‘Resist, deny, hide’: Vaccine cover-up continues

by PAUL COLLITS – IT CAME to light this week that Queensland Health, presumably with the blessing of the truly evil Queensland Government, is sacking nurses who refused to take ineffective and sometimes lethal pandemic shots. 

Initially the nurses were stood down. Now, they are being dismissed

These independent scholars knew they would be lied about, pilloried, described as nutters and conspiracy theorists, just like they (and we) were during the “plandemic”.

Two points can be made on this. First, it is only Sky News that seems to have noticed. The rest of the paid-for media stayed silent.

And second, Sky being a Murdoch vehicle, didn’t question the core issue – that unsafe, unnecessary, in effective vaccines should never have been allowed in the first place, let alone mandated for anyone. No, Sky kept to the standard “hypocrisy” line.


This is a problem because the Queensland Government ended the mandates for health workers last September. Nothing more to be seen here. Stupid, not evil. “Ridiculous” was the word used.

Any investigative journalist worth his or her salt might have taken this latest outrage as a teaching moment.

He or she might have brought up unexplained global excess deaths. Or Sudden Arrhythmic Death Syndrome (SADS). Or TV hosts and athletes dropping dead in the studio or on the pitch. Or the cover-ups by the State and its many acolytes over these issues.

These deaths and injuries continue apace. Not only that, but governments here and internationally continue to spruik the jabs.

Few of them now risk mandates, since the knowledge of widespread vaccine harms is now embedded in a sufficiently large segment of the (dwindling) population as to make such a course politically risky. And we know that is all they care about.

(We didn’t need foolish Mike Baird to point it out.)

The question is raised, what should the COVID-awake do to further the cause of truth-seeking in relation to vaccine deaths and injuries.

One response is to calculate deaths from the jab, to raise awareness of the sheer extent and lethality of the harms. US biologist Bret Weinstein has done this, most recently.

There are several ways to calculate the quantum of vaccine harms. Apart from adding up the huge (endless, really) amount of anecdotal evidence of people keeling over after their shots.


One is to study autopsies to determine whether deaths following vaccines are matters of cause and effect and not merely correlation. Then to determine the numbers of unexplained, “excess” deaths in any jurisdiction and apply to that number the percentage of deaths from the autopsy study that could be ascribed to the shot.

One such study found that three-quarters of deaths following vaccines were caused by the vaccines.

Another approach is to use published data from agencies like Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) in the US, which records self-reported vaccine harms, to calculate proportions at scale.

All of these methods have their shortcomings, as readers of Paul’s Newsletter on Substack have pointed out, quite correctly.

Though not on the scale of the shortcomings of the modelling done in 2020 that convinced governments everywhere that there was a “crisis”.

Imperial College London should be sued for global damages and its chief “scholars” sent to prison. See under Professor Pantsdown, aka Neil Ferguson.


These “errors” of modelling were out by orders of magnitude, and caused massive harm. Harm that was lethal, and spread across the public health, economic, governance and social realms.

One of the shortcomings of attempts to calculate vaccine deaths and injuries has nothing to do with methodology.

It is simply the result of poor raw data, and this is due to the deliberate, self-serving efforts of governments and their health institutions in refusing to acknowledge even the slightest problem with the jabs, and so themselves investigate jab harm.

Instead, this should be their highest calling, as it should also be of doctors, their professional and regulatory bodies, of journalists and the media, and of academics.

Alas, all of these institutions have been bought up by Pharma, and hence they hide data, fail to release it publicly, stop real scientists from getting anywhere near it, and, in some cases, simply do not collect it (at least not properly).

This has been pointed out in relation to Australia’s own Therapeutic Goods Administration by Dystopian Down Under (Rebekah Barnett). The strategy is resist, resist, resist. Deny, deny, deny. Hide, hide, hide.

So, it has been left to maverick researchers working with poor and hidden data to unearth relationships of cause and effect and, using the tools at their disposal, to calculate overall harm.

One of the fruits of their endeavours is detailed here.

