PM’s Left embrace a problem, not the solution

SCOTT Morrison’s awkward embrace of the Left’s policy agenda underpins the Coalition’s extended popularity slump. 

And while the radical Left, both inside and outside his government, attempts to blame this slide on the PM not going far enough, the opposite is provably true. 

If Mr Morrison is, at heart, a Left-leaning greenie then he should proclaim to be so. If he isn’t, then he should stop acting like one…

The Coalition continues to trail Labor 47-53 in the latest Newspoll analysis published in The Australian newspaper.

This represents a nine point reversal since 2019’s federal election, when it led Labor by three points in the two Party preferred count.


There are numerous other examples where governments have quickly lost their seemingly impenetrable popularity after embracing the Left’s agenda.

The UK’s Boris Johnson, who was riding high after a thumping 2020 election victory, is now struggling to see out his first term.

What went so wrong? The rot set in when he began listening to his new Left-leaning wife Carrie Symonds rather than his largely conservative electorate. It’s been downhill for Boris ever since.

Joe Biden – apparently the most popularly elected US president in history with more than 81m votes in 2020 – is now polling in the toilet. His VP Kamala Harris is doing even worse.

Again, Biden was supposed to be a safe set of hands who would protect the Democrats from the nomination of socialist Bernie Sanders.

But immediately after his inauguration, Biden caved to Sanders’ radical Left faction.

Build back better, cancelled energy projects and open borders became his priorities and American voters have paid a huge price. So much so, they’re considering restoring former president Donald Trump in 2024.

Australian PM Scott Morrison has shown a reluctance to reveal his hand and is bleeding votes because of it. By playing both sides, he is losing all sides.


One minute he says he’s not attending COP23. The next, his plane is touching down in Glasgow.

He ruled out net-zero targets one day and then spent months doing little else other than discussing climate and renewables.

His embrace of the embattled former NSW premier Gladys Berejiklian made no sense.

Despite her proving to be one of the most extreme Left-wing politicians in Australia (Labor and Greens included), he actively sought her move to Canberra – as a Liberal. Why?

The Right-of-centre splinter Parties – which gained new life when Malcolm Turnbull dragged the Liberals to the Left – have not gone away under Mr Morrison (as was initially expected they would).

If anything they have become a greater threat. Support for One Nation remains steady on three points while the “others” are consolidating support and sit at 12 points.

If Mr Morrison is, at heart, a Left-leaning greenie then he should proclaim to be so.

If he isn’t, then he should stop destroying his prime ministership by doing the bidding of the Left.PC

27 thoughts on “PM’s Left embrace a problem, not the solution

  1. The Liberal slogan for the next election is likely to be: “Vote for us as they are worse” as they have nothing going for them. A pox on all the ‘Majors’ of Lib/Nat & Lab/Green. They can be swept away if the voters choose to consign them to the dustbin of history (like the ilLiberals in WA were). Vote as follows:
    1. All Minor Parties and Independent candidates identified as politically conservative to exchange preferences.
    2. The voters in each electorate to select their own minor and independents order of preference choice for the conservative block in Point 1 above.
    3. The radicals, the loonies and the far left and right extremists to follow in any random order of choice.
    4. The bottom four selections on the Ballot Paper are always the same:
    a. National Party
    b. Liberal Party
    c. Labor Party
    d. The Greens.
    Australia wins and the ‘elites machine’ loses its power.

  2. Sad how the wets & moderates have infiltrated the party following the backstabbing, majority of the genuine conservatives are baling.

  3. Scomo does not have a majority in either house since Kelly resigned in the reps. He has however given too much ground to the left, particularly on social issues and especially climate change and energy. This is my biggest disappointment with the bloke; he once held up a piece of coal in parliament FFS!

    As bad as this is just remember what the alp/greens will do: they will absolutely destroy our energy, open the borders to an extent similar to the demented Biden has done, further erode public rights in the name of every woke cause, further destroy small business and pursue greater ties with Chine while accelerating the decline of our military, again in the name of woke causes.

  4. As we thought when you were elected Scomo, we had gotten rid of Turnbull and his treason, we didn’t realise you and your colleagues we just maintaining his treason further into Australia’s demise 🙁

  5. How how can supposedly intelligent people turn their backs on loyal conservative supporters who gave them a 14 seat majority under Tony Abbott, skin of your teeth win under greenie Mal & surprising win under Scomo, expect us to back them with their green lurch to the left, like WA it’s heading for a whitewash unless they change their tune pretty quickly, we are all concerned the genuine conservative Pollies are all baling?

