Climate grifters cop it in the neck

by PAUL COLLITS – THE utter fraud of the 100,000 climate grifters gathered in the United Arab Emirates for their pre-Christmas pagan weather festival has been exposed. 

Yes, one hundred thousand attended COP 28 this month; this isn’t a misprint. And, of course, NSW Liberal MP Matt Kean was there. 

The global boiling emergency brigade in Australia will no doubt be hoping and praying for the hottest summer ever down under (as they have been forever predicting), after a two-summer hiatus.

To give COP 28 its full and more grandiose title, “the conference of the parties to the UNFCCC”. And boy, what a party they have each and every year, this global caravanserai of the climate glitterati.

Is it too late to nominate someone for the once great Time magazine’s “person of the year” for 2023?


My own nominee would be Sultan Al Jaber of the United Arab Emirates. For his contribution to climate realism and the utter dissing of the recent COP 28 – we’ve only had twenty-eight? – that he was hosting.

Two quotes from the enlightened man will suffice: “UAE’s Sultan Al Jaber says phase-out of coal, oil and gas would take world ‘back into caves’.”

Too true, but decidedly not on-message.

And this to complete the entire case against net-zero rubbish in two short sentences: “there is ‘no science’ indicating that a phase-out of fossil fuels is needed to restrict global heating to 1.5° C.”

No scientific basis for the fear, then, and no joy for anyone in attempting to address it. Better than anyone else this year, the Sultan nailed the utter fraud.

It gets even better: “Al Jaber made the comments in ill-tempered responses to questions from Mary Robinson, the chair of the Elders group and a former UN special envoy for climate change, during a live online event on November 21.

“As well as running COP 28 in Dubai, Al Jaber is also the chief executive of the United Arab Emirates’ State oil company, Adnoc, which many observers see as a serious conflict of interest.”

See what happens when you let an Emirate run a climate conference. At least, unlike the (now former) unspellable Premier of Queensland, he didn’t knock down any iconic sporting stadia to host the thing. I just hope Adnoc shares are doing okay.

The Sultan’s eminently sensible remarks naturally had the climate summiteers wetting their pants. And not in a good way.

The comments were “incredibly concerning” and “verging on climate denial”, scientists said, and they were at odds with the position of the UN secretary general, António Guterres.

Verging on climate denial! Gosh.

There is a fair bit of denial going around right about now. October 7 denial, for example. Scientists said? Not real scientists. Just Summit rent-a-crowds who must know in their hearts that they are just there for the business deals, not the “science”.


And I won’t even mention the private jets and limos. Hypocrisy is the least of their troubles.

Speaking of António Guterres, the former Portuguese politician and career-globalist who has seamlessly moved on from refugees to climate lies, he hasn’t had a good few months.

Here is just one Wall Street Journal headline: “The Disgrace of the United Nations on Israel. The Secretary-General abandons Israel, a State the UN helped to create.”

Yes, Israel is the work of the UN, notwithstanding Lord Balfour’s early twentieth century advocacy and thousands of years of history.

It is tempting to say, stick to climate, Antonio. Better still, retire from international jet-set politicking, buy a property in the Algarve and tend your Lavendula.

WSJ continues: “In the ever-expanding hall of shame for propagators of global disorder, prepare a special pedestal for UN Secretary-General António Guterres. His disgraceful remarks Tuesday to the Security Council are an example of why the UN can’t be counted on to keep the peace anywhere.

“Mr Guterres’ comments amount to nothing less than an apologia for Hamas terrorists, despite a few thin caveats.”

Why on earth then would we trust the UN on climate?

COP 28 had other disappointments, of course.

Former Democratic US Presidential nominee John Kerry has been accused of farting during his speech at the COP 28 climate conference.


Talk about the need to reduce emissions. There was a still higher level of disappointment to come. The Leftist from central casting, George Monbiot, sighed: “COP 28 is a farce rigged to fail…”

Well, George, why keep having them?

John Ellwood at The Conservative Woman describes COP 28 as: “A woke confederation of grifters, chancers and shysters.”

Just about sums it up. COPs and robbers, as another observer at TCW noted.

John’s exposé of the sheer extent of the taxpayer funded con job is something to behold. For one, the inter-connections are breathtaking. Public/private partnerships, as Klaus Schwab would call them.

