The problem with Katherine Deves

EDITORIAL – POLITICOM exists first and foremost to ensure conservative families are represented by sensible centre-Right Members of Parliament. 

Like many hard-working Liberal volunteers and supporters, we’ve become disillusioned in our support for factionally-imposed politicians dressed in conservative clothing. 

For the sake of legitimacy, Ms Deves should have insisted on a constitutionally-required Liberal Party preselection plebiscite. But she didn’t.

Left-imposed candidates almost always say the right things while campaigning  – but immediately revert to colour once elected.

This can’t be allowed to continue! If centre-Right conservatives keep blindly backing Left faction candidates, they’ll no longer have a mainstream Party left to support. 


The only way to ensure Australia’s parliament represents its communities, their views and their values, is to stop factions from selecting their candidates.

Unfortunately, this hasn’t occurred in the case of Liberal candidate for Warringah, Katherine Deves.

For the sake of legitimacy, Ms Deves should have insisted on a constitutionally-required Liberal Party preselection plebiscite. But she didn’t.

Instead, she accepted a dirty factional deal between NSW Treasurer Matt Kean’s hard Left faction and a desperate PM under pressure from key factional ally Alex Hawke.

Mr Hawke, who dragged the PM down with him, was forced to deal with the Liberal’s radical Left faction to remain in Parliament. As a direct result, Warringah’s only legitimate nominee, Lincoln Parker, was rolled.

Mr Kean, by the way, is a known supporter of “climate emergency” extremist Zali Steggall.

Now that Ms Deves – on a single, and correct, transgender policy issue – threatens Ms Steggall’s re-election, Mr Kean is scrambling to have his own Party’s candidate disendorsed.

The truth remains, though, that Mr Kean gave Deves the nod. As a presumed Zali acolyte, he expected to have two irons in the fire.

The sad reality for centre-Right conservatives is that, apart from her gender cause, Ms Deves is a Matt Kean-style Leftist.

She campaigned against former PM Tony Abbott in 2019. She admits this.


She agrees with Zali’s climate emergency extremism. She campaigned for it.

She promotes gender quotas above merit. It’s in her DNA.

Ms Deves is not a centre-Right Liberal conservative. She, also, admits this.

She is little more than a hard-core feminist – in the mould of Germaine Greer – and, apart from her gender cause, she remains foreign to the Party of Menzies. (Of which she has been a member for mere weeks.)

That any true Liberal Party supporter can believe otherwise is troubling.

As News Ltd’s Yoni Bashan revealed: “In reality, she is very much a product of the very [Left] moderates now calling for her resignation.

“Not only is Deves a member of the Balgowlah-Fairlight branch of the Liberal Party, regarded as the most politically moderate branch in the Warringah electorate, but she has told Party officials her membership was sponsored by Jane Buncle,” he wrote.


“Buncle, a moderate who controls the branch with NSW Environment Minister James Griffin, was slated to contest Warringah but withdrew shortly before Scott Morrison ordered a federal intervention into candidate selections for critical seats.

“How Deves was framed to the Prime Minister, who chose her as his captain’s pick, remains unclear. That moderates are now deserting her, however, is rich with irony.” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Matt Kean (L) & Katherine Deves. (courtesy 2GB)

26 thoughts on “The problem with Katherine Deves

  1. Daily Telegraph this morning;

    “Sky News host Andrew Bolt says climate independents are “conning you” in regards to Zali Steggall’s proposed climate change bill, that would introduce a target of 60 per cent reduction in emissions on 2005 levels by 2030.

    “I’ve read every word of the Steggall plan, and there is not one single line in there about how this 60 per cent cut is actually going to be done. How you’ll be taxed, whether petrol cars will be banned, what farmers are going to have to do … if coal will be banned, there is nothing – there is not a single word,” he said.

    “But this bill is worse than being absolutely clueless about how to actually cut our emissions.

    “What this bill actually does … is kill debate, cripple democracy and give an unelected climate commission amazing powers to force global warming policies, that we don’t yet know, onto us.””

    1. Climate200, consider what Andrew Bolt has revealed and consider an unelected and appointed Climate Commissioner given more influence and power than a Cabinet Minister on climate matters.

      Remember when the first NGO Climate Office was defunded by the Abbott Coalition Government, the leader Tim Flannery had none of the powers the secretive Teal Independents are plotting to introduce if they are in a position of influence, as in a minority alliance Labor Greens Government.

  2. Scomo is no fool. He’s using Deves as a vector for promoting a single issue, that of stopping the invasion of trans athletes into sport played by women and girls. Note how Deves has now been muzzled and become a virtual candidate. Clearly her handlers don’t trust Deves to get anything right. As it stands, Liberal voters in Warringah outside the political tragics and the party membership are going to vote for Deves as a proxy for Scomo, whose approval rating is on a rising trend. This is very unfair to Lincoln Parker, but the odds of Deves beating Steggall are probably slightly better than evens.