  6. Clapper boy is a flip flop say and do anything for a vote or a dollar. He is not a politician with conviction ( barring a criminal one for his part is Covid Scam) . Howard , Hawke and even Keating had conviction but now we have no real leadership from anyone at all as they have all sold there souls to the UN, WHO, WEF, Socialist Crooks . Covid is a fraud, Climate Change is fraud , and much more woke agenda crap is all Domestic Terrorist attacks on our once Lucky Country . LNP & ALP are almost interchangeable in their identity and lack of leadership . The minor parties will take many of the votes and if Morrison does pull off a miracle victory he will have form Government with those parties and also more than likely be dumped soon after . Dutton or Hastie would be a better option for the LNP and the ALP have not had anyone of worth in decades .

    1. I learnt a long time ago that their ABC and the private sector left leaning media are a difficult hurdle for Coalition governments and oppositions to get passed, accordingly many or most of their initiatives in government are not reported or reports are spin doctored to convey a different and unfavourable impression.

      When Prime Minister Abbott was replaced he told journalists at a media gathering that they must not listen to people (MPs) who won’t allow their name to be published as the source of the information, obviously meaning misleading information, political spin and undermining their leader and party.

      The picture here of Prime Minister Morrison is a perfect example of political spin imaging, immediately viewers recall the 2019 bushfires and blame directed at the PM for being on planned leave holidaying with his family in Hawaii. The points deliberately not made by left leaning media and Union controlled Labor (remember Albo’s photo opportunity at a closed Blue Mountains RFS depot pretending to be helping to look after tired volunteer fire fighters? That when a very tired crew in a fire truck that was heading home after fighting fires stopped when they sighted the “barbecue” and table were turned away and advised to stop at a McDonalds some distance away.

      The facts were;

      * The Deputy Prime Minister and other Cabinet Ministers remained on duty and the DPM was Acting PM.
      * Bushfires are State responsibility, in NSW State Emergency Services including Rural Fire Service and other State Services.
      * Assistance from the Commonwealth Government was provided after requests from State authorities and authorised by the Acting PM, ADF personnel and assets for example.
      * The Commonwealth Government or Federal Government provides funding grants for fire fighting equipment but the equipment is mostly owned by State governments, or leased.

      The non-government organisation Climate Council also attempted to denigrate the PM and to claim their was a climate emergency, but we now know that those bushfires were not even close to being the worst on record. And were the result of poor land management via failure to issue clearing and back burning permits during a long hot and dry period of drought. In fact contrary to Climate Council stunts and spin about their former fire commissioner members unsuccessfully seeking a meeting early in 2019 with the PM (Premiers are responsible via the governments they lead) to warn about a potentially bad bushfire season ahead is laughable, plans were already made and budget increases organised for a potential 2018 bushfire season fuelled by drought conditions.

      Another example of manipulating public perception and turning voters away from the PM and Coalition based on deception.

  7. Well said.
    As a start he should aggressively dismantle the woke education agenda around the country and restore traditional values.

    1. Isn’t that, public schools and education, the domain of the State Governments that own the public schools and land, employ the school teachers and via State Department of Education manage them?

      Remember the Gillard Labor Federal Government “Gonski” education grants? Those grants are to State and Territory governments.

      During the September 2013 Federal Election campaign PM Abbott and the others campaigned for a “back to basics” in public schools if elected to government, and promised to maintain the “Gonski” grants until the end of the Forward Estimate years after the Labor Budget for financial year 2013/14. And to negotiate with the State governments for a return to basics in education. I understand that one big reason for the delay was the discovery that too many younger school teachers were not trained to teach those subjects and would have to be re-trained.

      Premier of NSW Berejiklian was talking about back to basics in education a while ago, I think she said it would be re-introduced during 2020? And then the pandemic started.

      I have heard the Commonwealth Minister for Education and others speaking about this subject and the need for the new but old direction.

  8. I dont believe he is a left leaning Greenie…. but he is trying to win an election soon…by appearing to be in the middle… being right or far right wont win him enough support… he needs to appear to be in the middle….. sometimes that means pandering to the left…. but only until hes won the election.

    But I dont believe he will win…. I think Labor and the Greens will win and then soon you will be crying to have Scott M back again. Dont be spoilt….