Their task is noble and to be encouraged. Their work is real science, formulating and testing hypotheses against real-world evidence. Ground-truthing and triangulating (that is, using more than one research methodology to reach conclusions), where possible.

Where they cannot do this, they should still try. And just as researchers like Steve Kirsch, Pierre Kory, Harvey Risch, Denis Rancourt and Peter McCullough, submit their findings to both their peers and to the court of public opinion.


It was a study by Rancourt and colleagues that came up with the 17 million number, as US research scientist Judy Mikovits has noted: “The researchers found the fatal toxicity was one death per 800 doses across all ages and countries. When you scale up to billions [of doses], it’s not hard to reach a number like that 17 million with a technology that’s dangerous.”

Their shocking study, COVID-19 vaccine-associated mortality in the Southern Hemisphere, was published September 17, 2023, and, rather than garnering worldwide attention, has met only censorship and narrative-confirming “fact-checks” on the safety and effectiveness of the as-yet untested “vaccines”.

A presentation by Rancourt on his study can be found here, along with those of other vaccine exposing heroes, including Bret Weinstein.

UK pharmacologist Mike Yeadon is cautious. He describes the statement of the 17 million number as “extraordinary”. The jury is out.

Another study in 2023, in which Rancourt also participated, got to 13 million. As in, “could be related to 13 million deaths”. This is suitably cautious.

All the while, these independent scholars know that they will be lied about, pilloried, described as nutters and conspiracy theorists, just like they (and we) were during the plandemic. By all of the bought-up, usual suspects. They know who they are.

But as with all science, the work of the truth tellers and their methods should (must) be questioned and challenged, where appropriate. In spite of the fact that the efforts of their opponents (and mortal enemies) will not be challenged.

The playing field is, indeed, anything but level. The formal institutions of learning and investigation, being bought up, are running dead on the issue of COVID policy.

This is the most shameful betrayal of truth-telling in my life time, ironically done at a time when a version of, and an appeal to, truth-telling is suddenly trendy in other areas.

The questioning is important for two reasons. One, to keep science, now moribund, alive and capable of a full recovery. Capable of re-discovering its robustness and value to society.


Two, we have to question the work of those on our own side because we want our findings to be right and, therefore, to be widely accepted without any chance of serious rebuttal. Despite the earnest and indefatigable efforts of the fact-checker industrial complex, strategically deployed by the liar-class.

It is a war and, yes, while all things are in play in war, real scientists do want to win on merit as well as on the scoreboard.

There is also an argument for being very conservative in one’s conclusions. It should not, other things being equal, require shock-horror level data to convince well-meaning citizens (those between the active conformists and the active dissidents) of the need to pressure governments and health authorities to pull the shots off the market.

As Rebekah Barnett says, “vaccines have been pulled from the market for far less than this”.

Sadly, not all things are equal. The governments and health authorities of which we speak are infected with scumbags (as David Warner’s father might say). Scumbags, crooks, charlatans and chancers who took up the reins of power very briefly, which resulted in mayhem and death on their watch.

Like Margaret Thatcher (in very different circumstances), they’re “no for turning”.

Which leads us to the counter-argument, that because things are not equal, the independent researchers seeking to highlight vaccine harms should use their own “bag of tricks”, as Weinstein described Pharma’s routine methods, and not over-think the need for robust conservatism.

After all, they are largely flying blind and operating with, at best, nil cooperation from the authorities and, at worst, with massive opposition and obfuscation, and with scant data. And it isn’t as if the dissidents aren’t already treated with anything other than contempt. What’s to lose, you might well conclude.

Seventeen million dead might be wrong. It may well be exaggerated. Probably not by orders of magnitude, though.

As Vigilant Fox notes: “First, it was a conspiracy theory that there would be vaccine mandates. It was also a conspiracy theory that the shots didn’t stop transmission. Booster shots, also once a conspiracy theory, came after waning efficacy. And it turns out that people who took the most shots had the most COVID. Now, it’s a conspiracy theory that the shots are responsible for 17 million deaths worldwide. Will that eventually prove to be true?”


