutely didn’t stand up.

“One in particular offered to resign if Lehrmann was charged over this rape allegation – and it was still pushed through.

“Margaret Cunneen KC spoke out last year saying the police and the DPP had lost their traditional ability to be able to assess evidence and determine whether a case stands up or not.


“They now have to put everything through to trial.”

Ms Arndt said hard-core feminists would continue gaming the legal system to introduce even more anti-male bias.

“It’s absolutely brilliant [for the #MeToo movement], just think about this. All those cases are going through and a lot of them are failing in court – then the feminists turn around and say our justice system is broken,” she told Mr Jones.

“It enables them to ask for more money and it enables them to ask for more changes to our legal system, which is already tilted to favour women who are making accusations.” PC

We’re sick of all this rubbish…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Brittany Higgins. (courtesy Channel 7)

5 thoughts on “Higgins betrayed by own ‘shonky story’

  1. This has been one sordid event from the very beginning. It is a disgrace and has diminished genuine women’s rights that people like Bettina Arndt fought so hard to achieve.

  2. Labor would use anything that could help them. And, by the way? Whose money paid Higgins? That would be OUR money! Her case should have been tried and a proper result found!

    1. But Union Labor achieved what they were after.

      The Party of Misinformation perfection.

  3. Can there be any doubt now that the Labor Party used this woman for party political purposes and she with her friend used the Labor Party for their own political purposes?

    The misleading of Parliament by at least one Labor Senator and the undisclosed amount and reasons for compensation needs to be investigated.

    And also what does the Prime Minister know, he was on Labor’s tactics committee at the time.


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