Now 17 million healthy people are dead

by PAUL COLLITS – SEVENTEEN million otherwise healthy people are now dead. All the while Big Pharma profits from lies. 

This is truly our own great tragedy of history. 

Thanks be to Jeffrey Tucker at The Brownstone Institute for sharing this recent remarkable interview by Tucker Carlson of Bret Weinstein. 

WHO Liar-in-Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus is Bill Gates’ & Xi Jinping’s man in Geneva. COVID was a trojan horse for tyranny.

Weinstein is an American scholar-biologist who has become one of the world’s leading COVID dissidents. He has the advantage of being awake, knowledgeable and coherent, indeed erudite.

He has cred by the bucketload. And now, thanks to Tucker Carlson, he has cut-through on a scale that even his own popular podcast (The DarkHorse) could never hope to reach.


Mind you, we probably didn’t need The Brownstone Institute, but it helps. You see, the Carlson interview had already garnered over 3m views on the platform formally known as Twitter in the first day of its airing, and will be seen by many more.

So, a thank you to Elon Musk as well. Anything that moves the needle towards 10 per cent of the population, thought by some to constitute a tipping point for social movements, is worthwhile.

Three million views. But there is another number that jumps out from the interview.

That is 17m. And that’s Weinstein’s possibly conservative estimate of global mRNA “vaccine” deaths, based on one adverse event per 800 shots and the billions of shots taken globally.

Shots, alas, still being taken and being marketed by democratically elected governments.

Mind you, if you look at the current booster take-up in the US (lowish single digit percentages) and the current Pfizer share price (in the toilet), then you will be reassured that the number of idiots among us is small.

But there is much more to this interview than the death count from the vaccines, or as Weinstein refers to them, gene “transfection” devices, or tricks.

As Jeffrey Tucker notes: “The value added from this interview is truly incalculable.”

So, we all should do our bit. More on this below.

Weinstein is a master of the succinct phrase. Here are some of his nuggets, or alternately, grenades hurled into the liars’ den of the ruling elites, and in particular of the WHO, headed by Liar-in-Chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus.

He is Bill Gates’ and Xi Jinping’s man in Geneva.

  • This is a great tragedy of history;
  • COVID was a trojan horse for tyranny;
  • We’re watching our governmental structures and every one of our institutions captured, hollowed out, turned into a paradoxical inversion of what it was designed to do;
  • Things “just out of our sightline”;
  • Pharma is an intellectual property racket;
  • We are in the middle of a coup;
  • Pharma is already comfortable with causing deaths, even when there is a net benefit;
  • Pharma has an elaborate “bag of tricks”;
  • Pharma is healthy when people are sick;
  • WHO is looking for a re-match with the dissidents;
  • The COVID pandemic caused us to become aware of structures that had been built around us;
  • So, we are living some crazy story in which things that are perfectly obvious have still, somehow, not lodged themselves in the official public record;
  • “Mal-information” is when we tell the truth about their lies (and cause people to distrust authority);
  • Building upon William Binney, the turn-key totalitarian State is now the turn-key totalitarian planet;
  • the consent of the governed is too dangerous to tolerate;
  • I think the West has actually collapsed and what we are left with is now a nebulous echo;
  • We have a blind spot about vaccines, a hole in the mind;
  • I wonder if the rent-seeking elites that have hoarded so much power are not unhooking our rights because effectively they’re afraid of some global French Revolution moment;
  • There is a “collective action problem” (from game theory) with resisting the biomedical tyranny.

Weinstein is worried about “next time”.

And here, as per Tucker, is why: “Bret Weinstein makes the salient point that the entire plot was foiled by the sheer number of dissidents that were there from the beginning and grew over time.

“These, he said, shocked the creators of this industrial scheme, because they figured that they had the media, government and big tech all wrapped up in a bow and that no serious dissidence would ever happen.

“The ranks of the dissidents grew and grew for two years and reached the multitudes in popular podcasts and writings, as well as new institutions such as Brownstone.”


Bret says this is a success but it also portends something terrible in the future.

In the next go-round, he says, the elite powers want to make sure there is not a repeat.

