Mean girl Gallagher just got meaner

by PAUL COLLITS – FRESH from her strategic involvement in the low rent Brittany Higgins scandal, Labor Minister Katy Gallagher is now hell bent on rolling out a digital ID system for Australia.

To be operational by mid-2024.

As always, the proposed “reform” is sold dishonestly as benefitting consumers of government services. Yet so-called benign technologies just about always end up being used by tyrants.

The Albanese Government is not content with shutting down free speech through its freshly announced ministry of truth bill, it wants to ensure that all Australians are to be surveilled by all governments across the land and by its corporate cronies as well.

The Epoch Times reports: “Australians could soon have their personal details stored in a centralised, economy-wide system that would bundle together their driver’s licence, Medicare card, passport and other credentials.


“The national digital ID was initially a plan of the former Coalition government that aimed to gather different licences and documentation under a government-run platform that external organisations can access to verify their customers’ information.

Finance Minister Katy Gallagher told the Australian Financial Review the scheme had cabinet approval, and the next stage will kick in by September, and that she’d like to get it into the federal parliament this year.

Gallagher says, “it will be a bit contested”. I would hope so.

But by whom? The Liberals, who (in the form of former NSW Minister Victor Dominello, a key member of the Gladys cheer squad) were already marching down the digital ID road at pace? As were Dominello’s Canberra colleagues.

The media? Our intrepid, independently minded scholars in the academy? Don’t make me laugh. The Right-of-centre alt-media? One has hopes.

No, Gallagher herself anticipates the push-back will come from … conspiracy theorists!

The Finance Minister noted that there was already pushback against the scheme while criticising “theories coming out of COVID” that she characterised as conspiracy theories about what government’s trying to do.”

Theories coming out of COVID? Really? What, that governments lied?

That they foist dangerous, experimental all-but-compulsory drugs on unwilling people? That they locked whole populations down based on no science whatsoever? That they banned perfectly fit-for-re-purpose drugs that would have saved lives?

That they covered up – and continue to cover up – excess deaths caused by the vaccines they made us take? That they ignored our constitutional rights and freedoms?

These are not conspiracy theories, and, even if they were, they would be conspiracy theories proven to have been one hundred per cent on the money.


No, Ms Gallagher, just as you covered up and obfuscated over your up-to-the-armpits involvement with the Higgins-Sharaz-Wilkinson show, so now you are engaged in more lies, diversions and false narrative construction.

Whatever the source of any likely opposition, the Government’s free speech killing laws, if passed, will ensure that any opposition to digital ID will never be heard by the sheeple.

The same people who took with fervour to all the contact tracing technology rolled out during the plandemic.

You could see, quite clearly, the sheer enthusiasm in the (masked) faces of those who strode with purpose towards the tracing devices set up out the front of shops and other servile institutions. They loved it all!

If you think of any cohort of people as consisting of a quadrant – enthusiastic adopters (about a quarter of people), about half in the middle who go along without much reflection, and the other quarter of refuseniks, dissidents and questioners – the digital ID will be loved by the first group and most likely accepted without demur, without the remotest analytical thought, by the large middle.

As always, the proposed “reform” is sold dishonestly as benefitting consumers of government services.

It is, on this view, all about making our lives more “convenient”. This has been the mantra of the tech sector to justify every innovation they have thought up since the dawn of the internet age.

It is funny how new, apparently benign technologies just about always end up being used by bad actors to inflict grievous harm on the people who didn’t even blink when being “signed up”.

Digital ID is of strategic import to the ruling elites. It is the missing link in the creation of social credit in Australia, in which wrong-thought will be punished and obsequious obedience rewarded.

As The Epoch Times notes: “In April 2022, a petition called Stop The Digital Identity Legislation (Trusted Digital Identity Bill) gathered over 46,000 signatures.

“It raised questions about the use and sharing of citizens’ personal or biometric information to third parties, the lack of clarity about how the private sector will use the scheme, the ability to gather detailed profiles of individual Australians, and potential misuse, fraud and discriminatory practices.”

The risks are enormous, the convenience gains minimal.

I mentioned the Liberal Party’s potential position on Labor’s bill. Chillingly, we should note from a Parliamentary Library research piece: “The Digital ID system was initiated by the Coalition Government in 2015 as a ‘safe, secure and convenient way to prove who you are every time you access government online services … entirely voluntary and controlled by you’.”


Initiated by the Coalition Government in 2015? Hmmm. Coincidentally, it was the same year and the same Government that gave us the Biosecurity Act. That would be the one that enabled the entire COVID dictatorship.

The aforementioned Victor Dominello, not content to have slithered away after the NSW election loss, is still spruiking the coming digital dystopia, at the same Financial Review conference at which Gallagher revealed her plans: “Former NSW Digital Minister Victor Dominello said success with the ID would be among the most important policy developments in the country.

“He said elsewhere in the world, where such digital IDs exist – such as Estonia – it gave citizens greater transparency of when any agencies were accessing their details, and reduced the dangers presented by data breaches.”

Among the most important developments in the country? If so, important for the wrong reasons. Estonia? Let’s do it! Now, there is a country worth emulating.

Dominello is still lying. Still spinning. Still a naive nerd at best, compliant servant of Big Tech at worst.

And we haven’t even mentioned so far the links between digital ID and the also proposed digital central bank controlled currencies, the other pillar needed to build the social credit system.


Paul Gregoire at Sydney Criminal Lawyers suggests there is hope, based on Australians’ nervousness about these things going back to Bob Hawke’s ill-fated Australia Card in the 1980s.

“Both major parties in Australia have been keen to establish national identity schemes going back decades, he said.

“However, the public has consistently rejected them, especially once the privacy-minded inform the broader constituency of their potential to undermine rights and enhance social control.

“Indeed, so controversial did the Australia Card become that it led to the dissolution of parliament and an early election, prior to its ultimate rejection.”

But Gregoire also alerts us to a danger: “However, much of the public is unaware of this proposal. And while there’s been many attempts to establish such schemes that have all fallen over, it continues to be essential to campaign against these all-pervasive monitoring systems, otherwise the government could slide one in under the radar.”

This is why distractions like the Ukraine War and the Voice are so handy for evil governments bent on crushing freedom. The real harmful stuff gets tip-toed in via the side door while few are watching.

No one is marching in the streets demanding digital ID. No one. This is a top-down thing. A government-wants-it thing. A Canberra thing. A technocracy thing.

Thought up by unelected bureaucrats in thrall to two things in life – technology and control. Anything that the State tries to sell you – don’t buy it.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Katy Gallagher. (courtesy Woroni)

3 thoughts on “Mean girl Gallagher just got meaner

  1. Lets hope the Brittany Higgins affair will eventually wake up MSM to her lies, now that the extended Honeymoon is over, and force her to resign

  2. After the Higgins affair, who would trust Gallagher? As for her ‘conspiracy theories’, people who talk about conspiracy ‘theories’ to shut down conversation are ignorant of history, which is loaded with examples of individuals, groups and factions conspiring together to achieve their goals by any means available.

    ‘Theories’ very often turn out to be the truth.

    One recent example. In 2019, concerns about the ‘Great Reset’ were brushed off as conspiracy theories – until, in 2020, Schwab and Malleret published a book laying out the WEF agenda!

    And, yes, digital ID was originally a Coalition idea, so there will be no help from Dutton – as per usual since the election.

    There might very well be a case for digital ID, but not while we have the deadly duopoly in Canberra. Neither of them have been able to fix the MyGov app, with those who can actually use the bloody thing having their details pinchBharatiyaed regularly.


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