Ruddick’s bitter split with ‘overrun’ Liberals

THE self-styled saviour of the Liberal Party, John Ruddick, has walked away saying the once centre-right conservative Party was a lost cause. 

In announcing his departure, the author of Make the Liberal Party Great Again even questioned whether Liberal founder, the late Sir Robert Menzies would have remained a member of his increasingly radicalised political Party. 

What we’ve got right now is a political emergency and people are fed up. The country is in crisis…
John Ruddick

In a no-holds-barred article in this week’s Spectator Australia magazine Mr Ruddick laid blame for the Party’s demise on the NSW division of the Party.

“The NSW division has been controlled by the erroneously named ‘moderate’ faction,” he wrote.

“Yes, they’re moderate about policy – they don’t believe in much – but they are immoderate about the pursuit, not so much of power, but of perks.”


The hard Left “moderate” fraction is controlled by NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean and federal backbenchers Jason Falinksi and a fading Trent Zimmerman. All three are founding members of Zali Steggall’s climate doomsday fan club.

“Political machines are built on patronage and their end-product is sub-optimal politicians more loyal to the machine than the national interest,” Mr Ruddick said.

“The ethos of the moderates is ‘winning isn’t the most important thing, it’s the only thing’ and that now dominates the federal parliamentary Party.

“There was meant to be a ‘small government dry’ faction somewhere in the Party room but they’ve been awfully quiet during COVID.”

Mr Ruddick suggested the centre-Right of the Party was impotent.

“If they can’t speak up now, what use are they?” he asked.

“Barnaby Joyce said some good things as a backbencher but the quieter he stays as deputy PM, the more it suggests his grumblings were comeback tactics.”

In announcing his departure from the Liberal Party, Mr Ruddick said he would be running as a Liberal Democrat candidate in Tony Abbott’s former seat of Warringah – now held by Ms Steggall.


“We are being badly governed at a State and federal level so what are we going to do about it?” he asked Sky News Outsiders program on Sunday.

“Option one is to try and reform the Liberal Party and option two is a fresh start.

“Over the past one and a half parliamentary terms there’s a list of small government conservatives that one way or another have exited the federal parliamentary Party room.

“We’ve got Kevin Andrews, Eric Abetz, Cory Bernardi, Craig Kelly, Senator Ian Mcdonald, George Christiansen, Tony Abbott, Bronwyn Bishop, Nicole Flint – and on top of that Jim Molan who has been told by the factions he’s not allowed to re-contest again.

“Amanda Stoker has been demoted on her ticket and John Anderson was rejected by the Nationals for a former Young Liberal president.

“There’s a trend against conservatives in the Liberal Party because all these people are being replaced by Lefties.”


Mr Ruddick said the Liberal Party was out of time.

“We’ve got COVID mania out of control, debt’s out of control and a disproportionate response to global warming,” he said.

“What we’ve got right now is a [political] emergency and people are fed up. The country is in crisis unless we reverse this.”

Millions agree.

The Liberal Party’s shuffle down the extremist route has placed it on a trajectory to minor Party status.

The last Party leader bold enough to reject Green ideology and, instead, promote pro-economy and pro-family policies won government in a landslide – winning 90 of 150 federal seats.


That was in 2013 and the leader was now former Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

Since then, the Liberal Party has literally snubbed millions of voters with its embrace of all things woke and green.

According to a report in The Australian newspaper in March the Coalition has become anathema to more than two million primary voters in 19 federal and State elections conducted since Mr Abbott returned the conservative Parties to government.

At a federal level, the Coalition has dropped a massive 560,665 votes.

This loss was primarily the work of dumped PM Malcolm Turnbull who shifted Liberal policy Left, on the assurance he wouldn’t lose votes.

He was advised at the time that centre-Right voters had nowhere else to go – yet 474,000 of them disagreed and dumped the Party at the 2016 election.

Turnbull’s disregard for the Liberal Party base almost lost him government – and ultimately cost him his job in 2018.


In 2019, Prime Minister Scott Morrison lost a further 86,000 voters – and current polling suggests they’re not rushing back.

Western Australia’s “fake” Liberals have shed 377,047 votes and now hold just two of the State’s 59 parliamentary seats.

WA Liberal leader Zac Kirkup, who resigned as leader after losing his own seat, was a strong supporter of homosexual marriage, euthanasia and extreme climate action.

His climate promises were so extreme (net zero emissions 20 years earlier than the Greens!) that even Labor leaders were shaking their heads in disbelief.

In NSW, the Coalition has shed 427,216 voters.PC

Australia's political emergency…

7 thoughts on “Ruddick’s bitter split with ‘overrun’ Liberals

  1. What a breath of fresh air reading this article!! Surely the conservative politicians in this country are now finally waking up?! As a conservative with Judeo/Christian values and the belief in small government and more personal responsibility, I have felt totally at sea these last 8 or so years. My family, disillusioned by the Libs hopefully threw in their lot with Cory’s Conservative Party only to find that the conservatives in this country, not understanding the preferential voting system, were too frightened that Shorten would win to risk placing their vote with The Australian Conservatives or with other minor conservative parties. We have been so dismayed by Morrison and our state liberals (WA),and by the Libs in NSW, particularly with regards to their hysterical approach to the coronavirus debacle that I, at least, am seriously considering abstaining from voting in this next Federal election and paying the fine because I cannot bear to see my preferences flow down to the Libs. Please, Lord let the true conservatives in this country be able to join together under the banner of Freedom and Small Government and be able to compromise on some of the minor issues or else I fear the Australia I’ve lived in and been proud of for over 60 years will be gone and we’ll descend deep into the totalitarianism of Wuhan. And please don’t think these are just the views of a “grandmother” as some “woke” young man called me with the intention to insult me! These views are shared by my entire extended family – children, nephews, nieces and EVEN my 8 year old grandson!

  2. John’s comments are so true. Those woke Liberal people are infiltrating the party at a time when the left is gaining traction and the media favours them in publications. There needs to be change in every branch where the support for the real Liberal person should be mounted by new members who believe in the traditional Liberal ideas. Because the branch I am involved with makes it hard for new members to join that do not appear to be woke or left.

  3. Together with many people I know who have been lifelong members of the Liberal Party, I came to the same conclusion as John Ruddick and at about the same time. I’ve now joined the Liberal Democrat Party (LDP) in the hope that we can neutralize the impact of lefties within the Liberal Party as well as the Labor Party and Greens. If they win on the issues addressed in John Ruddick’s article then our beloved country will be destroyed from within, which of course is exactly what the Marxist-Leninists have for so long tried to achieve. We of the centre-right need to assert ourselves now – before it’s too late!

  4. Thank you editor. This has to be a collectors’ edition of Politicom.

  5. Fail. If John Ruddick really wants to make a statement, he should join One Nation under Mark Latham.

  6. “Timeline | PART 3 | A Change of Tactics

    | HOME | PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 |

    *This part covers the period from December 2000 (when Turnbull joined the Liberal Party) until December 2009 (when he lost the Liberal leadership).

    December, 2000 – Turnbull changes tactics. He joins the Liberal Party and feigns remorse over previous anti-Liberal and anti-Howard comments, no doubt conjuring some of his familial thespian abilities. He says he agrees with Howard more than he disagrees, and many Liberals seem to fall for this performance.

    Turnbull plays Iago, a covert villain scheming for power, in a 1970 Sydney Grammar School production of Othello.
    He soon becomes a director of the Menzies Research Centre, and refuses to rule out running for pre-selection. Having already been beaten by the conservatives as an opponent, it appears he will now try an alternative method – joining them and changing/sabotaging them from within.”

    website: stopturnbull


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