And going big may serve life-affirming, indeed, life-saving purposes. That would be noble cause corruption. This is a war, after all. And Queensland nurses are still being sacked for refusing the lethal jab.

Oh, there is one more point.

One thing we know and most with a semblance of knowledge of these things will accept is that the harms caused by the jab are only just beginning.

One of the many things not tested during the vaccine trials was their long-term effects. How could they have been?

They were given emergency use authorisation within nano-seconds of the shoddy trials. So, it was literally impossible for anyone to say that there were no long-term adverse impacts. They simply couldn’t know.

What Bret Weinsten convincingly demonstrated in a recent Tucker Carlson interview was that the very nature of the “transfection” trick embedded in the mRNA jabs was that the vaccine would not stay in the area of injection, but would travel to cells all over the body, join with those cells and cause damage to those cells.

Like those in the heart and the ovaries. And the damage would be felt differently according to the health of those cells, and might not appear instantly but rather accrue only over time in the case of many now-healthy people.

So, 17 million might only be the tip of the long-term iceberg. To mix metaphors, a smoking gun. We shall see.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Qld Premier Steven Miles. (courtesy The Guardian)

6 thoughts on “‘Resist, deny, hide’: Vaccine cover-up continues

  1. Japanese Professor’s Message to World
    “Fraudulent use of gene therapy in healthy people an extreme violation of human rights”
    APR 11, 2024
    Masayasu Inoue is Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School who specializes in molecular pathology. Reviewing his publishing resume, I wasn’t surprised to see that he has a longstanding interest in oxidative stress. His paper titled Mitochondrial Generation of Reactive Oxygen Species and its Role in Aerobic Life https://www.ingentaconnect.com/content/ben/cmc/2003/00000010/00000023/art00003 presents the following summary:

    The present work also describes that a cross-talk of molecular oxygen, nitric oxide (NO) and superoxide radicals regulates the circulation, energy metabolism, apoptosis, and functions as a major defense system against pathogens. Pathophysiological significance of ROS generation by mitochondria in the etiology of aging, cancer and degenerative neuronal diseases is also described.

    Lately “the etiology of aging, cancer and degenerative neuronal diseases” has been been on my mind a lot, as the young friend of a friend was recently discovered to have advanced, metastatic melanoma of unknown primary site that had spread to her brain. The day after I heard this news, I saw the following article in the New York Post:

    Cancer rates rising in young people due to ‘accelerated aging,’ according to ‘highly troubling’ new study https://nypost.com/2024/04/09/lifestyle/cancer-rates-rising-in-young-people-due-to-accelerated-aging-according-to-highly-troubling-new-study/

    Naturally the “troubling new study” mentions nothing about the genetic shots that have been repeatedly injected into young people for the last three years.

    Listen to Professor Inoue’s “Message to the World” and try to fathom the crime against humanity he describes. It will be very interesting to see how long YouTube will allow it to remain on the platform.
    Source >

    11 April, 2024
    A Stunning message from Professor Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School warning of ‘a dangerous, new governmental development’ was delivered from Japan at a World Council for Health conference by Professor Masayasu Inoue, Professor Emeritus of Osaka City University Medical School who specialises in Molecular Pathology and Medicine.
    He warns that “There is high risk that Japan made vaccines will be exported under the guise for false trust. If Japan were to become a vaccine perpetrator, it would leave irreparable harm to future generations. Therefore, the actions of Japanese government MUST BE STOPPED by international collaborations.”

