Morrison told ‘follow China’ on emissions

GRASSROOTS Liberal Party members have pleaded for Prime Minister Scott Morrison to follow China’s lead if his government does decide to set emissions targets. 

With the Party wracked with conflicting carbon emissions goals – and WA & NSW divisions effectively going rogue – Party members have called for a return to a sensible and unified approach. 

Australia’s media and political class have fallen for the lie that China is committed to reducing emissions…
Daniel Wild
Director of Research, IPA

NSW Energy & Environment Minister Matt Kean has recently called for Australia to adopt the same 2050 net-zero targets as nuclear-powered nations such as France and Britain.

While dumped WA Liberal leader Zac Kirkup went public earlier this year with a 2030 net-zero target – a few weeks later he was booted from parliament.

Prominent grassroots Liberal Party member Bob Partington, who resides in Mr Kean’s northern Sydney electorate, said Australia – at the very most – should seek to match China.


“While the rest of the developed world scrambles to ‘out-woke’ each other at Zoom talkfests – offering economy-crippling and unachievable emission reduction bids – we are reminded that these countries have no intent of meeting them,” Mr Partington said.

“That being the case, Australia should align with and match China’s strategy – and propose 2060 as its target for net-zero emissions,” he said.

“At least we won’t be caught out by those chasing ridiculous targets by 2050.

“It’s time to outsmart the woke folk and play China at its own game.”

According to a report this month by independent climate tracker Climate Home News, most nations had missed their Paris Agreement commitments – and had resorted to kicking the can down the road.

“The EU, UK and Argentina were the only large emitters to present tougher climate targets by the UN’s 2020 deadline,” the report said.

“None of the world’s other top polluters submitted tougher carbon-cutting plans to the UN,” it said.

“While many countries have failed to enhance their climate plan this year, a growing number or countries are subscribing to a mid-century net-zero emissions goal.”


Director of Research at the Institute of Public Affairs, Mr Daniel Wild, said many countries had put forward audacious targets with “no intention of meeting them”.

“Australia’s media and political class have fallen for the lie that China is committed to reducing emissions,” Mr Wild said.

“The Coalition’s sprint towards a net-zero emissions target is a betrayal of the Australian people,” he said.

“A net-zero emissions target will destroy Australian jobs and the Australian way of life.

“Australians working in the regions and in industries such as manufacturing and agriculture are being forced to sacrifice their jobs and livelihoods so a small group of inner-city elites can feel a warm glow and enjoy unearned virtue.”

Mr Wild said government policy appeared to be designed by and for inner-city elites and was intended to save a small number of Left-leaning Liberal seats in Melbourne and Sydney.

“All at the expense of mainstream Australians in the suburbs and regions,” he said.

“Scott Morrison won ‘the climate election’ by promising mainstream Australians that he would prioritise their jobs over destructive emissions targets, but he has turned his back on those very people to appease the Party of Davos elites.” PC

8 thoughts on “Morrison told ‘follow China’ on emissions

  1. We have the highest solar penetration in the world, and generate more solar energy during the day than can be used leading to negative wholesale rates. We have met and exceeded agreements we have made. Following the climate change religion of countries like Canada (who have done virtually nothing in reducing emissions from 2005 level) is ludicrous. Whatever we do makes no difference and de-industrialising simply weakens us further while China laughs at the Wests stupidity in weakening itself. Europe relies on gas from Russia, just so they say they don’t produce it, and goods production has shipped to China which is then imported instead of being produced locally, increasing net emissions. Its a stupid political game of no consequence to global temperatures, and we should not be playing it and wasting taxpayer money

  2. A target year of 2060 can be given lip service along with China. Also like China we should build a HELE coal fired power station to replace Lidell. The new cheap energy coal plant would be due to decommission after 40 years or in 2060 at the earliest.

  3. That’s interesting and very positive to hear that others are taking the same approach as I did on 22 April in my letter to the PM (see below). We all need to get behind this strategy.

    Dear Scott,
    The solution to the climate change conundrum facing you and all of us in Australia in relation to the pressure being placed on us to comply with ‘world opinion’ is really quite simple – as most good ideas are. You should just state that Australia would be happy to follow the lead of China in this matter. Whatever they do as a country in relation to climate change initiatives, we will gladly follow. How can anyone argue with that – least of all them? And we all know that they intend to absolutely nothing to reduce CO2 emissions, so we will therefore have a free hand to do whatever WE decide to do – unfettered by other countries because if they believe China is genuine about this issue then they must clearly accept that we are too.

    Cliff Reece
    22 April 2021

  4. I think it’s a great idea to aim for zero emissions by 2050. How soon can we start building nuclear modules to enable us to meet our target?

    1. Agree with your comment about nuclear, BUT new HELE coal power plants MUST be built; right now we are exporting, very cheaply, our coal, world’s best, to china so that country can build new HELE coal plants which gives them an immense industrial advantage over us; as well they use our coal and iron ore to manufacture useless solar panels and wind towers, which we buy. We lose twice!

  5. Pleased to hear the Morrison Govt. will call for tenders to build a new coal-fired power station in the Hunter Valley! If no firm is interested, the Govt. will build it.

    HURRAH! Finally there is the growing awareness that CO2 is NOT the bad molecule the insane alarmists want us gullible public to believe; all so we will demand more unreliable, inadequate renewables are purchased from the slave-Labor factories in China, all powered by the hundreds of new fossil-fuelled power stations they have recently built (and with hundreds more planned)!

  6. The only thing that Morrison follows is his own tail, and even that is sometimes too much of a challenge for him.

  7. Morrison is a pretty good Prime Minister – but he could become one of the best.

    That said, he must stop diving Left every time he comes under political pressure.

    This stupidity will bleed votes.


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