Payback coming for rogue Lib MPs

by SEAN BURKE – SENIOR Liberal members have begun tracking the activities of Party MPs and other elected officials who have publicly sided with Anthony Albanese’s Voice campaign. 

Despite Federal Leader Peter Dutton positioning the Party to oppose Labor’s race-based constitutional change, Left faction Liberals have instead undermined members’ efforts within the No campaign. 

These so-called moderates can’t help themselves. We are building a list and there will be a reckoning for their ongoing betrayal. Pre-selections can’t come soon enough!
Senior Liberal Party Member
YES: Griffin with Bowen.

These defectors include Manly MP James Griffin, NSW Liberal Party President Jason Falinski, NSW Liberal Leader Mark Speakman, former Federal Indigenous Affairs Shadow Minister Julian Leesor and Hornsby MP Matthew Kean – among many others on the members’ expanding blacklist.

“These so-called moderates can’t help themselves,” a senior Liberal member wrote on a private chat site.


“We are building a list and there will be a reckoning for their ongoing betrayal. Pre-selections can’t come soon enough!”

Another senior member wrote: “The Liberals will not win elections until the Party heals and realises it has to listen to its members. The members speak for voters.”

Meanwhile, Matt Kean told Sky News last month that the No campaign was incorrect in saying there were too many unknowns in the Voice proposal.

“The great unknown is not that our country will change, my concern is that it won’t change,” he said

“It’s a modest proposal. This is a consultative body and it will help the parliament make better decisions when it comes to the issues affecting Indigenous Australians.”

Mr Kean’s factional colleague James Griffin was pictured at a Yes rally this month with perhaps Australia’s most stupid politician, Labor’s Energy Minister Chris Bowen.

Despite claiming to be a “moderate” Liberal, Mr Griffin has spent his short parliamentary career backing Labor/Green positions on climate policy, late term abortion and, now, identity politics.

In response to a photograph of Messrs Griffin and Bowen sharing a Yes campaign stage, another senior NSW Liberal member wrote: “The Left together, finally … Griffin and Bowen together, disgraceful!”

Former Liberal Indigenous Affairs Shadow Minister Julian Leesor has also discarded the overwhelming concerns of Liberal members regarding the October 14 referendum.


“The risk in this referendum is not change, it’s a continuation of the same old, same old,” he wrote in The Australian newspaper last week.

“Frankly, the idea of giving Indigenous communities a voice, shifting decision-making closer to communities and giving people greater responsibility to shape the politics that affect them is almost Thatcher-esque,” he said.

“These are all deeply liberal and conservative ideas.”

Newly installed NSW State President Jason Falinski suggested earlier this year that Mr Dutton’s No didn’t necessarily mean No.

“The Liberal Party’s stance on the Voice to Parliament is to focus on a united Australia and one that’s reconciled with its past,” he told Sky News in April.

“The important part here is not that we’ve said no, but what we’re going to put in its place.”

NSW Liberal Opposition Leader Mark Speakman – another Left faction operative – made clear last month that he would not be campaigning with Liberal members in the No camp.

“I think the potential rewards outweigh the potential risks, and I personally support a Voice in the Australian Constitution,” Mr Speakman said.PC

Kean: ‘It’s a modest proposal’

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Manly Liberal MP James Griffin with Labor’s Chris Bowen (L). (courtesy The Guardian/The Daily Telegraph/Twitter, enhanced)

12 thoughts on “Payback coming for rogue Lib MPs

  1. And the socialist lies continue under Labor’s Communist socialism! While those who would continue to suffer under this tyranny prosper with their evil ideals and directions from the perverse UN and WEF at our peril 🙁 We need to cancel this error at the earliest convenience! IF NOT SOONER!

  2. If these turncoats wish to support the equally Corrupt UN as well as the crooks in Labor their treason should not Garner any support from Australians of any colour, race or persuasion if so then this country is finished!

  3. Vladimir Lenin predicted that on the Left’s path to power they would find an ample supply of “useful idiots” whom they could exploit to great advantage. Take a candid look at the so-called “moderate” wing of the Liberal Party and you will see what he meant.

  4. Howard’s broad church. What a piffling fool. The reason why the ALP/Greens run rings around the gutless LNP is because they are tribalised and stick together. There are simply too many virtue signalling egoists in the LNP. The left effectively control the LNP. I thought Dutton might do something about it beginning with the expulsion of the best ALP PM Australia never had, turdball. But no, no doubt little Johnnie advised Dutton as well.

    Until the LNP and conservatism generally realises the left do not play by the rules and that you have to be remorseless against them, including the rats within their own ranks they will continue to be seen as weak and useless.

  5. This upcoming referendum is a perfect opportunity to sort the wheat from the chaff.
    Here they are baring their leftism like nudists on the public stage. Therein lies the problem, they don’t even see their betrayal to the Liberal Party’s stance on this very divisive issue and to the mainstream Liberal voters they supposedly represent.
    Will the Libs ever wake up to these political grifters and present us with leaders who truly have their country’s people and future at heart?

  6. These wets are costing the Party votes, so someone has to take a firm stand. Bridget Archer, for instance, should never be pre-selected again and the Party should already have someone in mind to replace her who is well known and liked in that part of Tasmania.

    Drain the swamp and stop bringing in lefty staffers. These Turnbull leftovers are wrecking the joint by publicly making the Liberal Party look foolish. Labor have far too much discipline to allow this.

  7. The Liberal Party could be made great again, all that is required is a simple purge of these white-anting dissenters and a commitment to representation of the party membership. A simple move that is not so simple when the lunatics hold the reins to the asylum.
    These clowns hold the party and its membership in contempt, they see it as a lucrative platform for the ambition and personal advancement for them and themselves and their personal agendas.

    Our parliaments are filled with Chris Bowens and they’ll continue to be, while ever Australian voters direct their ticks and crosses towards major parties who pre-select their own. Best and brightest will never get a look in, when self entitled dills have the ability to choose their competition.

  8. They wonder why they are being decimated @ elections, what intelligence is that, us genuine conservatives of years standing know where to go, Thank-you Malcolm.

  9. If the average voter can discover what Voice+Treaty+Truth is all about, the details PM Albanese has refused to release, but leaked from various sources including Uluru Statement committee members, Yes23 committee members, Thomas Mayo/Mayor and Ms Reid any Liberal MP who pleads ignorance does not not deserve to be a Liberal MP.

    Mayo thanked the Communist Elders for their advice. Noel Pearson is a chief architect and his rambling about decades of plotting is revealing, along with Comrade Marcia Langton and others.

    The Aboriginal student activists of 1960-1970 period, associates of the Communist Party of Australia and international fellow travellers and US Black Panther Movement politics and tactic adopted, and much more.

    Why Federal legislation has been ignored for another advisory group, an Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders Commission changed to ATSIVoice with many strings attached, but locked in.

    Vote No.

    And preselect real Liberals in future.

    1. I don’t vote Liberal for nothing! Get rid of the leftish Libs within the Party to regain momentum. Disendorse them for the next elections and this will give fading loyal Libs a B6 shot in the backside!


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