Stop punishing wrong-thinking! – Maclaren-Jones

NSW Government Whip Natasha Maclaren-Jones has torn strips off the Human Rights Commission – accusing it of  “weaponising” against Australians who hold differing views. 

In a scathing parliamentary speech, she blamed a serious lack of oversight for allowing the HR Commission, among other government agencies, to punish “wrong-thinking” citizens. 

“It is unconscionable for a country like Australia to allow agencies inside of government to be turned into a weapon,” Ms Maclaren-Jones told the NSW Parliament.


The Human Rights Commission was established as a statutory agency in 1986 with the purpose of pursuing discrimination injustice.

“The problem we now have is that in some instances it is being used as a weapon of choice against Australia’s own citizens who may have a different point of view from ‘permanently outraged’ activists,” she said.

Ms Maclaren-Jones said because the Commission was a statutory office with its commissioner holding tenor, there was little accountability of its activities.

Regardless of the issue, they have become professionals at being offended on behalf of others, and have morphed into angry activists.

“They do this in order to intimidate, threaten and in some cases financially victimise people who dare to have a differing point of view to their own,” Ms Maclaren-Jones said.


“When these government agencies were created, they were done, in most cases, in good faith.

“Now they are used to silence citizens, with the ultimate aim to discourage and stifle free thought, opinion and speech – just because it is not consistent with the permanently outraged person’s point of view.

“Every-day Australians – out of fear – are being browbeaten into concealing their opinions.”

Ms Maclaren-Jones said it was time the Human Rights Commission, and others like it, went back to the work they were established to do.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: NSW Government Whip Natasha Maclaren-Jones MLC. (courtesy Pittwater Online News)
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5 thoughts on “Stop punishing wrong-thinking! – Maclaren-Jones

  1. I agree with Natasha, if we don’t stand up to this rubbish things will only get worse. It has been a major concern of mine for the last few years. Oppression always starts with shutting down free speech!

  2. Recently I read about serial complainant and gay activist “Gary Burns” making a complaint to the NSW anti-discrimination board because “Katrina Tait” a mother of 4 posted a petition on facebook asking Brisbane city council to cancel a drag queen story hour for children led by a former adult entertainer at a council library. I mean seriously, it sounds like good parenting to me and why should such ridiculous events be run at tax payer funded venues. The NSW anti-discrimination board chose to investigate this complaint and fortunately they backed down because of pressure from Mark Latham, the human rights law alliance and the Australian Christian lobby, but at considerable stress and expense to Katrina Tait and her family. Apparently, Gary Burns was quoted as saying that out of 65 proceedings he has won 62 because he has a good grasp of discrimination law, it sounds like he is more interested in engaging in “lawfare” as a means to stiffle debate when one looks at the details of this case. What a waste of tax payers money! the NSW Anti-discriminatory board should be hauled over the coals and people behind this garbage “sacked!” for attacking Australian citizens with genuine concerns for dubious events and investigating claims from serial complainants clearly on a mission to crush people with different views to well funded activists. If the tax payer funded NSW Anti-discrimination Board is pursuing “unjust” lawfare against citizens raising genuine concerns, then it must be subject to an independent inquiry immediately.

  3. Smart conservative women are such a welcome relief from the hateful radicals our schools appear to be pumping out.

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