Rats desert sinking COVID ship

by PAUL COLLITS – THERE is danger in writing an article on COVID’s passing parade – you just know there will be more “pandemic” gauleiters tip-toeing from the wreckage almost before you hit “save”. 

And so it has transpired … two in one week. Not only is whinging Boris Johnson leaving the COVID building (at last). Victoria is losing its pandemic point man, the resigning Chief Health Officer and former earring-wearing reality TV star, Brett Sutton. 

It is Brett Sutton’s actions that tore our State apart and landed me in prison. If he thinks he can resign and leave it all behind him … he’s sorely mistaken!

In the latter’s case, not so soon after his political boss, Daniel Andrews, declared that “COVID exceptionalism” was over. Just a safe distance from the carnage that he, principally, left all about him.

Sutton is moving to the CSIRO, the organisation that has been lying about climate change for at least two decades.


I am not sure if this means a move to Canberra, where his brother (Trevor, senior official at the Australian Bureau of Statistics) and sister-in law (Jane Halton, Australia’s “corona queen” and Bill Gates’ vaccinator-girl down under) reside. Canberra’s power couple.

As Mark Antony might have said, I come here to bury Sutton, not to praise him. But the strangely appealing, to some at least, public servant has earned the plaudits of the Leftist media branch of the COVID Class.

To them he is a hero and, like all of the others, has experienced an extremely soft landing. So, before we come to Sutton’s actual record, let’s sample the hagiography.

One of The Guardian’s drooling females headlined the following: “Farewell Brett Sutton, the silver fox chief health officer Victorians couldn’t keep their eyes off.”

Not content with this opening, she continued: “Like a superhero in an open-necked shirt and a vaguely sexy beard, he emerged during the COVID crisis to keep us safe. And now he’s gone!”

A cold shower for the lady, please.

It gets worse: “The of Brett Sutton came shortly after we all noticed Dan Andrews had developed crazy eyes from weeks of perpetual hypervigilance. As a sidekick, Sutton had it all: hair, open collars, evidence of employment. He was the Robin to Andrews’ Batman. The Donkey to his Shrek. The Piglet to his Pooh.”

After that, I had to stop reading. Another Guardianista female chimed in: “It nearly crushed me: Brett Sutton resigns as Victoria’s chief health officer.”

Well, it nearly crushed us too, matey.

Then there is The Age: “Book extract: On a perfect autumn day, Brett Sutton sat on the couch in tears. It was his first big call.”

Book extract! That’s all we need. Will it be as good as Brittany Higgins’ (possibly now not forthcoming) book?


The Sutton-related book referred to is called Life as We Knew It by Aisha Dow of The Age. For a far more reliable read, I recommend any of John Stapleton’s books on the COVID disaster, for example his latest, Australia Breaks Apart, or see him on Nick Cater’s Battleground program on ADH TV.

Next, Malcolm Fraser’s signature creation, the Special Broadcasting Service: “Brett Sutton became an unlikely viral sensation during the COVID-19 pandemic, but he has joined a wave of leaders to the global disease response stepping down from their roles.

“Professor Sutton became Victoria’s chief health officer in 2019 and spearheaded the State’s policy on coronavirus, appearing on television daily and gaining fans that dedicated calendars, mugs and book clubs to his image.”

SBS revealed Sutton’s new role: “Professor Sutton will take up a new role as director of health and biosecurity at CSIRO, Australia’s national science agency.”

Director of biosecurity? That sounds a tad ominous, next pandemic-wise. But he probably won’t have much say in that.

The World Health Organisation will be in charge of us all by then. He will be just another front man.

What might he be researching at CSIRO? How to get mRNA vaccines to market even faster than last time? How to cover up fake clinical trials? How to get more funding for gain-of-function research? How to adapt lockdowns to climate change?

SBS’s idiosyncratic take on the resignations of Ardern – yet another to have gone – Sutton and Mark McGowan focused on the issue of “exhaustion”.

Those of us who lost our careers, our businesses, in some cases our families and friends, and in other cases our lives and our health, as a direct result of the actions and words of these people are clearly less important that the “exhaustion” of members of the COVID criminal class.


