NSW Libs run by literal losers

RATHER than rebuilding after its thumping loss in March, the NSW Liberal Party is in the process of filling its senior organisational positions with failed Left faction MPs. 

Dumped Mackellar MP Jason Falinski – who has been described “as close to a communist as you can get in the Liberal Party” – was installed as Party President last month. 

The combination of these two appointments would see the Party slide even further to the extreme Left, making it unelectable for a generation or more.

Meanwhile, there are growing concerns among senior Liberal members that “the fix is in” for filling the soon-to-be vacated State Director position – to the benefit Mr Falinski’s Left factional ally and failed Penrith MP Stuart Ayres.

It is understood Mr Falinski informed the NSW Liberal State Executive this week that he was working with Federal Senator Marise Payne to fill the State Director vacancy, which carries a reported salary of $380,000 pa.


Mr Ayres and Ms Payne have been in a personal relationship for more than a decade.

A senior Liberal Party member has raised the alarm that, although the employment process is being handled by a reputable recruitment company, the result could already be pre-determined.

“Many members are concerned that the recruitment firm is being used as a smoke screen to create the impression of a proper and transparent search,” he said.

“When, in fact, the decision has already been made by Mr Falinski, Ms Payne and their Left faction.

“There is a great deal at stake with this $380,000 per year position. The recruitment fee could be as high as $40,000.”


He said there was a real risk the NSW Liberal Party could end up in the hands of two failed MPs.

Mr Falinski last year lost his once safe Northern Beaches federal seat after a staggering 24 per cent two-party-preferred swing.

While Mr Ayres lost his State seat of Penrith in March.

“The combination of these two appointments would see the Party slide even further to the extreme Left, making it unelectable for a generation or more,” the senior Liberal said.

“It would seem to make the old adage ring true that ‘the Left of the Liberal Party would rather be in control in opposition than to lose control in government’.

“The NSW LIberals continue to be the gift that keeps giving to Labor.” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Jason Falinski. (courtesy AFR)

25 thoughts on “NSW Libs run by literal losers

  1. Falinski and other Lefties are a big mistake… root them out of the Libs

    1. At the risk of sounding blunt/rude: when you say things like “root them out of the Libs” it sounds to me as though you assume the Libs are a conservative[ish] party with some bad apples spoiling the bunch. I’m sorry, that is delusional at this point. What they are is an overtly left-wing party, with some rusted-on members, voters, and even MP’s who are still confused about what’s happened. If you vote LNP, you may as well vote Labor, you may as well vote Green. From (and including) Howard onwards, we’ve been gifted: mass immigration, cultural erosion/death, death of Christianity, gay marriage, trans children, euthanasia for people with depression, mass abortion, de facto drug legalisation, insane gender/diversity ideology. Where have you been? The LNP is a left-wing party. Accept it, and act accordingly.

  2. The NSW Liberal Division is in a serious grieving process, since the people finally delivered what the Party deserved after so many years of being told what was wanted and needed, the members and the people then being ignored by the state executive because that instrument didn’t want to know or hear, and finally being dealt what was the only other option – an election defeat that saw them lose govt after 10 years of increasing arrogance! The first stage of grieving is denial – and aren’t they denying they could possibly be at fault, and that the dust can’t miss settling after a little while and the members come into line the way they always have!! Not this time I think!! The second stage is bargaining – ‘if we say all the things the people want to hear, they will elect us next time’. But the people want proof in actions – clean out the rubbish and put in Members of integrity, ability to solve the problems the elecrorate faces in a balance and realistic way, and proper policy enacted over time just to make sure the division is serious. And the members and people have the upper bargaining power. It’s called a ballot box. Will the Executive wake up to that? The next stage is anger. No one is currently believing this Party is genuine in what it is saying. And the Party is certainly not happy about being asked to stand the test of time – they want govt back now, no ifs but or maybe’s. Have they ever heard how a horse and buggy is set up? No successful driver ever puts the cart before the horse. Watch the anger symptoms happen when this Liberal Division tries it on and fails again. When once again their fantasy of winning govt Their way or the Highway fails – the next stage of grieving is depression. when they get through that, and discover they can’t succeed after all unless the members and the people are onside, they might then make it to the last stage of grieving – Acceptance. At which point we may get our real, normal, Conservative Liberal Party back!

