Conservatives ‘wrong, stupid & sub-human’

DO YOU ever feel Labor and Greens politicians are talking down at you? Well you should because they are. And they admit it.

In their sterilised world of group-think and safe spaces, people with diverse views are considered “obviously wrong, probably stupid and possibly sub-human”.

According to Labor frontbencher Clare O’Neil, political correctness is causing a cultural divide even among Labor voters.


“When Labor people tell us they feel they are not allowed to question new social standards that seem to be reset every other week, I think we need to listen,” she said in a speech given after Labor’s 2019 election trouncing.

“Not everyone with a concern about immigration rates is a bigot. Not everyone with a hesitation about changing gender roles is a sexist. Not every social change is inarguably a good one.”

“There is a culture developing in the progressive movement where membership is granted with a box of ideas. And if you don’t accept one of the ideas in the box, you do not merely have a different opinion, you are ­obviously wrong, probably stupid and possibly subhuman.”PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: ALP frontbencher Clare O’Neil (r) with former Labor deputy Tanya Plibersek looking on.

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