Pope acts like a fool in Holy times

by PAUL COLLITS – AS BILLIONS of Christians celebrate the holiest of weeks, leading up to Easter, the head of the Catholic Church seems more focused on slandering those who struggle with his extreme social views. 

If ever there was a world figure – let us not say “leader” – about which the phrase “this time he has gone too far” has ceased to have any meaning, it would be the current occupant of the See of St Peter. 

In addition to having warped priorities, clearly the current pontiff is not a man of science. They say the greatest sin is pride. This Pontiff seems to have it by the bucketload.

As with Daniel Andrews, one feels that “he had gone too far” simply by being born. Everything else has been downhill, at speed.

Catholic News Digest reported his week as follows: “Pope Francis denounces “anti-vaxxers”, calls COVID jab refusal an “almost suicidal act of denial.”


Suicidal? Denial? Strong words, Your Holiness. Are they even remotely plausible, let alone true? And should you, of all people, be saying this? Now?

Strange priority, right there.

British pharmacologist Mike Yeadon has a similar view: “I’m not among those who have ever paid attention to what the Pope says. But even with that routine indifference, I surely can’t be alone in thinking ‘Why are you even thinking about this at this point?’ What a bizarre public statement from him.

“Obviously, the authorities have been lying about this from the off. But how is this even in his top five things to concern himself with?”

Yes, I know, he has a book to market. Yet …

In addition to having warped priorities, clearly the current pontiff is not a man of science. Does he know that science is about proposing and testing hypotheses, about gathering real-world evidence to support theories (like the claim that COVID vaccines are 95 per cent effective), about Popperian falsifiability? I suspect not.

Nor does he read the news. Well, not the truth-telling news. If he did, he would know that the jab was always ineffective, not needed and dangerous. The Pope clearly hasn’t caught up with peer review.

My simple question to the rabidly pro-vaxx Pope would be – if the jab works, why would you even care that I hadn’t had the jab? And if it didn’t work, why would I get it?

All of the emergent science on COVID vaccines shows that:

  • Big Pharma cheated on the trials;
  • Governments corruptly offered emergency approval to the vaccine manufacturers;
  • Governments have falsely demonised alternate treatments;
  • The political class has lied about vaccine safety since the get-go;
  • The media has lied to the public about the vaccines;
  • The “95 per cent safe” narrative was never true, and is now known to have been never true;
  • Dissidents, typically globally respected virologists and epidemiologists, have been routinely silenced and de-platformed;
  • Those who challenged the narrative are globally respected scientists and medical practitioners;
  • The evidence about excess deaths following the roll-out of the vaccines is compelling.

The evidence on vaccines is all negative, overwhelming and getting even worse as time goes by. Just because the mainstream media don’t report this doesn’t make it magically go away. It continues to roll out, with fresh revelations, studies and reports on a daily basis.

Florida’s Surgeon General states, unequivocally: “The vaccines aren’t appropriate for use in humans”.

US medical research philanthropist Steve Kirsch states: “We were told that the COVID vaccine saves lives. But I haven’t found a single medical practice where that was true. I did, however, find a medical practice with a five-fold mortality increase!”

Next there is US cardiologist Peter McCullough: “Maternal deaths have skyrocketed in America, and the CDC ‘doesn’t know’ what’s causing it.

“The maternal mortality rate for 2021 was 32.9 deaths per 100,000 live births, compared with a rate of 23.8 in 2020 and 20.1 in 2019.


“That’s a 38.2 per cent increase compared to 2020 and a 63.7 per cent increase from 2019.

“This increase in maternal deaths has erased four decades of progress in obstetrics.”

I know His Holiness isn’t big on large families – breeding like rabbits? – but perhaps all of us should be a tad concerned with the massive sterilisation going on post the vaccine rollout.

From his recent and not-so-recent utterances, it is clear that the Pope bought the big lie – that it was the vaccines, and only the vaccines, that could and did end the lockdowns and other madnesses of COVID exceptionalism.

Referring to the COVID-related lockdowns as a “grim scenario”, Francis stated that “this grim scenario began to change with the arrival of the first vaccine.”

