National pride is just ‘spurious geography’

HAVING pride in your nation is nothing more than “endorsing spurious geography” and “sad” according to Australia’s most woke social justice warriors. 

Leftist poster girl Jane Caro  (main picture) went on her ‘spurious geography’ rant after ALP education spokeswoman Tanya Plibersek said there was “nothing inconsistent with being progressive and a patriotic Australian”. 

Greens Senator Mehreen Faruqi “sad”.

Green’s senator Mehreen Faruqi called Plibersek’s proposal to encourage patriotism “sad”.

According to The Australian newspaper (Jan 27, 2020) Plibersek had said that conservatives “don’t have a monopoly on citizenship and patriotism” as part of her January 26 Australia Day address.

Ms Plibersek suggested that Australian school children might learn the same pledge as recited by new citizens.

She said as a child of migrants “I was grateful every single day that I got to call Australia home”.

Coalition MPs Alex Hawke and Barnaby Joyce backed Ms Plibersek’s proposal.PC


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  1. Caro is sick. She, along with her nation-hating mates have caught the US Democratic Party disease to which there is no remedy – apart from ignoring them.

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