Sold out to thugs by elites & politicians

AUSTRALIA was some years ago sold out by those whom the people trusted, the politicians and the elites, to Beijing’s genocidal thugs. 

No longer, as Shakespeare might have said, “this other Eden, demi-paradise”, a land of gradually advancing  prosperity, based on liberty, under the rule of law, a parliamentary democracy with responsible government, and living with the creative destruction that only prospers under free enterprise, private property and limited government. 

We were told by the political elites that if we gave Beijing our jobs and our IP, they would be converted into friends…

Australia is, as John of Gaunt lamented, now “bound in with shame, with inky blots and rotten parchment bonds”, governed by the destructive incompetence of a corrupt political class and other elites whose primary concern is their self-interest.

The genocidal thugs have delivered their ultimate reward, a manufactured virus, closing down many trading arrangements in breach of a solemn treaty along with an increasing threat of war. Hong Kong has gone and Taiwan is on the list.


We should not forget that we were told by those who claim to know better, the political class and the elites, that if we gave Beijing our jobs and our IP, they would be converted into an increasingly democratic law-abiding friend buying more from us while we concentrated on being a “smart economy”.

Having earlier unilaterally abandoned our protection, we allowed their entities disguised as free enterprise companies to take precisely what they wanted, a range of our premium and strategic assets all at bargain basement prices.

And having taken away the morale of our army and expropriated the military acquisitions budget for short term political advantage, and eight years ago triggering a now forgotten worldwide media story which, without evidence, condemned Australian athletes as drug cheats, we can at least rejoice in the honour our athletes bring to the nation by making Australia the golden leader of the Tokyo Olympics.

Apart from these strokes of genius, the politicians have moved on education, by disastrously lowering standards compared with other countries in literacy, mathematics and science, while increasingly teaching fake history.

Above all the politicians and elites have put all our eggs into one basket.

This is what expert Professor Ian Plimer calls “the biggest scientific fraud that has ever occurred”, the man-made global warming hoax.

A recently published Science article says climate scientists themselves now admit that their climate models are “implausible” and “a little too alarmist”.

Beijing must be laughing at our leaders’ gullibility and their foolish bi-partisan determination to destroy Australia.

With this hopeless record, but taking the credit for what is the result of our geography, the politicians are seriously mishandling the Wuhan virus.

Ruling by fear like tinpot dictators, encouraging un-Australian informers, revelling in the fortune which each receives in taxpayers’ hard-earned funds, a salary of up to $11,000 each and every week, our power-drunk incompetent political leaders are demanding increasingly minute control of the people.

In doing so they imposing lockdowns long demonstrated to be useless with consequent unbearable burdens on the people, especially the locked-up working class.

That the excess mortality rate is negative (ie, fewer people are dying than on average), all the politicians had to do, apart from extract reparations from Beijing, was to protect the vulnerable and, as Rebecca Weisser has long been arguing in The Spectator, make any proven medicines readily available, such as ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine.


The lockdowns exposed as the failures they would always be, they load yet another silver bullet.

This is to mandate, against the principles of the Nuremberg Code, injections with experimental vaccines.

We are condemned every day now to see or hear stories which shame this nation.

One was a video of the dutifully masked NSW health minister marching off from a press conference instructing his staff and, when out of TV camera range, not just taking off his mask, but ripping it off as if it were some cosmetic burden to be borne only as a theatrical appendage .

Another was when I was crossing a park behind Bondi Beach and saw a girl reading a book on the grass far away from other people, no danger to anyone, harassed by police who ordered her home contrary to the rights with which she is endowed in a free country.

Then there was the report of a young father who drove with his family from the small apartment he must live in because the politicians have ensured that small homes with land on the world’s most sparsely populated continent are among the world’s most expensive.

As he opened the car door, a megaphoned voice from a hovering police helicopter barked the Dictator’s instructions to close the door and go home.

In the meantime, parliamentary democracy and responsible government have ceased to function.

The Prime Minister has given each premier a blank lockdown-border-closure cheque and hang the Constitution.


The closing down of the NSW construction industry, costing so far $1.4 billion, was according to the Chief Medical Officer Dr Kerry Chant done without her “health” advice.

It seems to have been effected by Minister Brad Hazzard presumably doing the Premier’s bidding.

He just signed an order and put it in the Gazette. He could just as well have ordered everyone home and the doors welded shut.

There was a time when such a decision, taking the form of subordinate legislation, would have gone first to the Cabinet, and then the Governor in Executive Council with a full briefing including any medical and legal advice.

That is not all.

It would then have been immediately tabled in both Houses of Parliament to allow debate and a possible motion of disallowance.

If that were passed in either House, the construction industry would have survived and $1.4 billion not gone down the drain.

