Officials bully Perrottet to extend restrictions

NSW Premier Dominic Perrottet is under pressure from hostile bureaucrats to maintain harsh COVID restrictions even after benchmarks have been met. 

The premier had indicated that repressive restrictions on all NSW residents would be lifted by December 15, 2021, or when vaccination rates reached 95 per cent – “whichever comes first”. 

It’s not the government’s role to provide liberty and freedom – that’s a birthright for anyone born in this nation.
Dominic Perrottet
NSW Premier

Health bureaucrats, however, have pushed back on Mr Perrottet suggesting that mask wearing, QR codes and other restrictions should continue until 2023.

While Mr Perrottet agreed to listen to official health advice, he said he did not want a two-tier system in NSW.


“We made some changes to the roadmap earlier where we pushed that date back to December 15,” Mr Perrottet told Sky News anchor Paul Murray yesterday.

“We’re probably not going to get 95 per cent double dose at that point in time, but I did say whatever comes first,” he said.

“We’re also getting rid of masks and indoor restrictions on December 15 as well.

“I did bring forward a whole range of restrictions that we were releasing three weeks earlier and I think things are getting back on track in our State.”

In a sign of strength, Mr Perrottet has dumped a bill proposed by Health Minister Brad Hazzard to extend emergency health powers until March 2023.

Mr Hazzard, who has proved incapable of pushing back against officious health bureaucrats, faced fierce opposition from government MPs when he raised the issue.


“What I’ve committed to,” Mr Perrottet said, “is, firstly, the only health provisions that will be extended will be those that I deem as absolutely necessary.

“Secondly, I’ll work through each of those provisions that are within that health order, and make a decision in consultation with the health minister over the course of the summer break.”

The premier said he was aiming to remove all restrictions.

“I don’t want to be in a situation where we have these restrictions, where QR codes are in place all the time,” Mr Perrottet told Mr Murray.

“It’s not the government’s role to provide liberty and freedom ­– that’s a birthright for anyone born in this nation.”PC

I don’t want a two-tier system…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Premier Dominic Perrottet & Health Minister Brad Hazzard (inset). (courtesy The Australian)
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14 thoughts on “Officials bully Perrottet to extend restrictions

  1. Massive corruption and conflicts of interest with governments and Vic government is seriously corrupted with systemic and widespread conflicts of interest and the ties association. Partnership membership with mainstream medicine and pharmaceutical industries. Victoria global health and huge revolving doors and with that it becomes serious crimes when they pull the mandates caper.
    All mandates and all other tyrannical actions by governments must be abolished now and forever more.

    Bloody criminals. !!!
    Black sheep Mesiti exposes the woke Rev. Costello’s “social justice by vaccination” crusade | Cairns News

    THE Rev. Tim Costello and his brother the former Treasurer Peter Costello, are up to their eyeballs in big pharma’s insane “global vaccination” drive. While one Costello beats the drum to “share the vaccines with our poor neighbours” the other keenly watches over the vaccine profits rolling on in.

    Rev. Tim Costello cunningly co-opted major church denominations into a vaccination crusade.
    The former Treasurer these days is making sure the Australian Future Fund ($149 billion in assets) is raking in tens of millions from its big pharma and “medical research” investments, while his woke Baptist brother Tim is making sure those shots are distributed far and wide with generous support from the Aussie taxpayers – all in the name of “regional social justice” and “vaccine equity” of course.

  2. Mandatory mask-wearing will be removed for office staff. Please also remove mandatory mask wearing for hospitality, bank, and retail employees who work behind the bar, desk, etc, who are suffocating behind them for a full 7.5 hours per rostered day. When people are not required to wear masks indoors why should the employee be made to wear them by law? If necessary at least change it to the option of wearing a clear plastic shield which would give them some relief and also allow better communication with members, guests, and/or clients.

  3. Dominic, as demonstrated quite successfully by peaceful demonstrations around the country recently, the people no longer trust the “Health Experts!” So neither should you! There is so much evidence from around the world against TGA rules and Government Health rules that makes it all so much of a lie and we need someone to take a stand as Craig Kelly has done and so many others now! If you don’t join us all now there will be NO Libs in NSW and maybe in the “Commonwealth Corporation!” And we can really get rid of the crooks in charge! We need the Ivermectin/hydroxychloroquine protocols to be released for the Drs and public as was so convincingly proved in Uttar Predesh, India! To actually stop this virus!