This was always a blatant false binary, that only fools would have bought lock, stock and barrel.

This overwhelming evidence, and the Pope’s incomprehensible ignorance of it, suggests (pretty obviously) that the current Pope is an ideologue with little interest in the truth.

He does not understand that his preferred globalist mates are tyrannical liars who hate freedom and rights. And souls. Or, perhaps, he knows all this. Which of these is worse?

But there is more, alas.

The man from Argentina – a Peronist’s Peronist – is also the nasty pope. It shows plainly in his latest tirade.

Author Rebekah Barnett (Dystopian Downunder) describes what Francis and others (like Jack the Insider at The Australian and a host of others) have been doing to the unjabbed heroes as “toxic labelling”. A pretty good description.

Again, setting aside the Pope’s strange priorities, you actually don’t expect popes to be nasty, to be engaging in toxic labelling. To be keeping a spiteful narrative bubbling along. To be triggering good, innocent and wise people.

You expect at least good manners from the leader of a Christian church, even if he is hopelessly misinformed on issues. As this one is.

US critical care physician Pierre Kory notes: “The hatred directed against the unvaccinated came first from the lie the vaccine was 95 per cent effective, then once that lie was exposed, on the lie it prevented hospitalisation and death.”

Yes, it is, indeed, hatred we are seeing here.

“Nasty” and “pope” are not two words normally seen in the same sentence. Think of his immediate predecessor, Joseph Ratzinger. A man of sublime intellect, learning, humility, empathy and understated, saintly poise.

Or of his predecessor’s predecessor, St John Paul II. A man of piety, self-control and turbo-charged forgiveness, as witnessed by his gentle and meek meeting with his would-be assassin. No grumpy, superior “I told you so” attitude there.

No, nasty popes are not something that any Catholic, nor anyone else, for that matter, has ever encountered, or at least not in any of our lifetimes.

He is old and in pain? A grumpy old pope?  So was Pope Karol of Poland. He endured serious, grappling pain for a considerable time, and endured it with almost unimaginable equanimity and grace.

Even if one didn’t know about the Argentinian Pope’s previous dozens, possibly hundreds, of crimes and misdemeanours, this latest effort would take one’s breath away.

But let’s review the record.

Just think of making climate scepticism a sin, inviting de-population, pro-abortion publicists to Vatican conferences, worshipping Amazonian gods, blessing same-sex unions, bullying and sacking “conservatives” like Cardinal Raymond Burke, removing opponents from Vatican jobs, worshipping at the altar of gay culture, embracing globalist puppet-masters like Schwab, abusing traditionalists, smashing their preferred Latin Mass, having routine, snide cracks at Catholics who have big families or who oppose abortion with anything approaching vigour, and driving ludicrous synods on synodality. (Whatever the last even means. Does he himself know?)

Yes, the list is long. The list is impressive in its own way. If only the College of Cardinals had recall elections, for conclaves gone horribly wrong.


They say the greatest sin is pride. This Pontiff seems to have it by the bucketload.

A Catholic traditionalist friend, knowing of my early 2020 intention to visit Rome, said, possibly half-jokingly, “are you taking a gun?”

And no, I wasn’t, and didn’t. Instead, I walked right into the COVID red zone. But that is another story.

That any Catholic could even think such a thought about a pope would once have been considered, well, unthinkable.

These days, there are a whole lot of papists who are so disoriented, so discombobulated, so pissed off with being insulted and delivered faux-theology, progressive ideology and utter drivel, that such thoughts are, well, at the very least, understandable.

Is it possible for a Catholic to detest a pope? In 2024, that idea is certainly in play. At every Catholic Mass, in the Prayers of the Faithful, the congregation is enjoined to pray for the Pope. Clearly, we aren’t praying nearly hard enough.

Clearly, the Pope can’t forgive us. His snarling, misplaced anger is enduring.

The question arises, should we forgive the Pope? He should be begging our forgiveness, not only for the abuse, but for being such a staunch supporter of globalist narratives, and for using his sacred office for malevolent purposes.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Pope Francis. (courtesy The Telegraph UK)

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