  9. I’ve left the Liberal party. Will never vote for them again. I’ve been a liberal party voter for 35 years. Never again. I’m voting UAP. I like One Nation but they don’t have the money behind them. UAP are putting a candidate up in ever seat. The Labor and liberal party will still lead but it will be a minority government with minority freedom parties in power in the house of reps. You also have the senate. I think Pauline Malcolm and Campbell will raise hell.

    1. I believe the Greens will likely control the Senate…good for Labor, but bad for Australia

      1. The Greens having a huge advantage via Tasmania and South Australia where the number of Senate positions are the same as in the larger population states.

    2. Remind us please how many seats the UAP (Clive Palmer) won at the 2019 Federal Election despite spending many millions of dollars campaigning from well before the election date was announced.

      Like One Nation (Pauline Hanson) at present holding at 3% of poll published support compared to 10% for the dangerous Greens (Watermelons).

      The next Federal Government will inevitably be one of the “two party preferred system” sides. So be careful voting and unintentionally via the preference system helping Union controlled Labor via the Greens supporters.

  10. In Australia, government has never been won using extreme climate alarmism as the platform. Government has been won when common sense embrace of sensible energy policy, including coal, gas and renewables have featured.
    The Liberal party is abandoning its base, and Australia, by trumpeting climate alarmism as the holy grail. It isn’t.
    Like lemmings being led off the cliff..the likes of Morrison, Kean et al are leading the once great Liberal party to political oblivion.
    Turnbull tried but failed. Sadly Morrison and Kean might succeed in destroying Menzies once great party.
    The forgotten people, have been forgotten.

  11. Apparently critics of the PM and the Government he leads did not understand his repeated statement on net zero emissions, that Australia has “an aspirational goal” for net zero emissions by 2050 depending on research and development of new technology, if possible to achieve?

    And that the Government has not intention of changing from the 2015/16 Paris Agreement on emissions reduction target by 2030, despite lobbying for a larger target and shorter timing.

    1. John, like you I’ve tried to ignore the madness of the people I helped put in power.

      Believe me, I’ve done more than just vote. I’ve raised funds and run significant campaigns for the Liberals.

      But to a person, the Libs have failed to represent or respect a single party value. And any who attempted to do so were disendorsed or forced out.

      So, I’m gone.

      I encourage every person who respects the Menzies’ tradition to dump the modern Liberals as I have.


      1. Justin, I do understand your position and the history that led to you becoming disillusioned with the Liberal Party. Unfortunately the National Party has some like minded members.

        You are probably aware that the leader of the LINO has been determined to wreck the Coalition and specifically the Liberals ever since he indulged in branch stacking targeting the sitting MP in Wentworth electorate and then being appointed to the Howard Cabinet after from 1996.

        You must also understand that the system we have, the preferential voting system, effectively there are only two viable options to form a government and the alternative to the Coalition would be far worse. On the other hand the real Liberals, I believe, have been working hard to regain control and are succeeding.

        Not long after Union controlled Labor installed Rudd as Opposition Leader in 2006 journalist Max Walsh wrote in The Bulletin Magazine exposing what he called “a corporate-style takeover” by the Union Movement of the ALP. In other words the “workers” party for unionists controlled and managed. Walsh wrote that union trained executives replaced sitting members in safe Labor electorates and that the Union Movement primary objective was to control the governments of Australia. A similar objective to the LINO faction of the Liberal Party, and to form left leaning alliance governments with no effective opposition rival party.

        I understand that the LINO leader used fund raising as a tool to gain power and influence within the Liberal Party and there is a website containing the timeline of history and events exposing the situation including the undermining of Brendan Nelson and then Tony Abbott from 2007 to 2015. I will post it below.

        Of course the politics of globalism and climate hoax based agendas have had a huge influence here from within parliaments, government departments, schools and universities and even the private sector … latest: The Great Reset, Build Back Better and New Green Deal slogans that came from the non-government organisation World Economic Forum of left leaning politics.

        In addition to remembering the chaos, dysfunction and incompetence displayed by the Rudd, Gillard & Rudd Union controlled Labor governments, and their union donations recipient comrades the Greens influence, we should also consider that many of the present day Labor Opposition are former members of those Labor governments. And consider their 2019 Federal Election campaign on climate change.

