Liberal MP says ‘get over it’ as Party lurches Left

MALCOLM Turnbull replacement Dave Sharma has told conservatives to “get over it” as the Liberal Party continues its radical lurch Left. 

Self-described as a “modern Liberal”, the new member for Wentworth said the Party was a broad church and that green energy was “inevitable”. 

The Liberal Party is a broad church and an inevitable energy transition is underway. Get over it!
Dave Sharma MP
Federal Liberal Parliamentarian

The first term MP was responding via social media to an article published this week by conservative organisation Advance Australia titled “Meet the people undermining Australia’s security”.

As well as Mr Sharma, the article singled out North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman, Mackellar MP Jason Falinski as well as Victorian MPs Tim Wilson and Katie Allen.

It accused them of “white-anting Australia’s energy security from within the Liberal’s party room”.


“This is not what most Coalition voters voted for in 2019,” the article stated.

“The 2019 election was dubbed a ‘referendum on climate change’ for goodness sake. And now we have ‘modern Liberals’ following the lead of Bill Shorten and Anthony Albanese.”

It questioned why any Liberal MP would follow in the policy footsteps of such “chronic election losers”.

In his response on social media, Mr Sharma said Advance Australia had “embarrassed themselves”.


“Not content with embarrassing themselves and the people they purported to support at the last election, Advance Australia has now turned its attention to ideological purges,” Mr Sharma wrote.

“The Liberal Party is a broad church, and an inevitable energy transition – like many we have been through in the history of humanity – is underway.

“Get over it!”

Mr Sharma previously worked as a diplomat and an Australian ambassador.

Meanwhile, far-Left activist group GetUp has laid praise on Mr Sharma and his “modern” parliamentary colleagues for their continuing efforts to trip-up Australia’s gas-led recovery from COVID-19.

“Last week, your local member for North Sydney, Liberal Trent Zimmerman, spoke out for clean energy,” GetUp posted on its website.

“Thank him for standing up to climate wreckers,” it continued.

The post also carried images of Messrs Falinski, Sharma, Zimmerman and Wilson as well as Ms Allen with the caption “Thank your MP for taking climate action”.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Mackellar MP Jason Falinski, Wentworth MP Dave Sharma and North Sydney MP Trent Zimmerman (courtesy The Daily Telegraph/SMH)
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8 thoughts on “Liberal MP says ‘get over it’ as Party lurches Left

  1. Dave Sharma is a LINO and truly, he should just go & join the extreme green lefties because the Conservatives in the Libs don’t want him. He’s just a hypocrite.
    We Quiet Australians are getting louder because we’re sick and tired of having our morals and values striped from us. If you are a leftie or a greenie, get the hell out of the Lib Party & go and join them!

  2. “Get over it” – I dont think so. The green left climate alarmist ideological argument is riddled with errors:

    1. an assumption the climate never changes – when everybody knows it always changes

    2. that man-made carbon dioxide causes dangerous global warming – when its only an untested hypothesis & there is no empirical evidence supporting same – note temperatures also rose & fell before industrialisation

    3. that carbon dioxide is pollution – when its actually 40,000 ppm of each human breath and is also plant fertiliser – see NASA’s greening planet

    4. that solar & wind energy is efficient & cost effective – not true when compared to fossil fuel energy & it is not subsided – check your energy bill

    5. that science is done by consensus when the actual 400 year old ‘process of science’ requires the opposite – check the ridicule of famous scientists just before they became famous

    6. that climate change is masquerading as an honourable practical endeavour when it’s a front for wealth redistribution & a haven for carpetbaggers – including the uneducated liberal pollies listed above.

    7. that climate models have always & continue to perform poorly & overstate future temperatures when compared to actual measurements – see the BoM raw data.

    8. that the UNIPCCs own AR3 words “..therefore that the long-term prediction of future climate states is not possible” were not in the UNIPCC’s Summary for Policy Makers ie they were hidden from policy makers

    9. that governments federal, state & local urged on by the UN & others declare ‘climate emergency’s’ when in fact “there is no climate emergency” – look around you and ask your grandparents.

