Qld Left defies Dutton, drops Rennick

by LIS WANG – FEDERAL Liberal Senator Gerard Rennick has been removed from the Party’s senate ticket following an internal preselection ballot held in Queensland on Friday. 

Mr Rennick lost his support to long-serving Party treasurer Stuart Fraser. 

Gerard Rennick was portrayed by the media as a renegade senator with controversial views on vaccine efficacy, mandates, immigration, renewable energy and Ukraine.

After a close vote against former federal Young Liberals vice-president turned consultant Nelson Savanh, Mr Fraser won with only four votes separating the two candidates.

The top two spots on the ticket were won by Senators Paul Scarr and Susan McDonald.

Mr Rennick has been portrayed by the media as a renegade senator with controversial views on the efficacy of COVID-19 vaccines and mandates, immigration, renewable energy and Ukraine.

He is said to have been challenged over his “Party loyalty” and a threat to the Party’s efforts to regain support in Brisbane after voters swung towards Labor at the State level and the Greens federally.

Federal Liberal Leader Peter Dutton and several other sitting MPs and senators had backed Rennick.

“Senator Rennick has demonstrated he’s not afraid to take up the fight in order to defend the values of the LNP … I ask you to support Gerard as part of my team,” Mr Dutton said in a written endorsement, reported The Australian newspaper.

Mr Rennick was one of four Australian senators who lodged an order for the release of contracts between the federal government and pharmaceutical companies producing COVID-19 vaccines.

They lodged the motion in November last year calling for the Labor health minister to publish the contracts, including details on vaccine efficacy, side effects and supply of the jab. The motion was later voted down in the Australian Senate.PC

Lis Wang

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Gerard Rennick. (courtesy news.com.au)
RE-PUBLISHED: This article was originally published by The Epoch Times on July 9, 2023. Re-used with permission.

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  1. Obviously there is still a long way to go to the stage of commonsense and reason where the idiotic left factions and their lurks and perk can be cancelled 🙁

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