Then this encomium: “He brought a … reassuring, measured response that I think overwhelmingly endeared him to Victorians,” former Health minister Martin Foley told ABC Melbourne radio.

Foley once nailed his own colours to the mast by attending a launch of Louise Milligan’s pre-emptive hatchet job on George Pell. So, I am not treating him as a reliable source. On anything.

Anyone who thinks that Victoria’s response to COVID was “measured” needs counselling urgently.

Even the Chinese Communist Party thought that Australia – let alone Victoria – was going too far. Reassuring? Sutton was reassuring the people of Victoria of the need for a hysterical response to a minor virus.

“Reassuring” is only virtuous when the truth is being spoken. Otherwise, it is dangerously, indeed, fatally, misleading. People have been jailed for far less.

Here is Foley again: “He always spoke truth to power.”

To which “power” did Sutton speak “truth”, I wonder. There was no countervailing power in Australia to stand up to the COVID State.

As for truth, it is hardly surprising that truth has lost just about all of its currency in public life when everyone from birth up is taught that truth is relative. You know, your truth and my truth.

The ABC called Sutton “Victoria’s COVID guardian”.

“Guardian” is defined as a person who protects or defends something.

Well, Sutton and his peers, like Kerry Chant in NSW and Jeannette Young (now comfortably off as Governor) in Queensland, did not protect us from a virus from which we did not need much protection.

No, they ditched half a century of settled science on lockdowns and masks, and allowed us to be exposed to dangerous non-vaccines that they all insisted we take.


They had us lining up for boosters that almost no one takes and which are no longer even recommended.

They had us lining up for “tests” that were not even fit for purpose. They appeared day after day on our TV screens, spouting lies. (I support the oft-expressed view of UK scientist Mike Yeadon that they knew exactly what they were doing).

Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia has a slightly different take on our Brett, the “chottie”.

“Rest assured – I take what he has done to all of us very personally and have a plan to make an example of him! These things take time, but we won’t forget,” she said.

“It was his actions that tore our State apart and landed me in prison. If he thinks he can resign and leave it all behind him …he’s sorely mistaken!

Well said, Monica.

Craig Kelly is on the same page, and adds to the list of indictments: “Brett Sutton was an active combatant in the War Against Ivermectin.

“Sutton, together with all those that fought to demonise Ivermectin or deny sick Australians access to this medicine, have blood on their hands.”

“And it was Sutton’s misinformation about the vaccines that gave cover to the brutal and criminal conduct of the Victorian Police to bash Victorians and even shoot rubber bullets into the backs of fleeing protestors in a public park.

“Sutton and all the other State and Federal Chief Medical Officers that ignored the science, the data and the evidence – and just parroted from the marketing brochures of the vaccine sellers must be held to account.”

Craig Kelly was one of the very, very few – the only one from either major Party save for Gerard Rennick, Alex Antic and George Christensen – to be speaking “truth to power”.

Sutton certainly wasn’t. He simply got caught up in the daily excitement of a public policy crisis, as do all people who experience their one and only fifteen minutes of fame.


And everything he did went horribly wrong. Everything he said, everything he advised, was disastrously wrong. One hundred and eighty degrees wrong.

And he gave cover, plausible deniability, to Daniel Andrews. Day after day during the longest lockdown in the world.

Just as well he has friends in low (media) places. Not to mention the fact checker industrial complex.

Just try entering “Brett Sutton says vaccines don’t stop COVID transmission” into a search engine and see how you go. Even though he did, in August 2022.

This was a massive backdown, a massive admission of error, said with a straight face and dutifully covered up by the ABC and all the fact checkers.

This is the hymn sheet of the COVID and post-COVID media, and as we have seen this week with the Brittany Higgins farrago, the whole damned political class.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Brett Sutton – before and after. (courtesy  Channel 7)

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  1. Deliberately embracing the delusional Climate/Pandemic suicide narratives was always a Luciferian political choice by globalists and totalitarians.

    But these particular unrepentant rats deserting the sinking ship HMAS Lies and Propaganda have sealed their fate.

    Just a few more worldly plaudits and ill gotten dollars before these murderous slaves of Woke agendas discover that weaponising everything in their quest to play God puts them right in the eternal God’s line of fire.


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