‘Safety’ the new code for control

by PAUL COLLITS – POLICIES designed to address physical and mental safety are being malevolently extended to increase State power at the expense of citizens’ rights. 

The only real right the ruling class now perceives is the right to feel “safe”. 

The new “safety” cult is a curse on the free society we have long strived to attain. And it is embedded in the institutions of the State and their Leftist cheer-squads.

There is a difference, though, between the two, and not recognising this difference has caused no end of friction among conservative and populist tribes.

These new woke policies cause unemployment for objectors. All while their pandemic health policies killed people. Many, many people.


They also impoverished a generation of students, led people to suicide, increased depression and destroyed economies.

In doing so, the “fact-checker” class was turned into an industry and created the conditions for a globalist takeover.

It is becoming a cliché. I speak of the phrase, “I didn’t see that coming”. Now there are about fifty triggers in any given week for saying it.

To take one example, among many. Now at Woolworths – at least in my part of the world, and apparently across the Northern Territory and Queensland – you have to get a staff member (if you can find one) to unlock the cabinet that contains spray deodorant. Yep, they have locked up the Rexona.

I didn’t see that coming.

Another example. This week, McDonalds in various Melbourne outlets went cashless. You can now only buy a burger with a card.

Those of us who still use cash – and it should be many more than those who currently do – will have to traipse off to Hungry Jack’s or the Colonel.

Despite all the current moves abroad to cash-free egged on by central banks, globalists and corporates, and all the nudging, I didn’t see that coming.

A third example. Now readers at Mass in the Catholic parish to which I belong have to sign police check-type forms and undertake training – yes, training – in order to continue as lectors.

These examples have one thing in common, and it isn’t just ludicrous over-reaction.

They are enacted to ensure someone’s “safety”. The shared theme is perceived safety at any cost. I say “perceived” with reason.


Given that most Mass readers are probably pretty safe, that hardly any children go to Mass these days and there is nil interaction between lectors and anybody else in the church, it is all a bit over the top.

Those who work in just about any capacity for the churches are paying for the sins of a tiny minority of clergy committed (mostly) a long time ago.

All these things are part of an emerging picture and a likely future. Of course, these are mostly tiny and localised examples of a new and sinister trend in society, the biggest example of which (of course) has been the COVID plandemic. Call it “Plandemic One”. There will be others.

But governments are doing it all the time, if you pause and consider it. Just look at proposed “protections” in relation to “online safety”. AKA censorship and the destruction of free speech.

Or, look at the former NSW Liberal Government’s reaction to a couple of attacks in Kings Cross. Under the leadership of Mike “back in the news” Baird, they created lock-out laws (rescinded years later, after the night economy of the city was all-but-destroyed).

Guess what the elites said when these idiot laws were lifted?: “Impacts of lifting Sydney’s lock-out laws must be closely monitored to protect public health and safety.” [emphasis added]

The phenomenon of which we speak is called “safetyism”.

One definition explains it: “Safetyism refers to a culture or belief system in which safety has become a sacred value, which means that people are unwilling to make trade-offs demanded by other practical and moral concerns.”

How and why did it emerge?

With the steady decline in organised religion, other beliefs have stepped in to fill the vacuum, guiding us and providing a framework with which to live our lives.


Religious decline hasn’t ushered in a world that is rational, logical and rooted in empirical scepticism; our modern materialistic secular world is full of new superstitions, rituals and faith.

The cult of safetyism is the most visible of these new doctrines. After gaining traction for many decades, it blossomed in 2020.

This new cult is a curse for the notional free society in which we have, for so long, strived to attain. And it is embedded in the institutions of the State and their Leftist cheer-squads, like the elites quoted in relation to the ending lock-out laws.

Gabrielle Bauer is a Canadian medical journalist. She has written a book, published in 2021 by The Brownstone Institute.

Some people have argued that “safety comes first”, she wrote. But at what cost? As frightened people missed cancer diagnoses, as people deprived of social contact sank into despair, as people lost businesses they had worked for decades to build up, the costs kept piling up.

Not just that, but the policies threw the young (who had their lives ahead of them) and the working poor (who couldn’t shelter at home) under a bus.

The apotheosis of COVID safetyism, of course, was the manipulative, jingoistic, bald-faced lie told by global leaders from 2020.

No one is safe until we’re all safe, they repeated.

Be afraid!

The linked video provides a truly chilling reminder of those lunatic times and those who bought the fiction of that line.

The most cursory look at this video will confirm that the nutters were, indeed, in charge of the asylum in 2020. They still are.

Every last one of them gulped down the Kool-Aid. Some, clearly, were given it intravenously, in mammoth doses. It is little wonder that nobody, but nobody, wants to discuss it now.

It was, quite simply, the political escape route to the vaccines, the political silver bullet that would end the pain (for governments) of the lockdowns.


It provided cover for ignorant and cowardly politicians. It was nothing more. The ultimate nudge.

Yet, it turned the world against the unvaccinated. It labelled dissidents “granny killers”. It turbo-charged safetyism and weaponised it.

Note the fact that newsrooms the world over, all in unison, spouted the lie.  When lie factories like Thomson Reuters and AAP determine what every single lounge room in the world will see and hear on TV, it is so easy to embed untruths. And it was fear that was the weapon, and “safety” the stated goal.

There is something truly awful about governments accruing more power, doing so by lying and (at the same time) telling us it is for our good.

Resilience and robustness went out the window in March 2020, to be replaced by global safetyism –in the service of totalitarianism.

We know that the political class and their benefactors and hangers-on actually don’t give a rat’s about our safety.

They will risk nuclear war to win a regional argument and to appear strong. They will stop us from acquiring “safe” and effective treatments.

They will use remdesivir and ventilators on the aged and infirm. They will ship the infected to aged care homes. No, safetyism is all about them and their indecent lust for power.


There is a new term to describe the world we now inhabit. The new cliched acronym is BANI – brittle, anxious, non-linear, incomprehensible. This is the upside-down, inside-out world, not just of business, but of life.

Now, we have governments which do not govern us. And corporates and NGOs which do.

Supra-national (unelected) bodies dictate the minute details of our lives.

In a brittle and anxious world full of brittle and anxious, unmoored low-information people, strange and unwelcome ideas move in to fill the void.

Things like convenience and safety sound benign, but they are not. Dangerous? You bet.

Safetyism provides those who would do us ill an alibi for irreversible despotism and tyranny.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  courtesy  The Sydney Morning Herald.

1 thought on “‘Safety’ the new code for control

  1. The cult of Safety’s logical conclusion is that no-one will be allowed to venture outside their home except to work to pay tax. All the time our masters will cower the masses by proclaiming that they are doing it for the their own good, and demonize any dissenters as dangerous.

    Man must be brave to be free.

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