    In a World First, Australian Senate to Investigate Excess Deaths
    Finally!! Excess deaths to be investigated.
    28 March, 2024
    This article originally appeared on CDM.press and was republished with permission.
    Guest post by Phillip Altman https://creativedestructionmedia.com/author/phillip/
    UAP Senator Ralph Babet has done it!
    You would think that any Federal Government would jump at the chance to launch an inquiry to investigate why there are so many unexplained non-COVID Excess Deaths in Australia and around the world following the release of the COVID-19 “vaccines”.
    But no, the Labor Party voted against Senator Ralph Babet’s motion to investigate Excess Deaths.
    The Albanese Labor Government obviously does not care if you live or die but, fortunately, they were defeated!
    Congratulations Senator Babet!
    Watch the following 2 minute video of the vote and announcement. It was a narrow victory – 31 to 30.
    (Inserted comment by DDB – This should be the only red flag to the population that there is something terribly wrong – 30 Politicians out of 61 did not want this Investigation into excess deaths from the Covid Jabs ! This is disgraceful and disturbing).
    Below are the details from Senator Babet.
    Finally!! Excess deaths to be investigated by the Senate
    I’ve been trying repeatedly for two years and yesterday the Senate finally voted in favour of investigating excess deaths.
    For the past few years Australians have been dying in excess numbers without adequate explanation.
    Excess mortality is not just a transitory phenomenon. In 2022 we experienced our highest excess death rate since World War Two. The Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) provisional mortality statistics released last month confirm that to November 2023 there were 15,114 or 10% more deaths than the baseline average.
    My successful motion means that the Community Affairs References Committee will be tasked with the job of investigating the factors contributing to excess mortality.
    Submissions will be requested from the general public with public hearings expected to follow. The committee will prepare a report by 31st August 2024.
    Fifth time’s the charm! This is the fifth time I have moved a motion on excess deaths. Finally, the Senate has agreed an investigation is warranted.
    My motion to investigate was supported by the majority of Senators, with 31 Ayes against 30 Noes. This appears to be a world first inquiry for what is a global issue.
    I’d like to thank Senator Pocock and Senator Lambie for co-sponsoring the motion as well as One Nation, Senator Thorpe, Senator Tyrell and the Coalition for voting in favour.
    As expected, only the Labor party and the Greens decided to vote against my motion to investigate the issue of why so many Australians are dying. So much for the transparency promised by the Albanese Labor government.
    May this committee process give a voice to the family members of the deceased and deliver the answers that our nation so desperately needs.
    CLICK HERE to watch the clip. https://senr-hgp.maillist-manage.com.au/click/1391136a1621340/1391136a161e58b
    The members of this Community Affairs References Committee are:
    Chair Senator Janet Rice Australian Greens, VIC
    Deputy Chair Senator Marielle Smith Australian Labor Party, SA
    Senator Wendy Askew Liberal Party of Australia, TAS
    Senator Hollie Hughes Liberal Party of Australia, NSW
    Senator Maria Kovacic Liberal Party of Australia, NSW
    Senator Louise Pratt Australian Labor Party, WA
    The Epoch Times reports (25 March) that Senator Gerard Rennick, under parliamentary privilege, was told by a TGA whistleblower, that the Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) is “overriding the decision of the specialists” in refusing claims for vaccine injury from people who received COVID-19 vaccinations.”
    CLICK HERE to view. https://www.theepochtimes.com/article/senator-claims-tga-overriding-experts-while-processing-vaccine-injury-claims-5614072
    There is no point in having a vaccine injury compensation scheme, as we do, if credible compensation claims are hand waved away by TGA staff who have not throughly investigated the claims and not interviewed the claimants. Reportedly, the TGA whistleblower has resigned from the TGA and was instrumental in designing the compensation scheme.
    The article states: “What is happening is Services Australia make these people wait [on average] 297 days to get a decision. Many of them can no longer work. They are seriously ill. They have to do all the legwork of trying … see a specialist, a cardiologist or a rheumatologist, and that takes a lot of work. It’s very expensive. You’ve got to go and get MRIs or something to back [it] up. And then they’ve basically been neglected.”
    To date, the TGA admits to only 14 deaths “linked” to Covid-19 “vaccines”. What a disgrace!
    If nothing is done, there is a chance these destructive Bills will pass through The Australian Parliament in May.
    Please consider writing to your MP to voice your concern. This is important. A sample letter is below.
    Stop These Bills!
    90.3KB ∙ PDF file
    Download https://phillipaltman.substack.com/api/v1/file/ce6a577b-0477-4c92-952b-da2025c8b687.pdf
    Thanks to Wendy Blake and colleagues for their assistance in this initiative.
    Copyright 2024 Creative Destruction Media