    10. that most of the MSM (the ABC too) show back-lit evapouration towers as if they are emitting unclean carbon – when in fact they are emitting water vapour. Ignoring completely that carbon is a black solid & that Carbon Dioxide (CO2) is an invisible, odourless minuscule trace gas necessary for life on earth

    11. that calving glaciers actually demonstrate they are advancing not shrinking

    That activists, pollies & media do these things (ad nauseam) in spite of these facts makes the alarmist propaganda industry dishonourable and the liberal left no better.

  3. Well said Jennifer Gail! Indeed, I would suggest that in the absence of empirical evidence proving the case against CO2 (where is it? – there’s lots of ‘noise’ but no empirical evidence proving the case against CO2!), then ALL that’s required to bring this growing power generation calamity to a head, is an Energy Policy that;

    1. Is technology neutral.
    2. Removes subsidies for the ‘Unreliables’ (of wind & solar),
    3. Clearly defines the technical performance parameters for a 100% QOS reliability obligation on the part of power generation industry for delivery of electricity to the Grid, &
    4. Imposes significant financial penalties for any failure to meet prescribed QOS requirements.
    5. Repeals RET, LRET et Safeguard Mechanism legislation from our Statute Books.

    This would rapidly bring some sanity / common sense back into the power generation market place, not only in Australia, but elsewhere around the globe.

    However, carbon market Carpetbaggers (like the CMI in Australia) will fight tooth & nail to preclude any such development that compromises their highly lucrative business model (currently generating some $A13B annually in Oz) that’s essentially contingent upon one thing – ie the ongoing demonization of CO2 ie that it’s a pollutant & primary driver of CAGW.

    Without that, the Carpetbaggers business model collapses in a very smelly heap, as they well know that the ‘Unreliables’ would be uncompetitive in a fully transparent, open market in direct COMPETITION with the fossil fuel generators (ie coal & gas).

    In the absence of empirical evidence proving the case against CO2, all Australia needs is a sensible Energy Policy along lines of the principles above. That will sort out the Carpetbaggers in double quick time.

  4. Wow! I find it hard to believe that there are still politicians who somehow equate the potentially cataclysmic approach of global catastrophe with a political leaning.
    The increasing degradation of air quality, drinking water quality and food production is everybody’s problem – not one that belongs to the Australian Liberal or Labor Parties.
    It is a truly bipartisan issue and should be managed by a cross-bench committee similar to a war cabinet.
    Is Dave Sharma just trying to curry favour with senior Lib ministers to get a gig in the Cabinet?
    People, we are a tiny population of 24 million people in a world of approx 7 billion people.
    Yet we garden one of the five continents. That makes us disproportionately responsible per capita for what happens to our planet.
    And we are a Liberal party – the “can do” party – the party of opportunity.
    So let’s please see the MASSIVE opportunity of leading the world’s charge to renewable energy.
    Why? Simple.
    We have a large, empty, inner circle land mass. It is full of all sorts of minerals that are urgently needed by the REST OF THE WORLD that is desperate to build green energy power stations of various types. Yes, US. Australia.
    The Libs are the party that thinks outside the box. Hydrogen power production alone can employ 10 times the mining employee population. And in the same regions.
    Green energy can drive the smelters to produce high-quality steel a la project “Iron Boomerang”.
    Check out the zooming market for metals that are needed in lithium batteries that will drive the world’s car fleet in five years time. And possibly developing into the air fleet. And perhaps even ships. Why Not? Certainly hydrogen will.
    And we can produce it all with our inventiveness.
    Yes we can still mine coking coal – but we owe it to the world to come up with methods to resorb the carbon effluent by re-directing it into plant growth. That shouldn’t be too hard.
    AND we can place a caveat on Chine etc to do the same – and with our inventions. And pay the royalties…
    See what I mean?
    Opportunity is coming knocking.
    So please let’s get our heads out of our collective – er – coal holes and go for national prosperity on an unprecedented scale.
    And get world-wide kudos at the same time.
    And build a formidable defence arm almost for free in the process.
    Australian inventors reign supreme – let’s keep them rolling, take ownership, prosper and succeed!
    That’s the Liberal way.