That is how responsible government operated when Australia was a democracy.PC

David Flint

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Kerry Chant (courtesy ABC)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Spectator Australia on August 7, 2021. Re-used with permission.
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26 thoughts on “Sold out to thugs by elites & politicians

  1. I think we must look very carefully at section 24AA of the “Commonwealth Crimes Act 1914″which states —
    –Part II—Offences against the Government 24AA Treachery
    (1) A person shall not: (a) do any act or thing with intent:
    (i) to overthrow the Constitution of the Commonwealth by revolution or sabotage;
    (3) A person who contravenes a provision of this section shall be guilty of an indictable offence, called treachery.
    Penalty: Imprisonment for life.
    Laurence Heal

  2. Thank you, Professor, for the critical analysis of this issue. Makes one wonder, paradoxically, that if liberty is such a great idea, how come there is so little of it and even less robust promotion of it.

  3. Sadly it has come to the States waring against each other. State rivalry was humorous when it came to the weather and sports but it has morphed into a vicious exchange of barbs and hubris by Premiers. It goes to show, that Australia does not exist but only as a name on a map. This country is divided up into sovereign States and instead of pulling together they are tearing the country apart. Furthermore,the Premiers have obfuscated their responsibilities to unelected public servant CHOs who are the actual pseudo Premiers at this time. What happened to the catch cry, we are all in this together, oh I do recall seeing some airborne pigs the other day.

  4. A most measured and sensible read. We can always depend on David Flint for that.

  5. Does anyone else want Brad Hazzard to explain his public statement that “we’ve got to accept that this is the new world order”? I do.

    For a start it’s a clear breach of section 13A (1) b of the NSW Constitution Act 1902 which states;
    If a Member of either House of Parliament—
    (b) takes any oath or makes any declaration or acknowledgment of allegiance, obedience or adherence to any foreign prince or power or does or concurs in or adopts any act whereby he may
    become a subject or citizen of any foreign state or power or become entitled to the rights, privileges or immunities of a subject of any foreign state or power,

    his seat as a Member of that House shall thereby become vacant.

    A Minister of the State, what’s more a Minister who is effectively running the entire State after he “advised” NSW Parliament to close on June 24th. A Minister who is singlehandedly overseeing the destruction of the NSW economy and the bankruptcy of the people of NSW with his unaccountable, non appealable Public Health Orders…telling the people of NSW to accept that they are now under the rule and authority of some unelected body, over and above the NSW Government and also the Commonwealth Government? Why has no-one asked him to explain himself?
    As if he would, he would throw a fit and walk away as is his usual response to anyone questioning his vast health dictatorship powers.

    Well I’ve written a long but irrefutable letter to the NSW Speaker demanding he take action to remove Hazzard due to his public statements and his actions amounting to an admission of acting to the severe detriment of the people of NSW due his allegiance, obedience and adherence to a group he himself describes as `the new world order’.

    When nothing is done, at least we will also know the Speaker of the NSW Parliament is also complicit in the treason.

  6. David flint?!

    David flint, complaining about “Elites?” My god, he represents the most elitist family in the world.

    What mindless hypocrisy!

    This website is so bad, I have a feeling it’s actually run by the left, to embarrass those on the far-right.

    1. Actually, I disagree. This is an extremely good website that provides a sound alternative to much of the political drivel that passes as ‘journalistic’ comment. Your comment about Flint and and elitist family makes no sense. Sorry, your negative comment fails to convince.

      1. ”Your comment about Flint and and elitist family makes no sense.”

        If you don’t understand the hypocrisy of Flint, then you are beyond redemption.

  7. RIP “Commonwealth Of Australia” 1901-2020
    Birth: 1901 COA Parliament, Melbourne to Death: by national cabinet 2020.

    1. Yes, and Australia’s head of state – the so-called Queen on Australia – is watching the Commonwealth of Australia collapse and is doing nothing about it.

      1. Exactly what would you have her do? The British and Australian constitutions forbid her from interfering in the political process.

        1. Rubbish. Nothing in the constitution prevents the monarch from getting involved.
          Sure, Elizabeth Windsor is a coward who avoids any involvement, as we saw in 1975.
          But that is her personal choice. It has nothing to do with the constitution.

  8. Thank you Professor Flint for the courage that you bring to the debate every day. Your strength of character is what is helping many of us attempt to navigate this social disaster.

  9. I’m sure Scott Morrison DOES NOT actually like having these inhumane, ruinous ‘EMERGENCY’ LOCKDOWNS take place; however, in these matters, the DRASTICALLY OVERREACTING Premiers hold sway!

    They are the ones who wish to present as the munificent Lords, protecting us all from this (NON) plague!