        Has there ever been a perfect State or Federal government or one in which members were not as former Prime Minister Howard once said “a broad church” of political positions? I understand that most Australians are in the centre of the political spectrum, Menzie’s Australian Liberal Party members, LINO aside, have always been right and left of centre and there are many examples of ALP members and Liberal-Nationals who can often reach agreement on many issues.

        If we “dump” the modern Liberals please carefully consider the only alternative for government. Out of the frying pan into the fire?

        On the other hand the climate hoax is losing traction, the climate emergency scare campaigns and predictions of a “tipping point” past date predictions did not eventuate and present day in my opinion is a desperate attempt to recover a lost cause. Climate change politics were exposed in October 2015 when UN Official Christiana Figureres told an audience just before the IPCC Paris Conference that commenced late November 2015 that the real objective was to get rid of “the capitalist system” (free enterprise) as the world has known it. Check World Economic Forum for an update in COVID-19 related “Build Back Better” reset.

        Prime Minister Morrison, as I have already posted here, and like minded Liberal-National MPs, has diplomatically resisted the climate hoaxer’s demands, most recently while attending the G7 as a guest and later COP26 in Glasgow. Of course the Federal Government also has State governments to deal with and without the constitutional powers and responsibilities they have.

        Renewable energy, unreliable intermitted supply wind and solar installations (farm is Green’s marketing hyperbole and puffery) requiring expensive back up generators and storage systems and even feeder transmission lines and enormous areas of land as compared to power stations. But the climate hoax “crony capitalists” continue to convince obviously unqualified politicians that a renewables future is needed. That nuclear energy must continue to be banned but that heating fuel source is emissions-free and storage of nuclear waste is not difficult, in fact with more research and development spent nuclear fuel will be reusable in the future. I mentioned this to highlight the manipulation taking place with obviously woke politicians taken in well and truly. They do not understand that coal like nuclear energy is a fuel to heat water to create steam to drive steam turbines to turn electricity generators in power stations.

      2. So that means 3 to 6 years of Labor/Green government… because Labor needs all the Green senators to pass their legislation. Just remember Rudd and Gillard…..

  12. The “Green” PM who;

    * In 2019 said that Australia would no longer contribute to UN based “green funds” – climate hoax.

    * The PM who said several times that coal fired power stations and gas fired are essential to secure reliable base load electricity supply and peak demand. Of course the Federal Government does not have the planning approval powers etc for electricity generators, that is a State Government area of responsibility. The State or public owned electricity power stations and transmission lines were privatised by State Governments, some power stations closed and demolished and notably in SA.

    * At the G7 Meeting Australia via the PM attended in 2021 he refused to cooperate with the US and UK leaders and ban coal, and refused to insert net zero emissions as part of the new Free Trade Agreement with the UK, and at the later UN Conference in Glasgow COP26 the PM joined Australia with some other nations that refused to ban coal and use of fossil fuels.

    * Australia also refused to increase the Paris Agreement emissions target and 2030 completion date.

    There are many other examples indicating that the Federal Government is doing everything possible to not sacrifice our national economic prosperity based on the climate hoax globalism agendas.

    If anybody wants to experience a real Green Federal Government then vote for Albo and Union controlled Labor, and their close comrades also funded by union donations the Greens.

  13. The polls remind me of the lead up to the Federal Election in 2019.

    They cannot possibly win. Yet the Coalition led by Prime Minister Morrison won the election.

    1. The Liverals might win the election but it will be a minority government with minority freedom parties raising hell in parliament

      1. So, like a hostile Senate in which a government must negotiate with too often difficult people with strange ideas to get legislation passed, or as amended to meet the demands of the small minority?

        Do you remember the Gillard Labor alliance minority Federal Government of 2010? And the following term in which Rudd replaced Gillard as Prime Minister and then they lost the September 2013 election in a landslide defeat by the Abbott led Coalition?

        Unfortunately our preferential voting system always produces either a Liberal-National Coalition or Union controlled Labor government, and the flow of preferences in marginal electorates can result in the candidate with the most primary votes losing.

        But I understand why you came to that conclusion.

        And I hope you are wrong because the China aggression factor and global economics point towards a difficult future for Australia, and other nations.

        It reminds me of November 2007 when Howard Government Treasurer Peter Costello warned voters that it was not a good time to change government, he said economic storm clouds were gathering over the horizon, and after the Rudd Labor Government was elected a year later what they called the Global Financial Crisis began.

        Australia was however in a very strong financial and economic position thanks the Howard Government 1996 to 2007.

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