Not so brave now: IDF and surrendering Hamas terrorist suspects

58% of Americans support Israel’s war on Hamas, the Wall Street Journal found, but only 17% of Democrats, who seem increasingly out of touch with the nation. IDF raided a Hamas compound overnight, where they located 250 rockets, shells, and rocket-propelled grenades. Major Roy Yanovsky posted pictures of what you can find in a typical Gaza home.

58% of Americans expressed the belief that Israel is taking necessary military measures to defend itself and prevent potential attacks by Hamas, the Wall Street Journal survey found.  Only 25% think Israel’s military actions are disproportionate.

42% of participants indicated greater sympathy toward the Israeli people, while only 12% expressed similar sentiments toward the “Palestinians.”  24% of Democrats expressed greater sympathy for “Palestinians,” while 17% leaned towards the Israelis, and 48% claimed equal sympathy for both groups. 69% of Republicans showed more sympathy for Israelis, with only 2% favoring “Palestinians” and 17%  sympathizing with both groups.


The Israeli Air Force destroyed a launch site in the Jabalia “refugee camp” from which rockets were being fired toward the city of Sderot, one of several launch sites attacked over the past 24 hours across the Gaza Strip, JNS reports. Israeli Defense forces raided a Hamas compound overnight, where they located 250 rockets, shells, and rocket-propelled grenades, as well as other weapons and military equipment. Troops also struck a weapon production factory where they located hundreds of grenades, rockets, and M72 LAW rockets (light anti-tank weapons).

Major Roy Yanovsky, head of the Channel 13 News investigative desk, who is on reserve duty with the 7007th Reserve Battalion in Gaza, posted pictures of what he and other soldiers found in Gaza houses.

מטענים. קשה למצוא רחוב בלי בית שמחזיק אצלו כמה מוכנים להפעלה. גם ווסטים, מדים וציוד לחימה לא רע בכלל

— רועי ינובסקי (@Roi_Yanovsky) December 11, 2023

“Things you find in Gaza homes:” Yanovsky wrote, starting a thread and noting that the most common items were RPG missiles and Kalashnikov rifles. “The supply is highly impressive.”

The second common item is explosive charges. “It’s hard to find a street without a house that has several ready-to-use, including vests, uniforms, and pretty impressive combat equipment,” he added. Yanovsky also found Russian 122 mm Grad missiles in Gaza homes, as well as a calendar with a photo of kidnapped IDF soldier Gilad Shalit and a book about the bloody Second Intifada.

לוח שנה ברקע חטיפת גלעד שליט

— רועי ינובסקי (@Roi_Yanovsky) December 11, 2023

Yanovsky also  found “A coloring book for children that begins with a description of the Nakba, a ‘Map of Palestine’ with the monitored borders and no mention of Israel.” This “is found in almost every home,” he stressed.

Yanovsky ended the thread with what he claims is “the most important finding – a transistor radio that picks up Reshet Bet everywhere and in every dungeon. The soldiers huddle around it in silence as they have the opportunity to catch up on hourly local news. This makes it possible to maintain sanity and connection to the outside world.”


The Hamas-controlled Health Ministry said the number of dead in the Gaza Strip had risen to 18,205, in addition to 49,645 wounded, Jewish Press reported. “As many of the dead and injured are suspected terrorists, the IDF monitors the operation of health ministry ambulances, which have been caught numerous times with transported terrorists onboard. As a result, ambulances are late reaching and transporting the wounded to hospitals and they are left to bleed to death.”

“According to Al-Quds, Israeli forces are besieging the Kamal Adwan Hospital in northern Gaza, where the hospital director confirmed that the situation is dire: “We have 65 injured, 12 children in intensive care, 6 premature babies, and 3,000 displaced people,” Jewish Press wrote.

“The director noted that Israeli drones are bombing anyone leaving or entering the hospital. This brings to mind a curious phenomenon: last Saturday, Haaretz’s anti-Israeli journalist Amira Haas reported that out of 36 hospitals in the Gaza Strip, only 14 are still functioning. The thing is, Israel, with a population of close to 9 million, has only 30 general hospitals. Why does Gaza, with about 2 million residents, need 36 hospitals?”

“The answer is becoming clear: over the past 15 years, Hamas has been using hospitals, schools, mosques, and all other civic institutions as a cover for storing and operating weapons against Israel,” according to Jewish Press. “On Monday, the fighters of the Nahal Brigade located a training facility for RPG shooting hidden inside a mosque in the heart of a civilian neighborhood in Jabaliya, with a stock of grenades, cartridges, and various types of weapons. The IDF clarified that some of the weapons were found in bags belonging to a civilian organization operating in the Gaza Strip.”

“There are no civilian organizations in Gaza – every institution and the vast majority of the people have been turned since 2007 into a kind of North Vietnam, where everybody is either part of the fight or a traitor,” Jewish Press writes. “Even the Hamas tunnels were modeled after the tunnels of Củ Chi, an immense network of connecting tunnels located in the Củ Chi District of Ho Chi Minh City, which were part of a much larger network of tunnels that underlie much of the country.”

“From the Shin Bet interrogation of captured Hamas terrorists who participated in the October 7 massacre, it turns out that the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades operate their own fleet of ambulances, which appear in every way like the real thing. This allowed Hamas to transport fighters above ground without fear of an aerial attack. The same ambulances also transport food and ammunition to the fighting terrorists”, Jewish Press said.

“Also, as some IDF units discovered the hard way, every empty institution in Gaza is booby-trapped, including schools, hospitals, and mosques.”



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