The censorship will be tighter – and the penalties for going against the government’s plan will be more severe. They have learned from this experience, and their takeaway is not that such absurdities didn’t work but that they were too lenient this time around.

They plan to make sure that this doesn’t happen next time.

Here we get to the WHO, which has issued a fatwa against disinformation and has greenlighted censorship on a global level. YouTube and Google are already captured and doing the institution’s bidding, as is the European Union.

They will use the next several years to tighten the screws and get every nation roped into a pandemic accord that will obligate every government to censor and vaccinate one way or another.

Hence Anthony Albanese’s proposed sign-up to the WHO pandemic preparedness treaty, the digital ID legislationand the Central Bank Digital Currencies.

This is “1984” legislation allowing the massive fining of social media companies not removing so-called mis- and dis-information, and the truncated terms of reference for the COVID inquiry.

This is the totalitarian ecosystem currently being built. The next plandemic – there’ll be another – will be delivered without the pesky pushback.


The whole pandemic industry, driven here by Jane Halton and her tawdry ilk, is simply a device for governments to wrest more power. And for ensuring that they do it better next time. No loopholes.

We mustn’t let them.

Bret Weinstein says the tyrannical elites and the expertocracy (as Nick Cater calls them) have unintentionally created a “dream team” of competent dissidents who are prepared for next time.

He doesn’t name names, but they almost certainly include Robert F Kennedy Jr, Robert Malone, Ivor Cummins, Peter McCullough, Pierre Kory, Tess Lawrie, Kathy Gyngell, Mark Steyn, Andrew Bridgen, Aaron Kheriaty, John Campbell, James Delingpole, Ramesh Thakur, Naomi Wolf, Steve Kirsch, Jeffrey Tucker, Mike Yeadon, CJ Hopkins, Alex Berenson, Mattias Desmet, Ron DeSantis and the Barrington Declaration team.

There are many others.

The job of the rest of us is to support them, even perhaps join them. To ensure they grow and, ultimately, prevail.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Australia’s globalist health guru, Jane Halton. (courtesy Crikey)

6 thoughts on “Now 17 million healthy people are dead

  1. Remarkable. Note the author of the article fails to offer a detailed medical critique of alternative courses of action following the start of the pandemic. Multi-disciplinary research institutes such as leading intelligence agencies have been in the habit of describing this sort of article as ‘an improbable report from a hitherto unreliable source’. Still there’s always Tucker Carlson…

    1. @ Dagworth?

      Are you serious? Wake up!!!

      See below many peer reviewed journal articles on the success of ivermectin for treating Covid19. This was known about before the useless and dangerous jabs were forced onto people. Dr Thomas Borody and Emeritus Prof Rob Clancy were trying to notify governments and the lame stream media. It is a Nobel prize winning drug for humans!! I suspect you took the ABC’s “Horse paste” bait, hook line and sinker.

      Big Pharma trashed ivermectin so they could use the TGA’s “provisional approval” FDA’s “emergency use authorisation” to roll out the experimental viral gene cell therapies. The evidence on the safety and efficacy of ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine is undeniable. For goodness sake wake up!! Ignorance is no longer bliss, it is dangerous.

      1. I’m wide awake. So much so I understand the difference between prevention and cure. Vaccines prevent. Your proscriptions are at best, cures. One of them, hydroxychloroquine, has dangerous side-effects and is no longer proscribed by the ADF, to name just one authority. Hope this helps.

  2. Please explain why before COVID-19 vaccinations regular home blood pressure monitoring on the same BP Monitor displayed no irregular heartbeat warning but after vaccination and a few weeks time following irregular heartbeat became a regular warning?

    Testing procedures including echo cardiogram and analysis by a heart specialist confirmed Atrial Fibrillation – irregular heartbeat and potential of suffering from a stroke from blood clotting.

  3. They might have learnt lessons from the last two years, but so have we. We are more distrustful of our ‘betters’ and their ‘experts’ now.
    If they censor us we will still find a way to get the message around. The KGB could not prevent samizdat.
    Locally, today is your last chance to add your name to the Terms of Reference for a proposed Royal Commission into the years of covid madness. Sign today, and take an hour or two over the weekend to read through the ToR pdf. The authors have done outstanding work.


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