  3. I just don’t know how thick you’d have to have been to vote Liberal at any time in the last decade; or, worse still, to be intending to vote for them ever again. If you have a single conservative bone in your body, you’re like a kicked dog at this point, returning to the abusive master. The only tiny exception would be if you happen to be in – say – Alex Antic’s seat. Other than that, the LNP are a left-wing coalition.

    1. Yes Alex Antic is a good (senator) but then so is Gerard Rennick, both hard working Liberal senators (senators dont have a seat). Together with Malcom Roberts (ONP) have been doing all the heavy lifting…Pauline Hanson sometimes

      1. Yes, sorry, what I meant to say was that if you happen to be in an area where the LNP branch, or local membership, or local member etc. is an Antic/Rennick/Abbott type, then you may be forgiven for still voting that way. Failing that, if you’re voting LNP and expecting to see deviation from the left-wing narrative, I’ve got real estate on Mars going for a bargain.

  4. Jason Falinski and previously Chris Stone both wrote to us and requested feedback on the catastrophic Party performance in the last election. This is the reply I sent to Jason and the Review Committee: My wife and I are firmly of the opinion that the loss by the NSW Liberal Party government in the 2023 state elections lies squarely at the feet of Dominic Perrotett who was an absolute failure as the Party Leader. Nice bloke; just not a leader.
    There are a number of reasons for this assertion:
    1. The inclusion of Matt Kean in his Cabinet. Undoubtedly he cost the party many, many votes!!
    2. Kean has had an incredibly divisive influence on the electorate with his extremely radical left leaning policies in critical arenas of environment, climate change and alternative power.
    3. Together with Kean, Perrotett pushed for accelerating net zero targets and enforcing the use of EVs which are impractical in many situations.
    4. Together they have made every effort to block development of coal mines and gas drilling and associated industry.
    5. He endorsed the Indigenous and Torres Strait Islanders Voice to Parliament without consultation with the membership. We know that many members do not support the Yes vote!
    6. He endorsed the national education curriculum which included provisions for children to be coerced by teachers into sex changes without telling their parents. This is an absolute abomination and, as a father of many children, we could not believe that he supported Jason Clare’s statement that there were no issues with the curriculum!
    7. He and Sarah Mitchell took no visible action to stop or punish radical teachers from promoting CRT, BLM, subconscious racism, gender fluidity, anti-police, anti-authority, anti-Flag, anti-Australian, anti-male attitudes. Many incidents were reported in the news but we never heard of any consequences, punishments or dismissals. We wrote of our concerns to both of them, but their responses to our concerned letters were nothing short of a brush-off. subliminal
    8. Allowing indoctrination of young children with gender fluidity ideology is nothing short of child abuse and neglect of duty of care. This agenda is trying to enforce a biologically impossible ideology onto our kids as reality. Just remember that talking about sex at work can have you dismissed for sexual abuse, but it’s OK to present explicit books, information and pictures to kids in our junior schools. These kids can’t have driver’s licence, can’t enter a licensed club unattended by adults, can’t enter a strip club, can’t drink, can’t vote, can’t get married, can’t own a gun or get a tattoo!!! They can’t be given vaccinations without parental permission! Yet they are encouraged to make a life-changing decision without consultation with their parents!!! Allowing this is just capitulation to perverse minority ideology and insanity of the highest order and must be stopped immediately.
    9. No decisive action regarding trans-men competitors in women’s only sport or trans-men using women only change rooms, toilet facilities and safe zones. Perrotett and his cohorts just couldn’t bother to deal with a simple question of fairness and equity and the preservation of the rights of biological women. So much for supporting women!!
    10. Allowing government agencies to introduce ridiculous woke practices and waste time and money on “training” for “inclusive” nonsense and including meaningless genderless terminology etc into government documentation.
    11. The Party learned absolutely nothing from the review of the Federal Election failure:
    • Taking too long to select candidates and interfering with the local selection process.
    • Selecting women candidates [from anywhere] for the sake of it even when suitable male candidates available.
    • Not contesting a seat because no woman candidate would run.
    • Parachuting non-local candidates into electorates.
    12. Promising Kids’ “super” just a couple of weeks before the election; a proposal that was not means tested and required parents to contribute to the account. Just what struggling families need when cost of living is at crisis level!! What a con!!
    13. Placing the Aboriginal Flag on the Harbour Bridge in place of the NSW flag, without public consultation. Many people believe in “One People; One Flag” and object to the Indigenous flag flying as equal to our Australian Flag.
    14. Handing over ownership of Mt Warning and Ben Boyd National Parks to Indigenous groups. The new “owners” of Mt Warning have implemented a ban on all women (indigenous and non-indigenous) entering the Park. That’s very inclusive, heh!
    15. Continued excessive expenditure and increasing State debt despite promises of restraint.
    16. Numerous ongoing disastrous procurement contracts; overseas products that fail to meet quality, performance or cost targets (trains, ferries, light rail…); projects that don’t deliver and run way over cost (roads and tunnels …), and the list goes on! Heads should roll, but no-one is being held responsible!!!
    17. Continual increases in road tolls; offer of “peanuts” refunds.
    18. And not the least, Bankstown was promised a new hospital as a carrot for the last election and the election before that! Finally announcing just a couple of weeks before the next election that it will proceed was political suicide!
    If all Branches of the Liberal Party keep leaning to the Left and offering nothing different or better than Labor [ie. Labor Lites!] and its cohorts, the crisis will continue. Many candidates can only be classified as LINOs [Liberals in Name Only]. The Party needs to re-evaluate its goals, principles and policies to address the current demographics in each electorate and Australia as a whole. We believe that the Party has to adopt a more centre right or even conservative stance, more in keeping with conscientious Australian voters. Regional branches need to become more proactive and recruit more diverse membership, in age and experience. Suitable local candidates should be nominated as early as possible to enable better campaigning. Hard left “members” and MPs need to be weeded out asap; they will drive away or discourage potential centre right/conservative members.
    There is enormous scope for improvement in all aspects of the Liberal Party’s agenda to make a successful plan for the way forward to the next election. Time to start now!!!
    We may not have got everything exactly correct, but we know that we are both very unhappy with the performance and policies of the Party and are seriously considering finding an alternative Party

