Factional ‘rats’ told to resign over embattled Deves

LIBERAL operatives who manoeuvred to impose Party newcomer Katherine Deves onto Warringah voters have been labelled “factional rats” who should resign. 

In a ruinous start to her federal election campaign, PM Scott Morrison’s hand-picked candidate – who had previously supported Zali Steggall’s run against Tony Abbott – has made national headlines for a string of insensitive comments about the LGBTQ community. 

“It’s likely these gutless factional rats will scurry away and deny they ever supported Katherine Deves. But we know who they are!”
Senior Warringah Liberal Party member

Contesting an electorate that voted 70 per cent in favour of same-sex marriage, Ms Deves described transgender children as being “mutilated” and said she was “triggered” by the rainbow pride flag.

“Whenever I see it on social media I think ‘What now? What are they demanding now?’,” Ms Deves is alleged to have posted on social media.


It was also later revealed Ms Deves had compared transgender activists to Nazis.

She has since deleted her social media accounts and has publicly apologised at least twice for her historical comments.

“The language I used was not acceptable, and for that I apologise,” Ms Deves said on Wednesday.

Mr Morrison, who initially backed his candidate’s stance on reserving women’s sport for biological females, distanced himself after news of the “bigoted” posts broke.

In what appeared to be an about-face, the Prime Minister said his government did not have plans to support “save women’s sport” legislation, saying it was a private member’s bill.

The Liberal Party’s NSW Treasurer Matt Keen has since stepped into the fray calling on Ms Deves to be disendorsed.

Mr Kean, who leads the State’s hard Left faction that initially backed Ms Deves being parachuted in place of non-factional candidate Lincoln Parker, said there was no room in the Party for bigotry.

“This is not an intolerant society,” Mr Kean said. “There is no place in a mainstream political Party for bigotry.”

A senior Warringah Liberal, however, has suggested Mr Kean’s response didn’t go far enough.


In an email to Party members and supporters, the member said all factional players involved in parachuting Ms Deves into Warringah should resign.

“This factional pick is destroying Warringah and destroying our chance to beat Labor,” the member wrote.

“The national focus ought to be on Mr Albanese’s disastrous week, not the PM’s ‘pick’ comparing trans activists to Nazis.

“All of those who connived to reopen nominations to support someone who’d only been a Liberal member for a few weeks – with a known background of disgusting comments – while subverting the democratic process must resign.

The member indicated that the factional operatives would be exposed.

“These factional players, and we know who many of them are, still forged ahead for self-centred benefits and foisted Ms Deves on Warringah with a dirty factional deal – ensuring no plebiscite would occur,” the email continued.


“It’s likely these gutless factional rats will scurry away and deny they supported Deves.

“They want to keep their positions on the State Executive, Federal Electoral Conference, local councils and branch presidencies.

“But we know who they are!” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Katherine Deves (courtesy NSW Liberal Party)

27 thoughts on “Factional ‘rats’ told to resign over embattled Deves

  1. It seems odd that you oppose Deves. Isn’t she fighting the good fight on political correctness? Are you getting too attached to the factional warfare issue inside the Liberals, to the exclusion of the substantive issue?

    1. You do know Ms Deves admits to campaigning with climate extremist Zali Steggall – and against Abbott – in 2019? You do know she only joined the Liberal Party weeks before the 2022 campaign on a factional promise from the Left to block Warringah’s only legitimate candidate? If centre-right conservatives continue to support left-backed candidates, they won’t have a party left to support. Deves is correct on one issue only, but a sandwich (as poorly made as it is) does not make a picnic.

      1. Why would I know or care about Liberal factional intrigues? I don’t know or care and neither should you. What is at stake is basic and hard won human rights: freedom of speech, freedom from domination by an elite, the right to think. It is those opposing Deves who should leave the Liberal party.

        1. Aw geez Doug I don’t know. Maybe you like many of us, would be puzzled to how a party that defied it’s membership and its charter could possibly able to resist defying the voters too?
          And you have to wonder how a party which rewards a jumped up unrepresentative pipsqueak of a human like Kean, in defiance of almost every Liberal member or voter, could possibly govern in the interests of the nation.
          End of the day this isn’t about Deves, she has bravely promoted a single (but important) issue, with little or no support before and after the back room decision to parachute her into Warringah. You don’t have to wonder about local branch members being a little peeved at those factional manoeuvres.
          I know from here in Gilmore, the party of “our members are preselected” has denied it’s members any say for a 2nd election and consequently has few true members remaining.
          There is zero democracy within the Liberal party, and zero respect for the wishes and beliefs of the Australian people. It’s a once great party that has been eaten away from the inside to a point where it stands for nothing other than the re-election of its careerist and rent-seeking elites.
          Deves will end up as collateral damage as have so many other good people.
          I don’t buy the argument of “for the good of the campaign” if the party was serious about that they wouldn’t have snookered the popularly pre-selected candidate and would have had a lot of membership support behind him.
          To her credit Deves stands for something, that’s a real positive and it’s also who she’ll be relentlessly attacked by grubs like Kean. Too many good Liberal members and candidates are taken out, not by a relentless or talented opposition, but by the factional white-anting of their (um) colleagues. That’s why you should care.
          Menzies liberalism is alive and kicking, but the last place you’ll find it is within the executive ranks of today’s Liberal party. Yes hard won human rights are at stake, the last two years have made that crystal clear. There has been ample opportunities to fight for those rights and both Liberal and Labor have ranked from ineffectual to downright evil with regard to upholding those rights.
          That is why you should care. We all must demand democracy, demand good fair and principled representation, demand we the people are heard and that government acts for Australia, and only Australia’s, interests.