But there is a more serious side to this farce. It is no joke, even if it looks like one.

UK journalist James Corbett thinks it the “de facto global government”. And the climate “scientists” don’t just want to write reports. They want to run the whole thing.

Five lead authors of IPCC reports [International Panel on Climate Change] told The Guardian that scientists should be given the right to make policy prescriptions and, potentially, to oversee their implementation by the 195 States signed up to the UN framework convention on climate change (UNFCCC).

Oxford University physicist Will Jones notes: “Scientists at the UN’s IPCC have demanded the power to set global climate policy as they despair at the slow pace of climate action.”

Slow pace? The destruction of the West’s economy feels like it is tracking nicely, from where I sit. On any reckoning, the future is grim already.

Letting the IPCC dictate national climate policies would get us to the cliff even faster. And usher in world government.

As to the question, why keep having them, well, let the Financial Review explain: “In recent years, a ‘climate Davos’ has emerged on the fringes of COP summits, with companies striking deals, swapping notes and talking to politicians.”

They have turned the Climate Temple into a market place. Crony capitalism. Bloomberg referred to “the summit’s gold-gilded enormity”.


It wasn’t kidding. It makes Ben Hur seem like the local amateur theatre company in a small country town west of the ranges.

I wonder if COP 28 hookers charge more than the US$2500 a pop, which was the going rate (so I believe) in Davos.

(By the way, speaking of woke, I hope they all enjoyed COP 28’s “finance and gender day”.)

The global boiling emergency brigade in Australia will no doubt be hoping and praying for the hottest summer ever down under (as they have been forever predicting), after a two-summer hiatus.

If they can’t keep extreme weather events going, their narratives might not be enough to keep us all scared witless.

One question remains. Will Australia score COP 31, now that Turkiye (as we all have to spell Turkey now) is in the race? And will there be an economy left for the prospective mein host, Chris Bowen, to gloat over?

The Australia Institute’s Polly Hemming thinks a successful bid by Australia (with other Pacific Nations) would simply be a “greenwash”, since: “While fossil fuels are thriving, the government’s domestic climate initiatives are languishing.”

Languishing? There is just no pleasing the radical class.

They have already won, on this as on so many other issues. Yet they think they keep on losing.


Our economy is down the gurgler, we are, to quote the Sultan again, simply reversing gear back to the caves, we are covering the continent with wind farms and all the endless infrastructure needed to supply them with power and we are giving $150m of taxpayer funds to Pacific Island climate “victims”, even though the most famous of them (Tuvalu) is actually growing in size rather than sinking into the sea.

We are pursuing “net-zero”. We are phasing out cars, even though practically no one is buying EVs and those who are have great trouble insuring them.

We have Liberal Oppositions “matching” Labor’s commitments to killing the fossil fuel industry. We are spoiling views and probably damaging marine ecosystems along the coast with wind farms at sea.

The total Canberra spend on not solving the non-problem?

Budget 2023-24 sets out $4.6b in new climate-related spending commitments for climate action out to June 30, 2030. This is further to the $25b of climate-related spending committed in the October 2022–23 Budget.

What else does Polly want, I wonder? A cracker, perhaps.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: COP 23 delegate & NSW Liberal MP Matt Kean. (courtesy The Canberra Times)

6 thoughts on “Climate grifters cop it in the neck

  1. There’s one simple fact that should stop all this nonsense about global warming and the need for Australia to achieve net zero and that is: AUSTRALIA ONLY PRODUCES JUST OVER 1% OF HUMAN-INDUCED GLOBAL CO2 EMISSIONS.
    Climate activists – including most of our political and corporate pseudo elites – just ignore that fact. They don’t dispute it – they simply ignore it, like the idiots they are!
    If they had any brains, they would calm the hysteria and severely cut back on all the nation-destroying activities they are pursuing including making Communist China richer and ensuring our total reliance on them for most of the totally unnecessary renewables’ products such as solar panels, wind turbines, EVs and lithium-ion batteries.
    Wake up everybody before it’s too late!