    1. Although it is early days, but Premier Perrottet is starting to show good leadership which is more than can be said for Berejiklian.

      1. Which is more than can be said of all other premiers and alot of leaders including Scomo 🙁

  4. Right behind you Dominic.

    Unelected officials often appear to be unoriginal and over-reliant on hearsay evidence rather that genuine research.
    They have been giving scant advice on actual health improvement and immune resistance-building, despite that fact that they work for the department of “Health”.
    They have virtually made a mockery of the Health portfolio and reduced the political function to that of a mere Minister of Medicine or Pastor of Vaccination – the new religion

    There is an abundant stockpile of health advice that is available – from:
    * How to implement correctly the best way to effect Herd Immunity
    * How to make yourself physically healthier
    * How to take true advantage of personal distancing in our nation of abundant, virus-killing UV light and our dry air.
    * How to counter the health-depleting effect of our modern “diet” of overly-refined foods
    * Leading the surge towards availability of local, fresh-food via actively promoting backyard, window-sill, deck, rooftop and community gardens etc.

    And importantly, challenge the bureaucrats to be original and think outside the flower box!

    So you are on the right track – AND we CAN make it a track that leads to the broader, “health highway” both in cities AND towns.

    1. Let’s not forget Skerritt and the TGA for allowing this mRNA gene therapy to be allowed in this country without all the necessary checks and balances. And secondly, for banning good protocols that could have saved the lives of many of the 2,000 we supposedly lost to covid and the many still recovering weeks after the fact. Now they’ve let this thing lose on little kids they’re criminals

  5. Perrottet never wanted to do lockdowns but was under the Gladys NAZI Regime and had to follow . He had many arguments with many inside the party and he knows the scam is up . If they lifted all the restrictions straight away that would expose the lies and beg many questions about the heavy handed tactics of the Socialist Liberal Party that was Gladys Land. IF he wants to get elected on his own merit he knows that he has drop the restrictions ( and make it look like a gradual) , and stick to his guns and sack Hazzard and Chant both have made a killing for our pain and have conflict of interests ( Connections to Pharma) and show that he has conviction and NSW will lead the way out of Reset (Scam Demic) and perhaps elevate Dominic to Federal Selection as well ??? He is not saint but he also is not the devil either . Enough Is Enough They work for us .

    1. “He had many arguments with many inside the party and he knows the scam is up . If they lifted all the restrictions straight away that would expose the lies”

      So why isn’t he? If he had stated what you say on day one, dropped every restriction and ordered an ICAC investigation he would be guaranteed re-election. Instead of which he is prevaricating, ducking and weaving.
      If he is, as you say, then he is WORSE than Gladys the Mad. If he knows the truth, if he is refusing to act, if he is still forcing tyrannous laws onto people then he is worse. That would make him a liar and hypocrite of the worse kind.

  6. The USA is leading the way with states like Virginia, Florida and Texas that have banned mandatory vaccination. Florida will fine a Company $5000 if they force employees into vaccinations.

    Meanwhile in NSW we have our paramedics picking up untold numbers of patients with heart attacks, clots, shingles all side effects associated with 2 mandatory shots… or is that now 3 shots.

  7. See what happens when you give petty bureaucrats like Chant and others a little bit of power, they never want to let it go. This will be a test for Perrottet, though he has failed spectacularly so far. He should sack all of them, now, today. No notice, pack your stuff and get out. Publicly escort them out of the building. Chant and the rest have done untold harm to Australia, they are responsible for mass deaths and the destruction of the economy, as a start. The next time they should see the inside of a government building is when they are arrested and charged. Not just in NSW, Young as well as all the others who have driven these lies.

  8. Hazzard and Chant out NOW.
    Resign or Retire.
    No New World Order for us in Australia!

  9. “Hostile bureaucrats”?

    Would they be public service employees, Health Department of New South Wales, who used to be called public servants?

    Employees paid from private sector tax revenue who effectively return part of their income as “tax” but which is not new revenue.

    1. The bureaucracy is the enemy of the people. The sooner everyone wakes up to that the sooner we can begin to repair the country.


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