  2. My letter to PC Ben Bates – Dr. Mike Yeadon – Senior, Former “Big Pharma” & Biotech Research Executive speaking out about several serious crimes in relation to what I call the “Covid era”.
    Evidence of criminal activity re: the rollout of the Covid ‘vaccine’
    MAR 17, 2024
    Excerpt > Put simply, there has been no pandemic. There was the normal range of illnesses in the early part of 2020 as in any other year. What was different about 2020 was that all governments, led by the WHO, engaged in coordinated lying to their citizens. This continues to this day.
    I can provide detailed rationales for each of these claims as well as several others.
    I also have an unusual piece of evidence, given the crimes I claim have been committed. I had worked out part of this assault before any purported vaccine had received its fraudulent authorization.
    Having done so, with another author, I wrote an open letter to the European Medicines Authority in early December 2020, which is attached below. In it, we warn of the harms which we anticipated. It has been more than upsetting to watch them come true, the last taking a year, the adverse effects on fertility.
    All-causes mortality is elevated almost everywhere in the world that these products have been widely used and live births sharply reduced.
    I look forward to the opportunity to speak with you in considerable detail about these and other charges.

  3. Editors of Top Science Journals to Testify Before House Pandemic Committee, as Critics Call for End of Taxpayer Funding for ‘Corrupt’ Research
    The U.S. House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic invited the editors of three major science journals to testify on the relationship between their publications and the federal government.
    By Michael Nevradakis, Ph.D.
    8 April, 2024
    “The real issue here that must be inquired into by Congress is the fact that Big Pharma has bought and paid for almost all science journals of relevance, to promote their pro-drug, pro-vaccine propaganda and disinformation, to the grave detriment of the public health of the American people.”

    Thacker, who previously worked as an investigator for the U.S. Senate, said, “What we’ve learned from this process is that these scientists cannot be trusted. They lie all the time. I am not sure that this hearing is going to do anything unless they bring the documents out and they start doing referrals over to the Department of Justice.”
    Full story >

  4. Thursday 4 April, 2024 Facebook Demanded my I/D – Facebook suspended my account and may permanently disable
    UPDATE >
    Like countless other people, groups, Medical Experts, other Experts, Politicians and others > (NOTE as at Friday 5 April, 2024 *** Facebook shut down / Disabled my facebook page/account down because I still didn’t follow their community standards on account integrity and authentic identity (they demanded my certificate of marriage and driver’s license as ID !!! which I was furious about – but many years of so much excellent data/truth posted on my facebook page I wanted to save it. )
    *** If this is an example of Facebook and Government controllers community standards integrity – may God save us all !

    I was posting extensive expert information about the horrific damage (deaths and vaccine injuries) from the covid injections and much more and about the WHO, WEF, CDC, FDA, TGA, UN and other extensive information including much from globalresearch.ca and
    https://principia-scientific.com/ and particularly at that time from Elizabeth Hart (substack) about the corruption/conflicts of interest and many more articles and from other unbiased sources about extensive alleged Corruption/Conflicts of Interest etc.etc..

    Something should be done about bringing the public’s attention to just how disgusting this alleged tyrannical facebook (& other widespread) censorship/shutting down pages/disabling accounts has been since the beginning of the covid fraud and how terrifying that is going to be when they bring in the total control/Totalitarianism of the Digital Identity and Cashless Societies/aka Digital Prisons/Social Credit Scores (just like China) under the Central Banking Digital Currency. OUR LIVES WILL NOT BE WORTH LIVING ! DIGITAL PRISONERS IN OUR OWN HOMES, OUR OWN STATE, OUR OWN COUNTRY, OUR OWN WORLD – STOP THIS MADNESS PLEASE !