  5. Mr Falinski was a member of the Turnbull team that ousted Peter King from Wentworth selection. Goodness knows how he came to win pre-selection for Mackeller, but he did unfortunately. Seeking re-election when Turnbull lost all those seats he was quite active in the electorate demonising coal, needlessly scaring the electorate about global warming and pushing net zero, really solid policies which did not accord with many. The only good thing about a teal green win for the seat of Mackellar is that Mr Falinski got moved on. Pity the NSW Liberal party did not complete the process.

  6. Until Michael Photios is no longer the puppet Master pulling all the string in the party the Liberal Party has no hope of a future. I have attended too many pre-selections and witness that the fix was in before one vote has been cast. Why waste people’s time and resources for an outcome that has already been decided.
    And to the person who thinks Stuart Ayres would be a great director. God help the remaining Liberal Members. He was a lazy member for Penrith he lost that seat because he did nothing for his electorate. In my view he will bring nothing to the table as State Director.

  7. Sir,
    Amazing how the likes of Mr Falinski are protected from oblivion by other members of their clamouring cabal. No way are they going to be punted to some far off world of reality where people actually struggle to pay ever increasing bills on the necessities of life – you know, the ones that these geniuses have unnecessarily imposed on ordinary people to heat their homes and, god forbid, put fuel in their highly taxed cars! Or people who are trying their best to run a small business in this seemingly evil world of free enterprise! And for what, to save the planet? The real truth is it’s a humungous fat lie, and they know it! But
    why should they care if they ruin the economy and banks foreclose on families mortgages? It’s not going to affect them. They are aboard the government gravy train.
    “Money for nothin’ and the drinks are free”

  8. Did not the experience of Bragg when preferred to the late Jim Molan, tell you anything. Hawke was behind that, contacted his office. Unless the liberals dont get rid of the left learners, you will be just like Victoria. This is your chance to make LNP great again, dont waste it on left leaners. People are looking for something different and they will find it in One Nation. Time to get your act together, and clean out the rubbish. Good luck

    1. I wonder if the NSW Lib Executive paid Pauline Hanson to dump Mark Latham. He was one of the few that was making sense before the election and definite competition for this Left Woke Liberal Division . And Pauline might be viable in QLD but she might also be too volatile for NSW.

      1. “Pauline might be viable in QLD but she might also be too volatile for NSW.”

