Radical Liberals warned: Find another job

LEFT-wing Liberal MPs have been warned by voters to stop their woke, anti-religious, climate emergency hysteria – or find another job. 

Of the 14 incumbent federal Liberals removed from parliament last month, 11 were from the Party’s Left “moderate” faction while only two were from the centre-Right. 

Despite such a glaring warning from voters, Left-wing Liberal MPs have doubled down demanding the Party shift even further Left on climate and social issues.
Source:  AEC, June 2 2022

Former Liberal deputy leader Josh Frydenberg, who also lost his seat, is the 14th incumbent on the list, however, he is impossible to categorise.

While the former member for Kooyong claims to be centre-Right, his policy positions have consistently aligned with climate warriors Malcolm Turnbull and Scott Morrison.


Mr Frydenberg aside, the most alarming 2022 election reveal was the incomparable difference in two Party preferred (TPP) swings against factional groups.

The two conservative incumbents received an average -8.9 per cent swing against them while the so-called “moderates” suffered a -14.4 per cent hit – a whopping 38.1 per cent difference.

Mackellar’s Jason Falinski, an anti-monarchist climate activist, suffered the largest swing of all incumbents with -23.8 per cent TPP and lost his once impossibly safe blue ribbon seat.

Four of the five anti-religion, pro-renewables MPs were also taken out.

These included Wentworth’s Dave Sharma (-9.3% TPP), North Sydney’s Trent Zimmerman (-20.33 TPP), Higgin’s Katie Allen (-4.6% TPP) and Reid’s Fiona Martin (-8.4% TPP), averaging a swing of -13.1 per cent against them.

The fifth, Bass’s Bridget Archer who crossed the floor with them to oppose the Liberal’s religious freedom bill, retained her seat despite suffering a primary swing of -2.5 per cent.

Regardless of such a glaring warning from voters, Left-wing Liberal MPs have doubled down demanding the Party shift even further Left on climate and social issues.

NSW Treasurer Matt Kean, who leads the State’s destructive “moderate” faction, said the federal Party needed to adopt more aggressive climate targets “just as the States have done”.


“We did not have strong and decisive policies when it came to tackling climate change, we did not listen to women,” Mr Kean told ABC News after the May 21 election.

The factional leader, however, failed to mention the total destruction of the WA Liberals and the significant loss by the SA division, which had adopted his extremist positions.

Liberal Party senate leader and South Australian “moderate” Simon Birmingham said gender, diversity and climate change were “clearly factors in the election result”.

“We want to make sure we improve the Liberal vote and are competitive to win back safe seats like Warringah,” Mr Birmingham said.

“We must ensure we hold seats like North Sydney and Wentworth and we have to have not just candidates who reflect those values, as Dave Sharma and Trent Zimmerman unquestionably do, but have to make sure the Party appreciates those values,” Mr Birmingham said.


Centre-Right Coalition MPs, however, believe “moderates” such as Messrs Kean and Birmingham have completely missed the electorate’s message.

 “We have forgotten the forgotten people,” re-elected National’s senator Matt Canavan told Sky News Outsiders program.

“The electorate hasn’t changed that much in three years – but we did,” he said.PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  (L-R) Josh Frydenberg, Trent Zimmerman & Tim Wilson. (courtesy The Australian)

9 thoughts on “Radical Liberals warned: Find another job

  1. Australia has enormous known gas reserves but State Governments elected to represent we the people, to govern in our best interests including managing our assets are blocking coal, uranium and other mining development applications and gas fracking (hydraulic fracturing of rock) and extraction.

    And they sold our power stations and transmission lines, or leased them, and have pushed unreliable energy from so called renewable energy wind and solar systems, following the Gillard Federal Labor Renewable Energy Target and subsidies for private sector business’ profit while at the same time power stations designed for continuous generating are stopped when the wind blows and the sun shines interrupting efficiency of operation and profitability of power stations.