  5. ANZAC DAY – also remember to see hereunder ‘They Faked a Pandemic to install totalitarianism”
    In Australian Government Anzac Day Tributes they tell us “This year 2023 marks the 50 Anniversary of the end of Australia’s involvement in Vietnam War. “
    “This year 2023 also marks the 70th Anniversary of the end of the Korean War, where, like Vietnam, Australian troops FOUGHT TO STOP THE SPREAD OF TOTALITARIAN AGGRESSION throughout the Asia-Pacific region. Their sacrifice is why Australia HAS THE FREEDOMS WE ALL ENJOY TODAY; why we have OUR SOVEREIGNTY.”
    “This Anzac Day we remember and give thanks for the service of all those who have fought for our freedoms, and we give thanks for all those serving our country today.”
    Comment > The last three years of C0vid Tyranny by Australian Governments and Global Governments has been vile, obscene, catastrophic and gross violations of All Freedoms, Rights and Choices and must never be repeated by any Government Anywhere. 25.4.2023

    SEE >
    Who committed this crime against humanity?
    JAN 06, 2024
    In a recent substack article, Sage Hana said: “THEY FAKED A PANDEMIC TO INSTALL TOTALITARIANISM.”
    This is a succinct summary of the Covid debacle…
    So who was behind this? Who are the actors who facilitated ‘Covid’ stealing the peoples’ personal autonomy and bodily integrity via the imposition of restrictions/lockdowns, testing, masking/muzzling, vaccines, and surveillance?
    We need to build a list of those who were complicit in the betrayal of the people, complicit in the theft of freedom.
    For instance, Greg Hunt, who was Australia’s Health Minister during the bulk of the ‘Covid’ scam.
    Prior to entering the Australian Parliament in 2001, Greg Hunt was the Director of Global Strategy of the World Economic Forum 2000-2001 – responsible for the development of global strategy for the WEF, working directly to the CEO, and during 1999-2001 he was Engagement Manager – McKinsey & Co, providing specialist advice in telecommunications, start-ups, government reform and the banking sector.
    How many other WEF associates such as Hunt ‘penetrated zee cabinets’ around the world, after which we ended up with a fake pandemic to install totalitarianism?
    During ‘Covid’ I sought accountability from Greg Hunt, requesting the definition of the ’emergency’ in Australia constraining the entire country, and requesting access to the advice being provided by medical and scientific experts about this ’emergency’, and the evidence supporting this advice, and also requesting transparency for the people providing medical and scientific advice to the then Morrison and State governments – see my email to Greg Hunt dated 23 July 2021, also copied below.
    No response received from Hunt…no accountability.
    See Greg Hunt’s bio for more background. https://www.greghunt.com.au/about-greg/biography/
    Email to Greg Hunt:
    23 July 2021
    For the attention of:
    Mr Greg Hunt
    Australian Minister for Health and Aged Care
    Member for Flinders
    Member of the Liberal Party of Australia
    Mr Hunt, while Prime Minister Scott Morrison is the public face insisting it’s not safe to open Australia’s borders for the past 16 months[1], it appears you are the person advising the Governor General to declare a human biosecurity emergency under the Biosecurity Act 2015.[2]
    Mr Hunt, please explain, what is the definition of ‘the emergency’ you are using to justify the Governor General’s declaration of a human biosecurity emergency under the Biosecurity Act 2015?
    The emergency period has been in place since 18 March 2020, rolling over every three months since then, with the current emergency measures set to continue until 17 September 2021.[3]
    Mr Hunt, as the Governor-General may extend the declaration indefinitely at your behest, when are you ever going to call an end to this ‘emergency’?
    The current emergency measures published on 10 June 2021 state:

    The extension, declared by the Governor General today, was informed by specialist medical and epidemiological advice provided by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer.
    The AHPPC has advised that the international COVID-19 situation continues to pose an unacceptable risk to public health.
    Mr Hunt, Australians have been held hostage by Morrison and State Government appointed medical and scientific experts for more than 16 months now.
    What is the “specialist medical and epidemiological advice provided by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer”? Has this been objectively and independently assessed? Please provide me with the AHPPC and Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer’s advice, and the empirical evidence supporting this advice.
    Who are the members of the AHPPC? The AHPPC webpage states: “AHPPC is comprised of all state and territory Chief Health Officers and is chaired by the Australian Chief Medical Officer.”[4]
    This is surprisingly scant information for a group of unelected people who are wielding enormous influence over the free movement and association of Australians during this extensive ’emergency’ period, and who are also pressing covid-19 vaccine products upon the Australian population.
    Mr Hunt, Scott Morrison has indicated to me the Morrison Government is seeking to “achieve the highest rate of vaccination possible…guided by the advice of medical and scientific experts”[5].
    There must be transparency for these medical and scientific experts who are influencing Australia’s taxpayer-funded covid-19 vaccination policy.
    Are the Chief Medical Officer and State Chief Health Officers the only people influential on prolonging the human biosecurity emergency? Chief Medical Officer and Director of Human Biosecurity Paul Kelly has publicly stated that ‘other experts’ are involved in AHPPC meetings[6] – who are these ‘other experts’?
    We must have transparency for all the people influencing Australia’s response to covid-19 and the vaccine rollout. Their names, role, qualifications/expertise, professional affiliations, and any conflicts of interest, must be clearly listed on the AHPPC webpage.
    I reiterate my questions Mr Hunt:
    What is the definition of ‘the emergency’ you are using to justify the Governor General’s declaration of a human biosecurity emergency under the Biosecurity Act 2015?
    What is the “specialist medical and epidemiological advice provided by the Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC) and the Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer”? Has this been objectively and independently assessed? Please provide me with the AHPPC and Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer’s advice, and the empirical evidence supporting this advice.
    Who are the members of the AHPPC and ‘other experts’ influencing Australia’s taxpayer-funded response to covid-19 and the vaccine rollout? What are their names, role, qualifications/expertise, professional affiliations, and any conflicts of interest, these must be clearly listed on the AHPPC webpage.
    I request your urgent response.
    Elizabeth Hart
    Independent person investigating the over-use of vaccine products and conflicts of interest in vaccination policy
    1. Australia sticks by plan to re-open border in mid-2022. Reuters, 16 May 2021.
    2. COVID-19 Legislative response – Human Biosecurity Emergency Declaration Explainer. Parliament of Australia. Posted 19/03/2020 by Howard Maclean & Karen Elphick.
    3. COVID-19 emergency measures extended for a further three months. Minister Department of Health media release, 10 June 2021.
    4. Australian Health Protection Principal Committee (AHPPC). The Australian Health Protection Principal Committee is the key decision making committee for health emergencies. It is comprised of all state and territory Chief Health Officers and is chaired by the Australian Chief Medical Officer.
    5. Letter from Prime Minister Scott Morrison to Elizabeth Hart, 16 October 2020.
    6. Chief Medical Officer Professor Paul Kelly and Lieutenant General John Frewin’s press conference on 11 July 2012. Australian Department of Health media transcript, 12 July 2012.

  6. One hopes we get some truth from the Senator Malcolm Roberts instigated Royal Commission into the kung flu and their mandated shots.
    One major issue is the TGA and their recommendation to ban Ivermectin for treatment of the China virus.
    The Advisory Committee for Medicines Scheduling was presented a discussion paper by a TGA delegate on Sept 8th. On the strength of the discussion paper it was claimed the ACMS recommended new restrictions on the prescribing of oral ivermectin. In reality the ACMS rubber stamped the recommendations of the TGA without any research independent of the TGA.
    Who @ the TGA authored the discussion paper and what lobbyists were these authors meeting in the prior 2 months to the paper’s release.
    I wonder if the truth will out.
    As they say:Royal Commissions are only called when the powers that be already know the outcome!

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