          1. Thanks David for excellent response. I do belong to the Liberal party but have more or less given up trying to participate. I feel sorry for you in Gilmore, what happened last election was totally ridiculous. Does the party think it has seats to throw away? And they did exactly the same thing in Mayo and, in the 2016 election, Indi: ran candidates with no chance of winning.
            Maybe Constance can bring up his own team from Bega, sounds like he’ll have to. I drove through the seat over Easter and don’t remember seeing any Constance posters; Gash used to have them wall to wall. Speaking of Gash, wonder what her view on girls sport is?

  2. I really agree with most of what Deves has said and the latest news has Morrison still backing her strongly.

    She also, like most realistic voters, knows full well that this election is NOT ALL ABOUT ‘CLIMATE’! Good Government is about a STRONG ECONOMY and, who better to oversee this, than our wisely intelligent Treasurer, Josh Frydenberg!

    Unfortunately, when the wretched virus terrified the whole world, we saw runaway spending in all quarters. Hopefully, the LNP GOVT. will quickly start swimming up to the surface once more and black ink will again dominate our Government ledgers – hopefully in the not-too-distant future!

    The LNP are the only Government who have been expert at returning us to surplus in the past!

    1. I couldn’t care less about the Liberals factional infighting and nor should you. This journal is supposed to be fighting for principles, which in this case Deves represents.

    2. I’m sorry to say but the Liberal party as we have known it are no longer. It has been taken over by the left and is now just the same as Labor. Yes the Liberals were good economists but this government has gone crazy with our taxpayer funded dollars that it’ll take decades to pay the bill of this virus. They have trodden on the fundamentals of government with this National Cabinet bypassing the lower and upper houses. They have taken away our freedom to move in our own country our freedom to earn a living and our freedom to chose our medical options. This government has forgotten about those quiet Australians that voted for them and us more concerned with getting the younger climate change mob o side. Why? I have no idea because it was very clear after the last election that the hoax of climate change was not important. I haven’t left the liberal party, the Liberal party left me and for the first time in 35 years I will not be voting for them and I never will again. I will be voting for those small minority parties that March beside me at the protests. I will vote for those parties that believe in our freedom and the right to chose what we put in our bodies and I will vote for a freedom party that stops funding corrupt organisations like UN, WHO and WEF.

      1. Minor parties can’t form government and thus can’t run the country. But now you have the labour party in wait to see how much they will control you

  3. Whatever the rights or wrongs of Ms Deves’ views on transgender issues, she expressed them foolishly by bringing in any comparison to Nazism. The word Fascist or racist is simply a synonym for “someone with whom I disagree”. Lame. To all candidates, I offer a word of temperance…why not stop…breathe…count to three before you spout such meaningless terms. I am so sick of people saying “sorry”. Better to NOT do those things that you almost immediately have to turn around and apologise for. It’s called manners.

  4. If you are a family in Hornsby with daughters active in competitive sport, did you know this was going down when you voted for Kean @ the last state election?

  5. Deves was targeted because she said young people who undergo gender reassignment surgery or hormonal treatment are mutilated. She is right. A lot of these kids also have great regret later on for what they did when they were young:


    Deves also said over 50% of transwomen have criminal histories. This is is partially right:


    From this study in 2019:

    Comparisons of official MOJ statistics from March / April 2019 (most recent
    official count of transgender prisoners):
    76 sex offenders out of 129 transwomen = 58.9%
    125 sex offenders out of 3812 women in prison = 3.3%
    13234 sex offenders out of 78781 men in prison =

    Deves is now receiving death threats. She has been emotional but that is understandable when already in Victoria parents face criminal offences if their child has been persuaded to undergo gender reassignment ‘therapy’ and they try to intervene:


    A recent survey by the Williams institute found trans people are 0.6% of the population. It is not right that such a small group of people are causing so much disruption and interference particularly with children.

    1. cohenite: you say “A lot of these kids also have great regret later on for what they did when they were young”. Unfortunately you are correct in the first part, that they later regret their action. But quite often it’s not a case of “what THEY did when they were young” but more a case of what they were coerced into, brainwashed, misinformed, ill-informed or otherwise pressured into making irreversible body changes because they are having trouble dealing with life and growing up. Some children find it difficult to understand changes in their feelings, personal relationships and their own self esteem. It doesn’t mean that they are the wrong sex! They need better, truthful counselling and support through a difficult time in their lives, not one-sided so-called therapy ultimately leading to irreversible decisions. The decision of the Victorian courts preventing parents involvement if their child has been persuaded to undergo gender reassignment ‘therapy’ is criminal in itself. Children in kindergarten [and now even pre-school] are being targeted and preyed upon with fear and uncertainty and to make decisions that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Leave the kids alone so they can be kids; they don’t care about who’s a boy or a girl, just that they have a friend and playmate. Don’t fill their young heads with “gender fluidity” and other confusing presumptions, but always be there for those who need guidance and support.