    And now what many of us warned about is underway, energy shortages, electricity and gas prices climbing higher and higher and an unreliable electricity grid when peak demand is reached.

    It’s past time to throw the unrepresentative swill out of our parliaments and replace them with representatives who have our best interests in mind.

    1. We have three years at max to prepare to win the 2025 election. Less if the next election is in 2024. We need a sensible and sane policy on energy that we will put into effect when we win, but even better if we can persuade the ALP that it is good. To do this, we have to persuade the people that it is good.
      First we must destroy the general belief that there is some sort of Climate Emergency that needs to be fixed. This means incessant stating, with relevant data, that there is no emergency. Helpful would be a Liberal Party enquiry into the sources of the activist blather. As always, who benefits? And how much interest do Cannon-Brookes and Holmes a Court have in so-called ‘sustainable energy’?

      Second we must investigate nuclear power. Not generally known is that a nuclear power reactor has operated in NSW. This was at ANSTO, but it only operated for a very short time before it was closed down, presumably when some one remembered that it was illegal!

      Third, we should find out why the coal fired generators seem to be failing. I served on steam ships with turbine engines. It was commented that the ship’s outer plating, exposed to salt water, corroded away and generally after twenty years or so required substantial replacements to keep it seaworthy. The steam power plant, operating in an oil laden atmosphere, and given regular maintenance during time in port, was as good as new when the ships were sold or went for scrap. There should be no problems with the various steam turbine power stations in Australia, with regular good maintenance. However, I offer a possible cause of failures – that the owning companies have been so terrorized by the “get rid of coal” extremists, that they have allowed maintenance to be cut short knowing that the plants are to be closed well before their “supposed” life expiry. Hence, failures. Plausible, I think, but of course have no proof. The answer to this is that the Commonwealth should take them over, before closure, at the price originally paid for them, less a deduction due to the current state of the equipment. The Commonwealth should own them. As Liberals, we are generally against government doing things that the private sector can do, but in this case it is evident that the private sector is NOT doing its job. Can the Commonwealth own power stations? Well, the Commonwealth owned ships and aircraft. We should persuade the ALP that an ALP government could and should nationalize the remaining coal power stations before they are closed, and sent for scrap to benefit the revenues of the owners of the competitive power sources. Distasteful (anathema, even) to true Liberals, but when necessity requires, then …

      1. “We need a sensible and sane policy on energy […]”.

        No, you don’t – you need sensible and sane *people* calling the shots in the Liberal party, and then you will have, as a result, sensible and sane policies on energy and everything else besides.

        However, since it is not possible for such people to rise within the party, the party needs to be destroyed and replaced by a new party which will be true to conservative values.

        This is all self-evident to those who are paying attention.

  2. Go and join the Matt Green Party, it’s not as glossy at the dark Greens but close enough to the Teal Greens.

  3. Until Australians stop supporting our lying media and their henchmen, the politicians in this country are literally getting away with murder! Making drug taking mandatory under the guise of helping us all with drugs unproven with side affects that kill people the lying media with hold information on and controlled by also crooked health “professionals” foisted on us all by the same crooked politicians we were coerced into believing 🙁 And with the control they have exerted over our voting system continue to do so! And there are few reporters telling the truth about this criminal act against the Commonwealth of Australia Constitution! Not registered Australian commonwealth they all have shares in 🙁

  4. In a way this is a great result, getting rid of these faux conservatives who undermine the LNP. But 2 things: firstly when will the LNP have the guts to get rid of them themselves. Howard’s broad church has been one of the most destructive guidelines ever. The test will be Turdball. he must be expelled; the excuse it will make him a martyr is stupid because that’s what he regards himself as now. Secondly the Nats: BJ got them a great result but now they have their own outbreak of faux conservatism. Littleproud is a greenie, the Nat equivalent of matt kean. I can’t believe they have elected him.

  5. Lucy Wicks was not of the right belonged to Alex Hawke group did not support Abbott voted for Turnbull glad she is also gone

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