  5. The Liberal Party owes its founders, supporters and voters an obligation to govern in the national interest, which entails standing up to those weaker green bretheren who purport like nonsense. The difference between winning the last election and losing it in a landslide was to transition to Morrison well away from Turnbull’s green dream. The average bloke wants a job to be able to provide for his wife and kids, and knows that expensive energy equals unemployment.

    Their Green fantasy is to save the planet from us all, including from belching livestock, who had been doing ditto for thousands of years before this charade evolved. Green elites habitually turn up like a collective ‘bad penny’ at climate change conferences, which are paid for by the public purse. They are simply sponging from the taxpayer.

    The Greens and liberal greens have long loathed the working-class. Their peculiar obsession with reducing economic activity leads to fewer jobs for working people and a shrunken future in which society has less leeway to support the environment and populace, especially those who are struggling. Their cult practices a privileged form of totalitarianism, at the expense of the needs of normal people.

    They remain to confront their home truth, which is that they seek to deprive their critics of free speech, due to their inability to defend their position. Consequently their remaining recourse is to assert divine right, which is a dubious premise for a group to claim which is so bereft of intellectual rigour and critical thought.

    The green dream must await technology, and meanwhile, if they really care about emissions, why do they so vehemently oppose nuclear energy, which has served France so well.

    It’s time for those green liberals who have caught this dreadful disease to consider their position, as even if they don’t care about the battlers, others in the party do care. They are not helping the environment, but they are both being idiotic and denying Australia a manufacturing sector, which would create more wealth to enable us to start cleaning our oceans and remediating our polluted surrounds.

    We cannot hope to retain power if the public perceives that they are becoming dominant in the liberal party, and we fail to stand up to them at our peril.

  6. It’s about the money, nothing else. It is about the billions they and their enablers expect to make at everyone else’s expense. These politicians are doing other’s bidding to enable them to climb that “greasy pole”. That, and of course we must mention their UN NWO “Build Back Better” sinister plans!
    These people don’t believe in global warming one bit. They know it is a hoax just like the rest of us. They just lie to us with a straight face. They should be called out on it. They never are.

  7. ‘“This is not what most Coalition voters voted for in 2019,” the article stated.’

    Most of those who voted for the Coalition did so because they were duped into believing that the Liberal party is a conservative party, which it is not – it is a socialist party in drag. This is why Morrison, who is always talking out of both sides of his mouth, was given the top job: his only role is to provide a reassuring front, so that the voters don’t get spooked by the left-wing lunatics who are in control of the party. However, an increasing number of Liberal voters have realised that they have been the victims of a political “bait and switch”, and are shifting their allegiances to minor parties and independents. This is a trend that will only accelerate over time.

    On the subject of “global warming” (AKA “climate change” when the thermometer is heading in the wrong direction or when its pouring with rain), it’s interesting to note that although China is far and away the world’s largest emitter of CO2, Beijing is experiencing its coldest winter in fifty years. (I wonder how the all the politicians who “believe in the science” explain that).

  8. Federal MPs Zimmerman, Sharma, Falinski, Wilson and Allen, plus NSW MP Kean are a disgrace to the Conservative Liberal Party; they are hell-bent on injecting our society with the erroneous and poisonous mantra of the ‘climate’ alarmists.

    IT HAS NEVER BEEN PROVED that man is causing our planet to ‘warm up’!

    Yes, scientists with real knowledge tell us that over the last several millennia, the Earth HAS BEEN on one of its very gradual warming cycles but that this repetitive cycle is set TO AGAIN REVERSE; the Earth will soon enter another very gradual cooling period, – not beneficial to life!

    To think that man could have any significant effect on this massive, inexorable process is delusional, it’s madness writ large!

    Australians would have ‘rocks in their heads’, would have to be insanely deranged not to take advantage of the huge mass, – the rich gift of high-grade, black coal so easily accessible just below the surface of our Continent, for export AND – AND to provide RELIABLE, SAFE AND CHEAP ENERGY TO POWERFULLY DRIVE US FORWARD.

    We do not want these cuckoos in our nest of common sense and rationality and if they’re so stupid, – so blind – that they can’t see the wise and prudent path to Australia’s prosperous future, – then they should be chucked right out come next election!



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