  6. I’m backing the LNP TEAM’s Katharine Deves as she is taking a vital and brave stand against preposterous insanity, – against people who have grown as biological males competing against biological women and girls in sport.

    I’ve a fair idea that she also knows just how massively important a thriving economy is to our Country and the LNP TEAM has indubitably proven to be the most intelligent, most experienced TEAM of wise realists. The Members ALWAYS do their homework, are ALWAYS on the ball!

    The ‘Independents’ sitting in their expensive isolation, are impotent in getting effectual Policy implemented, they often fracture and hamper good Government and of course, are obsessed with ‘climate’, the slowly and INEXORABLY, – yes, INEXORABLY changing weather and atmospheric conditions that have dominated our Earth since it started on its elipse around our massive, all-dominating Sun.

    ‘Independents’ are such terribly bad value for an Electorate’s Constituents!

  7. As soon as the election dust settles members must take matters into their own hands. Firstly by obtaining a plebiscite selection process for the state council and exec, then flush the factional teams and their adherents down the loo.

  8. Time to treat the pathetic morons that don’t know the difference between a man and a woman as the fools they are!

  9. The great rort is for biological men to dress up as women to access women’s toilets and change rooms, where a smorgasbord awaits them. Better still, the ABC’s, Matt Kean’s and PC brigade are all silly enough to fall for it, and to be there to cheer them on. Biological blokes get to compete in women’s sport and win their events, how good is that, then they’re also allowed unfettered access to their prey!

    Of course the libs blew their best chance to win Warringah when they abandoned plebiscites and Lincoln Parker, who probably would have won, and been their best member. That said, never look a gift horse in the mouth to remove Zali Stegl, as even all the lady wokes won’t want to share public lavatories with blokes, albeit dressed up as powder puffs, or want their daughters to have to compete with them in sport, nor for their daughters be monstered by them. The latter have even found their way into the women’s prison system where they’ve reportedly made female inmates pregnant, and are having the time of their lives.

    M/s Deves, to her credit, did articulate what most people are thinking, and if the lib left were smart enough, they’d capitalise on her comments to win the seat anyway, and other marginal seats, as even M/s Deves would be an improvement on the incumbent. This is an argument that Labor can’t win in mainstream Australia if properly prosecuted by the libs, and could cost the left a lot of marginal seats.

  10. Dominic Perrottet, time to get rid of Matt Kean from the ministry. And watch your back, because Kean sees himself in your chair. The quote ” hard left faction” is a worry and this should not be part of a conservative political party, it is a erosion of conservative values.

  11. Matt Kean, is the epitome of all that is wrong with the NSW Liberal party, he’s in another seat on another level of government, yet he still see himself fit to impose his skewed beliefs upon the voters of Warringah.
    The narrow minded hypocrisy of he and all of the no-talent executives who’ve imposed their will will no doubt be rewarded by the voters.
    Any Liberal knob who stands up and says “we’re a party of democratically elected representatives” should be prosecuted under the trades description act. The candidate selected by the party members of Warringah isn’t running, expect a vote result that will reflect member sentiments on such a decision.

  12. Hate to break it to you but George Christianson was correct along with Craig Kelly in leaving the LNP for people and Party’s who are prepared to use commonsense and logic against the crooks in LNP , Labor? Greens, and so called independents being paid to push their agenda’s! I personally am backing Clive Palmer and Craig Kelly and the UAP team (more clout) than One Nation but who also have a history of good runs on the board! So I am praying that there are still enough people in our country to do the same with either of those two and end up with a new two party preferred and sack the LNP, Labor, Green criminals altogether! To suggest there is still a two party race between them is a lie and any sane Australian needs to realize the size of their lies with media’s help and treason in their collective ranks! So by association do you become a part of this crooked cabal?

  13. “[…] insensitive comments about the LGBTQ community.”

    They had quite a thriving “community” of that type in the ancient cities of Sodom and Gomorrah. Unfortunately, it turns out that God’s patience has a limit – and he, most “insensitively”, destroyed those cities by raining fire and sulphur on them from heaven (no wonder that limp-wristed left-wingers don’t like Him, because such judgements are a harbinger of their own eventual doom in the lake of fire).

    The bottom line is that everyone has free will, and, for as long as they draw breath, they can conduct themselves as they choose. However, there are consequences for making bad choices, and no amount of trying to howl down the messenger will change that…

  14. Deves is correct. The whole LGBT whatever, has gone too far. Time to call a halt to this rot.

  15. The weakness of Furlong created this mess. He’s a nice guy, but he hasn’t a clue about winning.


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