  2. The same Cultist That Peddled Covid also peddling Climate Hoax. Just how gullible have the masses become ? Very – as the masks are still on , new vaccines available and the Destruction of Energy Grids and increase in Friction Cars (with Yes Stickers On them) are proof of The Simple Minded & Easily Led Astray Herd.

  3. I studied climate science at a time, (1970s) when it had no pretensions about certainty and recognised the stochastic or unpredictable nature of, well, nature. Today climate science is not a science but a religion or ideology used to achieve power; which is why the commies have invested so heavily in this. A generation of kiddies have had the brain virus of alarmism put in their poor little brains by a motley crew of Gramskites and Marchers through the institutions and sundry grifters and 2 bit politicians.

    Man made climate change, anthropogenic climate change, or as the commie, fat mongrel in charge of the UN calls it, global boiling is complete and utter BS. I can give a hundred reasons why. I challenge anyone to give one scintilla of proof for this insidious idea which is wrecking JUST the Western world.

  4. History

    When the UN IPCC first released their computer modelling of climate change global warming UK maths expert Christopher Monckton conducted an audit and published his report that was peer reviewed, his report was highly critical of the IPCC computer modelling and pointed out the many errors and omissions when compared to historic weather record data.

    The UN IPCC was very angry and banned Monckton from speaking at their climate conferences, they used excuses claiming that he is not a scientist, but he never claimed to be a scientist, and that the science is settled, but science is never settled. A while later hackers released in two batches emails between IPCC “scientists” revealing them discussing how to create a warming trend. and not get caught for fudging figures, creative accounting. The releases were around the time of the UN IPCC Copenhagen Climate Conference attended by Australia’s Union Labor Prime Minister Rudd and a very large group of delegates he took with him.

    The emails were soon referred to as climate gate one and two, very embarrassing for climate hoaxers.

    But the emails did support Christopher Monckton’s audit report and the lack of credibility the warming trend modelling represents.

    Around 2014 Australian scientist Doctor Jennifer Marohasy and associates wrote to the Abbott Coalition Government about their auditing of BoM weather related media releases and BoM weather historic record data, for example, that weather station records from before 1910 were ignored by BoM, and noting that during second half 1800s there were real heatwaves recorded, not the latest BoM 2023 every day heatwave alerts and graduated levels of heatwaves that even refer to high twenties. Doctor Marohasy has written about “heat sinks” or BoM weather stations located alongside airport runways, sealed roads and buildings and similar areas that are no longer covered with vegetation. Of course the temperature readings will be higher in or near to a heat sink. And also the electronic temperature readings that change constantly and how the readings can be exploited.

    Prime Minister Abbott apparently asked his Cabinet Ministers to vote for conducting an independent audit at the BoM but was defeated by a small majority. The Minister wrote to BoM management to ask for an explanation based on Doctor Marohasy’s letter and the allegations were acknowledged, the response called it errors and omissions and promised to rectify the situation in future.

    The enormous amounts of taxpayer’s and consumer’s monies already spent on trying to fix a problem that is natural, climate zones change over time, in Roman Empire period the conditions were warmer than present day, at the Copenhagen Conference delegates from China advised that during 3,600 years of civilisation records there were three warmer periods than present day and each warmer period brought greater prosperity as food and other crop yields increased … Carbon Dioxide (CO2 and not C Carbon) is essential for life on this planet, the present 410 parts per million (0.041% of atmosphere) is not much above starvation level. We would be better off with 1,500 ppm to 2,000 ppm. In US Navy submarines it is not uncommon for readings of 8,000 ppm when submerged for long periods.

    The sooner this woke stupidity is cast aside the better our future will be.

  5. Quote

    RePlanet Africa
    @RePlanetAfrica Uganda will have 24,000MW of nuclear energy by 2040. This was
    announced today at the launch of the national energy transition plan
    @COP28 UAE. “We were delighted by the commitment by 22 countries to triple nuclear energy. This aligns with our energy strategy,” said …

    * Small Nuclear Reactors can be used to replace the coal burning boiler power station systems.
    * SMR can be supplied as factory-built kit generator units to be assembled on client locations.
    * No new land is needed, utilise existing power station locations.
    * No new transmission lines or main grid transmission lines are needed, if necessary upgrade existing.
    * Cost-benefits – much cheaper than wind-solar and all the firming back up equipment, and reliable 24/7.


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