    1. “Scomo is no fool.”

      $1,000,000,000,000 of foreign debt and counting gives the lie to your assertion.

      1. Federal debt according to the Budget delivered recently amounts to between $700 billion and $800 billion, you are quoting a forward budget estimate of future debt.

        Over $400 billion was inherited from Labor, firstly they failed to raise their debt ceiling for 2012/13 and continued borrowing, their 2013/14 Budget contained unfunded commitments including Gonsi State Education Grants and National Disability Insurance Scheme and Labor under-estimated the budget deficit cumulative figure as they never produced one budget surplus. Treasurer Hockey commissioned an independent audit of the Labor 2013/14 Budget and the auditors discovered these “black holes”.

        The Abbott-Hockey Budget 2014/15 was called a budget repair (of Labor’s last Budget) and the repairs led to a 2019/20 surplus estimated before the pandemic early in 2020, and debt was of course increased to fund pandemic related needs including during State Government legislated lockdowns and other restrictions supporting employers and employees. And now in 2020 the economy has recovered from recession and is growing at 3.5% GDP growth, the OECD just forecast 4.1% GDP growth in the not distant future.

        1. “Over $400 billion [of debt] was inherited from Labor […]”

          Just as a poor workman blames his tools, so an incompetent government blames its predecessors.

          “Scomo is no fool.”

          The clueless dissembler who is busy keeping the Prime Ministerial seat warm recently stated that Australians are “sick of walking on eggshells” with respect to political correctness. This would be the very same feckless hand-wringer who, in all his time at the top, has done exactly NOTHING about section 18C of the racial discrimination act. So tell us, John: do you believe what he says, or do you formulate judgements according to what he actually does? Feel free to keep voting for the accomplices of this drop kick doublespeaker if you wish, but don’t complain to me when you are arrested by the thought police and carted off to room 101.

          1. Yes, effectively $400 billion of the present Federal debt was inherited from Labor in 2013.

            * Labor did not raise their own debt ceiling for 2012/13 but continued borrowing.
            * Labor’s Budget for 2013/14 financial year contained a few very expensive items with no provision made to fund them, like Gonski state education grants and NDIS.
            * Accordingly Labor under-estimated their cumulative budget deficit amount.
            * The incoming Abbott led Coalition Government commissioned an independent audit of Labor’s 2013/14 Budget and the auditors discovered the under-stated budget deficit and the unfunded commitments that had to be funded as they were Federal commitments after negotiations with the States and Territories. The Abbott led Opposition had committed to supporting those items if elected and to support them through the Forward Estimates period while other arrangements were negotiated, like “back to basics” teaching in education.
            * Treasurer Joe Hockey announced a new debt ceiling of $500 billion of which over $400 billion was Labor debt plus unfunded 2013/14 Budget items and a contingency reserve.

  3. All of this muddle (and many other knotty political problems) would be simpler if a Party–any Party– had principles that they actually stuck to. No use formulating principles of Party or political governance if every time you bend and stretch and break them! The critical fact for both major parties is that an Independent wins a seat (eg Ted Mack, Peter MacDonald, David Barr, Tony Windsor….) often because of disillusion with the candidate of the major Party. AND then the Independents have a solid track record of keeping that seat as long as they stick to being a genuine local representative and not being suborned by either major Party. A Party without principles is seldom a governing Party.

  4. Justin, – thanks for your comments BUT I think Scomo knew the high caliber of Candidate needed to defeat THE INDEPENDENT WHO HAS A TRACK RECORD OF ZERO – ZILCH EFFECTIVENESS – ZALI! There are so many nongs around here who give her their blind support!

    Deves will be a team player and will mainly back Scomo, Frydenberg, Dutton – the PROVEN TEAM OF GOOD ECONOMIC MANAGEMENT.

    I must say here, that I don’t like, or support Scomo’s needless, ludicrous and economy-destroying climate stance AT ALL! However, Deves must have realised by now, that ‘climate’ should be bottom of the discussion list and the polls tell us that a majority of Australian voters also place it at the bottom!

    Yes, the swing is on! In the affluent Western Countries, there is now a growing stand AGAINST ALL THIS ORDURE, THIS INSANE RACE TO DRASTICALLY REDUCE ‘EMISSIONS’. I’m thinking that our Team MUST ‘see the light’ in the near future and downgrade all ludicrous ‘targets’.i


  5. The Morrison Token Feminazi whom is a fraud like the man who has elected her whilst the male candidate was sabotaged via his own party . Vote for Steven Tripp of One Nation in Warringah and stop the hijacking by the PC Feminists who are bigger crooks than any man .

  6. “The problem with Katherine Deves”.

