Quotas: ‘Nothing good comes from pandering to the Left’

SO-CALLED conservative politicians will face electoral annihilation if they follow Labor down the gender quota rat hole. 

This assessment from Sky News commentator Rita Panahi follows moves by Liberal Prime Minister Scott Morrison to introduce quotas to counter recent allegations of sexual misbehaviour by political staffers. 

If the Liberal Party wants to morph into another version of the Labor Party then they are welcome to the electoral annihilation that will follow…
Rita Panahi
Sky News anchor

These include a rape allegation by former Department of Defence Industry employee Brittany Higgins and images of a staffer masturbating over the desk of a female MP who had opposed legalising homosexual marriage.

Ms Panahi said the Liberal Party could either have a merit-based system or a quota system – “but it couldn’t have both”.

“If the Liberal Party wants to morph into another version of the Labor Party then they are welcome to the electoral annihilation that will follow,” she said.


Labor introduced a gender quota system in the mid-90s and has won just two of nine federal elections since – with one of those being a minority government.

“Let’s not forget that three key people who are said to have failed Brittany Higgins are all female – two female ministers and a female chief of staff,” Mr Panahi said.

“You would have thought we would have been more advanced as a society at this stage, than to judge people by their genitalia.

“But the same people who tell us that gender is fluid and a social construct want hard and fast gender quotas for parliament.”

She highlighted the ridiculous nature of quotas.

“Why shouldn’t we also introduce religious, ethnic and sexual orientation quotas too – to make sure Parliament House truly reflects the wider society,” Ms Panahi said.

“Labor has had gender quotas for years yet there is no shortage of Leftist sexisms in this country.

“I see and hear it every day as do other conservative women. Ask Nicole Flint why she’s leaving parliament. Ask Peta Credlin about the misogynistic abuse she copped and still cops to this day.”


Ms Panahi said she was bewildered by the direction taken by the Liberal Party.

“Labor’s quotas haven’t exactly seen them succeed at the ballot box,” she said.

“They’ve lost seven of the last nine federal elections. Why the Liberal Party would want to follow in their misguided footsteps is beyond me.

“Nothing good comes from conservatives pandering to the Left. The electorate doesn’t like it, the base certainly don’t like it – but that’s not why it should be resisted.”

The broadcaster told her audience that gender quotas should be resisted “because they are wrong”.

“So-called positive discrimination is still discrimination. Whether it’s in the form of quotas or affirmative action, it may be well intentioned but it always come with undesired consequences,” she said.

“This includes undermining minorities who won their roles purely for their ability.

“Gender quotas damage morale and undermine the women who get there on merit.

“You can either have a meritocracy where the very best candidate is selected or you can have quotas – you can’t have both.” PC

10 thoughts on “Quotas: ‘Nothing good comes from pandering to the Left’

  1. “Nothing good comes from conservatives pandering to the Left.”

    A true conservative would no more pander to the left than a mongoose would parley with a cobra; this says everything about Morrison and the “Liberal” party that anyone needs to know.

  2. All I know is that Labor seems to have saved all this alleged sex stuff up over a long period and were waiting to let the salvos go if and when the Libs developed some really good news for the nation to cheer about, like the last few months. Especially when the Federal Libs have left all the state Labor Premiers red-faced with their mis-handling of the lock-downs, crashing the economy and trashing so many lives unnecessarily.

    It is an old, worn, but tried and true tactic of theirs. They are a very skilful, brutal and ruthless opposition and always have been. They invented dirty, gutter politics.

    The only saviour for the Libs to get out of this mess is to make a couple of like chess moves, exhaust their armoury and then bring on some upside before the election comes. But time is running out – hope we have the timing right. And have some ammunition.

    And I hope we have some rotten tomatoes in our own armoury to throw back at Labor before then. I refuse to believe that that rotten, conniving, ruthless, trade-union bullying bunch don’t have some skeletons in the closet that they hope we don’t find.

    But find them we must and when we do, use them skilfully and equally ruthlessly.

    By the way, a good start is to see how much higher the corruption went with former NSW labor Premier Neville Wran (nifty Nev) and Judge Lionel Murphy (former Federal MP and Whitlam Minister) and their alleged associate, Abe Saffron (former high-profile criminal) and their connection with the burning down of Luna Park, costing many lives? And also how much connection there still is today. And Federally too, I bet. And how high that goes? Let’s roll up our sleeves and get into it!!!
    Hey, I wonder if a certain high profile NSW Federal Labor member can help us with our enquiries?

    And no wonder Julia knew about “misogynism” before anybody else had ever heard of the word – she must have encountered plenty in her rise to the top. And after she got there! I wonder if there were any male – er – antagonists on the way up?

    And do the public want to go back to the old Labor faceless men running the country even if by another name and their choosing the PM like they obviously did then?

    Oh – and women quotas? Labor probably used them to pay off some of the women who were about to blow the whistle. Good hunting in finding them! I’m sure there were some deftly-hidden press reports back in the day. Even perhaps, these days?

    But should Scott pick women on the team who have displayed talent and drive? Go for it!

    And we all need to have Scott’s and Gladys’ back through thick and thin or we will all be over-run.

  3. Has the Liberal Party lost the plot? It would seem so. The federal government considering quotas and appointing Marise Payne to Prime Minister of women and state government considering Malcolm Turnbull for a climate change role (of all things)! So what’s next? They need to stop pandering to the left. I’ve just about had enough of the lit of them. Get back to looking after the conservative base or they won’t be in government next time around.

  4. No intelligent, self-respecting woman could possibly be proud of any so-called ‘success’ if it was achieved through QUOTAS picking them up! What an insult!

    It must always be talent and honesty that is the yardstick that defines any employment or promotion – and to an even greater degree in politics.

    The slight imbalance between males and females in any important, consuming job will ALWAYS EXIST as there are still so many Mothers who want to be the prime-mover in their children’s upbringing. This applies to an even greater extent in politics as these positions involve living in Canberra for a large part of the year.

  5. Will the easily defined term “woman” include lesbian husbands and transvestites? Will Quotas enable once normal men but now transvestites to jump the queue of males competing for a seat?
    At the end of the day, the Lobbyists will determine this issue as they look after their own interests!

  6. Spot on Rita ! Many women approach me and complain about sexism. I listen to their stories, and what they are actually up against, is not sexism; but in fact, nepotism. Gender quotas, are gender based nepotism.

  7. We want the best, we do not want male, female or anything else! A very intelligent lady with very valid points. Go for it Rita!

  8. Gender quotas not including jobs such as: mechanics, rubbish collectors, electricians, brick layers, builders, welders, plumbers and truck drivers.

  9. The Federal Liberal party has not learned from the annihilation of Kirkup who also pandered to the woke brigade

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