    WITH OUR MINI NUMBER OF INFECTIONS,, why, oh why can’t the POLICE and the ADF be used to ensure THAT JUST – ONLY – THOSE ACTUALLY INFECTED REMAIN IN THEIR HOMES? The members of these two well-organised bodies could act as outside contacts, friendly faces for those having to quarantine, sourcing and supplying whatever is needed. Some members of the ADF, those with experience with young children, could volunteer to take the ‘quarantined’ youngsters of a household, for an outing to a local park or oval if the infected parents needed a break!


    1. Watch Premier Andrews’ facial expressions and body language carefully, and consider his now regular media briefings and avoidance of any hard questions.


  10. A fish rots from the head.

    So too Australia. Our problems start at the top. As head of state we have a distant absent part time foreign monarch who is too gutless to do anything, ever. Politicians know it.

    So politicians run amok in the Politician’s Monarchy, without consequence.

    It is broken.

    1. “[…] a foreign monarch who is too gutless to do anything, ever.”

      So I guess the stories about what happened in 1975 aren’t true then.

      Nothing detracts from the credibility of a narrative like a dodgy memory.

    2. The Australian Federal Government selects and recommends the appointment of Australia’s permanent Head of State, the Governor General and the Queen of Australia is obliged to accept the advice.

      PM Whitlam was not dismissed as the ABC and others claimed, he was given the opportunity based on Constitutional Laws to place the Government into caretaker mode and call an election as soon as possible to allow the people to decide on the constitutional crisis when the Labor Government money supply was blocked in the Parliament. He arrogantly refused the offer from the Governor General and the Opposition Leader Fraser became the caretaker PM leading the caretaker Government.

      The Queen of Australia had no say in it at all, she had to accept the advice from the permanent Head of State, the Governor General, for Parliament to be dissolved and a new election organised.

      Check the UK Government Act of Parliament 1930s that removed the powers of a Monarch and The Australian Federal Government’s Australia Act 1980s.

      1. The Statute of Westminster did not change the constitution. Nor did the Australia Act(s).

        Nor did Ms Windsor’s cowardly refusal to offer an opinion in 1975.


        In a constitutional monarchy, it cannot be any other way.

        1. Statement on the Royal Family’s website.
          The Queen’s Role In Australia

          When The Queen visits Australia, she speaks and acts as Queen of Australia, and not as Queen of the United Kingdom.
          As a constitutional monarch, The Queen acts entirely on the advice of Australian Government Ministers who are responsible to Parliament.
          The Queen is represented in Australia at the federal level by a Governor-General. He or she is appointed by The Queen on the advice of the Prime Minister of Australia and is completely independent of the British Government.
          At the state level The Queen is represented by the Governors of each state who are appointed on the advice of each state Premier.
          Even while based in the United Kingdom, The Queen is sensitive to her role as Queen of Australia, acknowledging issues which affect Australia through messages or congratulating Australian achievement.
          In February 2006, for example, The Queen hosted a reception at Buckingham Palace for prominent Australians living in the United Kingdom.
          When visiting Australia, The Queen is able to undertake some of the ceremonial roles of the Sovereign. In 1954, for example, The Queen opened Parliament in Canberra for the first time, wearing the gown she had worn for her Coronation the previous year.
          The Queen supports public service through her patronage of a large number of Australian organisations. These include The Royal Humane Society of Australasia; the Partially Blinded Soldiers’ Association of Australia; the Royal Children’s Hospital, Melbourne; the Scout Association of Australia; and the Mothers’ Union in Australia.
          In addition The Queen holds a number of titles in the Australian Armed Forces, and has attended many events to honour their service in world conflicts.
          In 2003, for example, The Queen acknowledged the huge debt owed to Australian servicemen and women in two world wars by opening the Australian War Memorial at Hyde Park Corner in London.
          During her visits to Australia, one of The Queen’s most important roles is to visit as many areas of society as possible.
          The Queen aims to recognise the achievements of the country’s different cultures and communities, from traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities to the vibrant and economically flourishing cities.
          The Queen’s Royal style and title in Australia is Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God Queen of Australia and Her other Realms and Territories, Head of the Commonwealth.
          At her Coronation on 2 June 1953, The Queen swore an oath to govern the peoples of Australia and her other realms “according to their respective laws and customs.”

          1. It’s not for Ms Windsor to define the monarch’s responsibilities. Nor is it for her idiot son. Or whomever claims their hereditary birth right over Australia in future.

            That’s why we have a constitution.

            Of course, Ms Windsor can TRY and weasel out of accountability for everything and refuse to accept responsibility for anything. That’s up to her. And it reflects on her.

            But it does not change the constitution. The buck stops with her.

        2. […] Nor is it for her idiot son […]

          I see from your comments here that you are well-acquainted with idiocy.

          Perhaps you should try claiming the crown for yourself.

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