    The problem with Katherine Deves is similar to the problem with Zali Steggall: Zali is a very, very stupid woman, whereas Katherine is simply a very stupid woman.

    Of course, it was a political masterstroke by Scott to tip out the duly preselected candidate Lincoln Parker in favour of a newly-minted man-hating climate fantasist. I’m sure that Warringah “Liberal” party members are simply thrilled to be the beneficiaries of the good graces and excellent judgement of their party’s unaccountable factional overlords and that ever-compliant Morrison (AKA “Jelly on a String”). The local members had their chance to play at party democracy, and now they can get out of the way while the big boys from the back room show them how things are *really* done.

  7. Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practise to deceive…. I think the motto on NSW car number plates should be changed to “State of Confusion”. I was quite happy when it looked like Lincoln Parker would get the nod for Warringah. First preference would have been Abbott because he’s the clearest-thinking conservative currently in the game. However, Parker was impressive. So I would vote Liberal. Then the PM connived with Hawke to subvert the NSW Constitutional requirement for a preselection plebiscite and pushed Deves in. No way I would vote Liberal nor donate funds. That Deves thinks boys should not compete in girls sport? Okay, maybe time for a rethink because I agree with that. Then Deves recanted and apologised for what she had said and the PM agreed. So what do I think now? Now Kean has called for her to be cancelled … which almost guaranteed my support. The only thing I have read from Deves is she has said she will still stand. What an ungodly mess!

    1. Garry, unlike you, I’m not confused. The Liberals have made a mess of themselves. They’ve betrayed pretty much everyone who has ever supported them. Like WA and SA, they need to be destroyed only so they can re-contemplate why they exist. Menzies comes to mind.

    2. Garry, you speak like someone who has not met Katherine and has only heard bits of what she said. I have met her and despite earlier reservations when I was as half informed as you currently seem, I am now a strong supporter. She is an impressive lady! And anyone who knows me would know I am also a strong supporter of Tony Abbott, so no conflict on your statement there.
      What she said in what your call ‘recanting’ is that she could have put her statement in a better way. She still believes that women’s sport should be for women only if that is what they want.
      And as for Kean – don’t get me started on him!! I’d be in danger of a law suit. Suffice to say that he is the one who should be cancelled!

      1. “She is an impressive lady!”

        She is a very stupid woman – if you find that “impressive”, then you should go ahead and vote for her. (Who knows, if you are lucky, she may even personally tattoo your new digital identity number on your forehead and then autograph her work for good measure).

  8. I’m sure that like most Aussies, Deves has now realised that the ‘climate’ issue has been inflated to ludicrous, disproportionate importance. There are so many much, – much – more important fights to be fought and yes, keeping women’s and girls’s sports fair and safe is one of these important issues.

    Being intelligent, I’m also sure she ealises that our P.M and Treasurer are correctly placing OUR ECONOMY on a pedestal this election. Funding for everything, – for growth in education, health, infrastructure, security etc. etc. and for implementing new initiatives and for enforcing all laws, flows from the Liberal’s ability to WISELY MANAGE OUR ECONOMY.

    NOW TO THOROUGHLY MAD AND BAD MATT KEAN! His rabid calls for Deves to be disendorsed will guarantee an avalanche of support for her! And, THANKYOU Perrottet for supporting Deves’ important cause!

    1. Jennifer, with all respect , you have been sucked into the leftist narrative. Deves is a climate radical. She is also a man-hating feminist. At what point do you admit you’ve been deceived by party propaganda. These people care nothing for you or me.

        1. Perhaps because she actively campaigned for a climate radical in 2019. She admits this. I believe her. What will it take to convince you otherwise?

          1. Many people get sucked in by a loud but mistaken group into backing the wrong cause – until they explore for themselves and find the fallacy. Then they get on the right track,

          1. So, maybe she like a majority of Warringah voters believed that Steggall was as she claimed to be from “the sensible right” and had no way of knowing that she had never voted Liberal, in fact her husband told media that his wife had voted for the Greens.

            Also, as described by former MP, Minister and Speaker Bronwyn Bishop, the 2019 election campaign was the dirtiest she has experienced. It commenced for Warringah over a year before the official election campaign began. The smearing a deceptive claims made about Tony Abbott MP were disgraceful.

            And as former Mayor of North Sydney, later MP for North Sydney as a real Independent, commented after he decided not to stand for election again, as an Independent he was unable to do much for his constituents because he had no access to Cabinet Ministers or Shadow Cabinet Ministers from the major parties, no party room chair. Of course he could arrange appointments with Ministers but that is not as useful as being a party MP with informal access.

            Ted Mack refused to accept a parliamentary pension saying that he did not deserve it based on his lack of real achievements for constituents in North Sydney electorate.

