Ignore Kean’s climate rants!

NSW Finance Minister Damien Tudehope has told voters to disregard Energy Minister Matt Kean’s “thought bubbles” on energy policy. 

In a bruising interview on Sky News’ Alan Jones show last night, Mr Tudehope said Mr Kean’s “musings” were not linked to reality. 

If the Premier really believes Matt Kean is a moderate, then she has misread the electorate…
Bob Partington

“Don’t listen to the thought bubbles of Matt Kean – nor the ravings of Malcolm Turnbull – when you’re looking at what the policy of the government is,” Mr Tudehope said.


While agreeing Mr Kean received “unlimited endorsement” from his Left faction lieutenant, Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the Finance Minister said Mr Kean was, nevertheless, running against the Party line.

“The government’s policy in relation to coal mining is clearly set out in our strategic statement in respect of coal mining and exploration,” Mr Tudehope said.

“It clearly says that we are committed to coal mining in the Upper Hunter for decades to come,” he said.

“That’s the policy of the government, Kean can have any musings he likes in relation to what he sees is the future of fossil fuel.

“Malcolm Turnbull has issues where he’s more interested in vengeance than he is in good government.

“But the people of the Upper Hunter can be absolutely confident that the government that has delivered them stability, jobs and infrastructure in the past 11 years is the government that will continue to serve them going forward.”

Appointed by Premier Berejiklian as NSW’s Minister for Energy & Environment, Mr Kean has run roughshod over Liberal Party policy and grassroots members as he whips up child-like hysteria over so-called climate change.

Even Prime Minister Scott Morrison publicly told Mr Kean last year that he had no clue what he was talking about and that he should focus to bushfire fuel reduction rather than carbon emissions.


As a factional heavy in the extreme Left NSW ‘moderate’ faction, Mr Kean is protected from Party discipline to the displeasure of many Liberal Party members.

An outspoken resident of Mr Kean’s own Sydney electorate of Hornsby, Mr Bob Partington, said Mr Kean had not been elected to do the bidding of “extreme Left” factions.

“Premier Berejiklian would do well to remember that her “praetorian guard” – under the direction of numbers man Matt Kean – were elected as members of State parliament specifically to represent the people in their electorates,” Mr Partington said.

“They were not elected to do the bidding of various clandestine factions and they were not elected to promote personal ideological and political agendas,” he said.

“That’s the lot of independent MPs.

“And while Premier Berejiklian continues to define the extreme Left of her Party as ‘moderate’, she fails to recognise that their ‘progressive’ Left-wing agenda is, in reality, economically regressive.”

Mr Partington said that if the Premier really believed Matt Kean was moderate, then she had misread the electorate.

“It’s is time for Gladys to wake up and to take control.” PC

Kean runs roughshod over Liberal Party policy…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Finance Minister Damien Tudehope (L) and Energy Minister Matt Kean (courtesy Inside Story, The Mandarin, enhanced)
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5 thoughts on “Ignore Kean’s climate rants!

  1. The “Woke Bloke” Matt Kean is in the wrong political party.

    However, check out The Daily Telegraph’s description today of his amateurish public relations release, perfect fit for his personality.

  2. What Damien Tudehope says sounds good in theory, but I am getting sick of so much “double speak” coming out of so called “conservatives”, as Texas Jack pointed out above.

  3. Tudehope should hope and hope some more, then grow a bigger spine. His spineless mob passed Kean’s Electricity Infrastructure Investment Bill 2020 with barely a week’s reading in the Legislative Assembly. In fact, as the parliamentary records show, Tudehope was willing to declare “the bill to be an urgent bill.” Feel free to check Hansard.

    The legislation includes this little doozy –

    Minister may declare renewable energy zone
    (1) The Minister may, by order published in the Gazette, declare a renewable energy
    zone comprising—
    (a) a specified geographical area of the State, and
    (b) specified generation, storage or network infrastructure, including planned or
    existing infrastructure.
    (2) The network infrastructure that forms part of a renewable energy zone may extend
    outside the geographical area specified in the declaration.

    Should we ignore this monstrosity for real, Damien?

    The joke’s clearly on us!

  4. Say what you want you desperate Liberals! Regardless, you’re on a trajectory to annihilation while ever Kean, Zimmerman, Falinski and that frightened old socialist Brad Hazzard remains in your ranks.

  5. “NSW Finance Minister Damien Tudehope has told voters to disregard Energy Minister Matt Kean […]”

    LOL; these morons have never read the Bible – “A house divided against itself cannot stand.”

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