        Sadly, Pauline lacks a few attributes that are necessary for a successful career in politics: intelligence, experience, and, above all, sound judgement (who in their right mind would choose to have a sodomite as a bosom buddy / political adviser?). She is a testament to the fact that there are a disproportionate number of total whack jobs in Queensland.

        Dumping Mark Latham was about the stupidest thing she could have done; he was the credible face of One Nation, and stood in stark contrast to Pauline herself and so many One Nation duds and disasters whom we have seen come and then very rapidly go. I suspect that Pauline bitterly resented Mark because he is everything that she is not and could never hope to be, and that her envy festered until it finally overflowed with this paroxysm of political bastardry.

        I would be surprised if Mark isn’t seriously considering starting a new party – perhaps he could call it MLON (“Mark Latham One Nation”).

  9. No.1 The major consideration is the Liberal Party philosophy as mentioned at the Robert Menzies Institute: … ” (Liberal philosophy) the freedom to flourish within a vibrant democracy, and applies them to the challenges of today”.

    2). Jason needs to be a bit more thoughtful on how this is interpreted. If the existential threat of mounting plastic pollution in our waterways and the failure to remove carbon-bound gases from the air occupies his mind to the exclusion of all else, that is a fatal flaw.

    3) If considering sane means of reducing these twin threats becomes a major plank in his thinking then that’s a win for all of us. Why? Because 60%+ of voters now fear their existence if global warming and mounting pollution continue unabated.

    4) So the challenge for Liberals is to overcome these twin problems by doing the Liberal thing and expanding our options – not channeling them into impossible pathways that end in chaos – as the Anthony Albanese government is currently and hysterically pursuing.

    5). So what may be those options: Easy answer. Encourage “clean” coal and gas mining and “Nett Zero” means of burning them. And don’t mine gas where it further pollutes clean waterways. (You and I have to drink that stuff).

    1. “Jason needs to be a bit more thoughtful on how this is interpreted.”

      No, Jason needs to piss off back to Poland and leave the business of governing Australians to those who actually have a clue.

      “Because 60%+ of voters now fear [for] their existence if global warming and mounting pollution continue unabated.”

      There’s no such thing as “global warming”, and “60%+ of voters” are just like you: hyper impressionable.

  10. The libs are a joke. It’s high point was little ‘broad church’ johnnie whose main achievement was persuading that fink turdball to stay in the libs to wreak havoc. Tough tone was a disappointment and scomo obviously choked on that lump of coal. Pete has gone bald with worry and that pencil necked flamer simon birmingham opposed our Pauline’s legislation to stop trannies preying on kids. Disgusting.

  11. So the new two party preferred should be One Nation led by Mark Latham! And One Nation led by Mark Latham and tip Labor, Greens and the woke Lib’s off the government teat!

  12. Starting at the top! Who are the Voters who cannot see this? And think Labor or Greens are an Australian Political Party 🙁 Wake up Australia! You have all been conned by the woke! Simply put they do not consider their position as anything but a cash cow in their careers! Sadly the last real liberal was Snookered by the corrupt AEC at the last election is Craig Kelly! Now a member of United Australia Party, backed by former Lib Craig Kelly, and there is Pauline Hanson’s NSW Leader a former Labor leader!

  13. Thankyou JH your allowing MT in to the party has proven a disaster starting with the backstabbing’s,no longer true Conservative party,no where for us genuine conservatives.

  14. What rubbish! Having been a working and participating member since 1971, in the election of a new President, I voted for the better of two candidates. If Stuart Ayres is selected for the job of State Director, I believe he will do an amazing job. Both these men have an understanding of the Parliamentary side as well as the side of those who work physically for elections. Stop categorising into factions. We need workers who will give their best. Whoever becomes State Director, will have my support and continuing work as long as I can stand on my feet!

  15. It appears the NSW branch of the Liberal Party has a severe case of stupid, the party urgently needs to expel all the leftist parasites, they have so heavily eroded the Liberal Partys conservative agenda, the party will no longer be regarded as a viable alternative major political party.

  16. It’s pretty obvious that Falinski has been hitting the palinka way too hard.

  17. There are many words that begin with the letter “f”; for example “fruitcake”, “failure”, “flop”, “fraud”, “fake” – and, of course, “Falinski”.


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