            The (we are not a political party) candidates masquerading as Independents (Climate200 group) are obviously planning if elected to Parliament to gain influence and access via a Labor and Greens government alliance, formal or informal. But question their motives, obviously a narrow focus on climate politics and Steggall has already tabled proposed legislation to create an all powerful Climate Commissioner, an unelected official who could dictate to the Federal Government on climate related matters. And the primary beneficiaries would of course be the investors into renewable energy, electric cars, carbon trading and other climate politics agenda.

            Pity about the all important Economy and other should be priorities such as Defence.

            It has been correctly pointed out: It’s the economy stupid.

          2. ‘Steggall […] claimed to be from “the sensible right”’

            “The louder he spoke of his honour, the faster we counted the spoons.” (Ralph Waldo Emerson)

            The problem that most voters have is that they listen to what politicians say, rather than paying attention to what they actually do. This explains the popularity among conservatives of individuals such as Tony Abbott, who, although undoubtedly well-intentioned, ultimately proved to be too lacking in courage and real life experience to be an effective MP.

          3. It fascinates me how armchair “experts” criticise politicians such as Tony Abbott MP and Scott Morrison MP and completely ignore the track record as Cabinet Ministers before being elected to be Prime Minister.

            And then pass judgement on them from the comfort of the armchair newspaper, on line commentary, radio or television news and current affairs accepted as fact. Of course Albo would not be attempting to smear PM Morrison today in Perth by claiming he is never around, doesn’t hold a hose which was a sarcastic response to a journalist’s dumb question about his being on a family holiday during 2019 bushfires, dumb question because the Acting PM was on duty, arranged ADF assistance requested by State governments and toured bushfire areas with State officials. Of course the PM is not a volunteer fire fighter, and the Federal Government is not responsible for emergency services etc., they are State Government services funded by State budgets.

            Tony Abbott was criticised repeatedly for telling the truth about UN IPCC climate computer modelling being “crap”, but the attackers claimed he said climate change is crap which he did not do. But like all of the climate sceptics, we understand that climate changes naturally, Earth Cycles, and that the computer modelling is crap, as Professor Ian Plimer and many other qualified people know. Christopher Monckton the British mathematician conducted an audit of the IPCC modelling and discovered the figures did not match historic records data.

            Many more examples, “relentless negativity”, character assassination attempts, mud slinging and when mud is thrown the target gradually gets covered and people forget the real person smeared and see only the mud.

            GetUp and comrades very effectively carried out a mud throwing exercise against Tony Abbott in 2019 and since late 2018 political opponents have made Scott Morrison a target. And the armchair “parrots” happily spread the mud.

            When can we expect to see expert in politics Morrie fronting up as a candidate for election, knowing what to avoid doing wrong to be a success?

          4. ‘It fascinates me how armchair “experts” criticise politicians such as Tony Abbott MP and Scott Morrison MP […]’

            It fascinates me how so many people want to comment on matters political, but who haven’t a clue about how politics works. Let me explain this to you: I am the principal, and MPs such as Tony and Scott are my agents; that is to say, they work for me, I do not work for them. So when I am rightly unhappy with their performance and I express my strong disapproval, I am not speaking as a “critic” but AS THEIR EMPLOYER. I pay the salary of these people, and I therefore have every right to call out their consistent and thoroughly wilful failure to competently discharge their duties to the people of Australia.

            In an earlier comment I made reference to section 18C of the racial discrimination act, which makes it a criminal offence for me to express my valid and well-considered opinions in the country of my birth – a country for which my antecedents fought and died, that it might remain free from the shackles of tyranny. Perhaps you would like to explain why you think that neither Tony nor Scott have done a single thing in pursuit of having this most egregious and insulting affront to our liberty struck down – or do you think that freedom of thought and freedom of speech are trifling matters, and that the shedding of so much ANZAC blood on foreign fields wasn’t really necessary after all?

          5. Happy to answer you question about the Anti-Discrimination Act 1975 (Labor Government) and later added Section 18C (Labor Government) Morrie.

            As you possibly know the repeal legislation was prepared and passed the Legislative Assembly but was opposed in the “hostile” Senate by opposition Senators, Labor’s Senator Penny Wong debated fiercely with Senator George Brandis QC against the repeal bill. The Abbott Coalition Government also took note that all of the churches, human rights organisations including Amnesty International and others also opposed repeal of Section 18C.

            Of far greater importance to the nation at that time was terrorism threats and the Government also had legislation prepared for tougher anti-terrorism laws including dealing with Australians who travelled overseas to join terrorist organisations.

            So the Section 18C repeal was withdrawn and filed away for consideration again at a future date yet to be determined.

            Obviously, if the Abbott Coalition Government had controlled the Senate or had enough support from minor party and independent Senators they would have proceeded with Section 18C repeal.

            Correction: “We” the people are the principals, and we don’t all necessarily agree on all subjects, do we.

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