Trump can’t win in 2024

by PAUL COLLITS – WHO knows what the Democrats truly have in mind for 2024? The one thing we do know they have in mind – Trump loses. However that may happen. 

Imprisonment, indictments, defamation cases, mumblings about Jeffrey Epstein, World Economic Forum dire Trump-warnings, whatever else they can conjure up. 

Nearly 30 per cent of all mail-in respondents in the 2020 Presidential Election admitted to committing at least one of four types of fraud covered in the survey.

One thing is certain – postal ballots! Well, it worked last time.

The Heartland Institute, such a long-time source of rational thinking and evidence-based science, especially relating to the climate-mongering class, has spilled the beans on 2020.


As anyone moderately awake now surely knows, it was, indeed, a COVID-driven fix. And you don’t need to even mention Dominion, software or computer vote counting to find the proof.

Here is a headline, courtesy of The Vigilant Fox: “Mail-In Ballot Fraud Study Finds Trump ‘Almost Certainly’ Won in 2020.”

The article says more than 43 per cent of votes cast in the 2020 US Presidential Election were by mail… .

The headline and the subsequent story are very real. Cutting to the chase, 28.2 per cent of US mail-in voters admitted in a self-reported study conducted by Heartland to some form of ballot fraud.

If anything, this will be under-reporting. (And yes, not all mail-in fraudsters would have voted for Beijing Biden).

The full Heartland study can be found here.

In summary:

  • New Policy Study applies results of the late-2023 Heartland/Rasmussen poll which found more than one-in-four mail-in voters admitted to committing at least one kind of election fraud.
  • Even if only a fraction of self-admitted fraud occurred, Trump likely beats Biden in multiple swing states, wins 2020 Electoral College vote.

The fuller story is as follows:

A groundbreaking poll conducted by The Heartland Institute and Rasmussen has attempted to assess the degree of fraudulent voting that may have taken place. The results were stunning. Some of the most important findings from the poll include:

  • 21 per cent of mail-in voters admitted that in 2020 they voted in a State where they are “no longer a permanent resident”.
  • 21 per cent admitted that they filled out a ballot for a friend or family member.
  • 17 per cent said they signed a ballot for a friend or family member “with or without his or her permission”.
  • 19 per cent said that a friend or family member filled out their ballot, in part or in full, on their behalf.

After examining the raw survey data provided by Rasmussen, it was found that 28.2 per cent of all mail-in respondents admitted to committing at least one of the four types of fraud asked in the survey, meaning that more than one in four ballots cast by mail in 2020 were likely to be fraudulent, and thus should not have been counted.

The study then takes the results of the Heartland/Rasmussen survey and applies them directly to the six swing states that Biden won by razor-thin margins in 2020: Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.


Because Biden voters cast mail-in ballots at a much higher rate than Trump voters, any level of fraud almost certainly benefited Biden to a significantly greater degree than Trump.

In addition to the 28.2 per cent fraud scenario, the study analyzes the electoral results for every fraud integer from 27 per cent down to one per cent.

In every instance, except the one, two and three per cent fraud scenarios, the results indicated that Trump would have won the Electoral College in 2020 had fraudulent mail-in ballots not been counted.

Hence, even if the level of fraud detected in the Heartland/Rasmussen survey substantially overstated voter fraud by multiple orders of magnitude, Trump would likely still have won the 2020 election.

They can’t say it was impossible to see this coming in 2020.

As the Heartland report points out: “In the wake of the COVID-19 global pandemic, dozens of States significantly altered their voting processes. In many cases, these changes occurred imprudently, without serious consideration of their potentially adverse effects and without the consent of the people’s elected representatives in State legislatures.

“These abrupt and hasty changes to voting procedures in the months before the 2020 election occurred despite the fact that ample evidence showed that mass mail-in voting, unsecure ballot drop boxes, ballot harvesting and lack of signature verification would result in a flood of fraudulent ballots that would undermine the accuracy of the election results.”


One obvious conclusion is that they absolutely meant it to be this way. And they had the perfect trigger.

So, come November, there will be very little that will stop a repeat of 2020. Not Robert F Kennedy Jr, for all his excellence. Not a star VP pick like Vivek. Not the promise of brilliant policies that would make America great (briefly) for a second time. Not a foreign war or three dreamed up by the military establishment and BlackRock, in the manner of David Mamet’s Wag the Dog.

Don’t be surprised if another pandemic turns up. Call it Disease X. Bill Gates does. A Pandemic Treaty in May this year would help as well.

You see, they (the World Health Organisation) get to decide when a minor spreadable illness gets called something far scarier.

Then, as we know from the lockdowns and mandates and useless masking and distancing, pretty much anything can be cancelled or postponed or modified or manipulated. Like election procedures.

As I say, it worked last time.

The list of globalists who don’t want Trump is long and influential.

The Democrats have many friends abroad. Some of them live and work in Geneva, Brussels or Beijing.

At least two of the three institutions trying to take over the world – the Chinese Communist Party and what CJ Hopkins calls “Globocap” – want Trump as far away from the levers of power as possible.

It is not clear what the views of the third institution trying to take over the world, the militant Islamists, are of Trump. But the other two are pretty clear, and two out of three, as Meatloaf used to say, ain’t bad.

No, it will all come down to the counting of votes on and (especially) after the evening of Tuesday November 5.

And there is not much anyone can or will do about that.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Donald Trump. (courtesy McMaster University)

6 thoughts on “Trump can’t win in 2024

  1. The alleged postal vote scam only works when the tally for both sides is close, but would be much harder to implement in the instance of a clear win by either side. Trump’s campaign is being turbocharged by the fake lawfare scams being utilised against him.

    He borrowed from the banks using the Marelago deeds as collateral, so it was for the banks to determine the substance of the same and his attendant circumstances before advancing the loans, which were later repaid in full with interest. To try to extract fraud charges from that episode was surreal, but what mattered was that the public didn’t buy it.

    Similarly women claiming to have been monstered by Trump being awarded gigantic damages that are many multiples of what respective voters will ever have in their lifetimes, add to public disbelief in the US justice system, especially when some of the same send him messages expressing their love for him post alleged groping, which is ridiculous.

    Trump could quite easily win. Voters see Biden on TV and would worry that he might have to be put in a care home later on if he won, which they might wear if there was a proficient deputy to take over, but there isn’t, and of course Carmela Harris’s stupidity frightens them, she having been carefully selected for that reason so as not to pose a threat to Biden.

  2. The patriotic Red States cover 82% of the US landmass.
    They control the food and energy supplies.
    If Mr Collits is correct and the DNC steal the 2024 election as they did in 2020, they’ll be a civil war.
    The coastal DNC enclaves will be besieged. The current truckers NYC boycott is the model that will be expedited. The urbanites will be starved out without a shot being fired.
    I believe DJT, God willing ,will prevail however if not It’s going to get very ugly.

  3. I don’t believe that this is a “defeatist opinion” for who said anything about giving up.
    Uncomfortable reality may sound negative, and may cause some to feel like giving up, but it is meant to do the opposite.
    The tactics, evil, and corruption arrayed against fair elections in the USA is indescribable (I did put ‘almost’ in there but struck it out). It is like a demonic frenzy that will literally stop at nothing, and I mean nothing. They don’t even want Trump to be on the ballot anywhere.
    The ‘power at any cost’ forces are beyond human it seems, and until two things happen, (which we need to make happen) self destruction will rule the day.
    Those two things are:
    1. Divine intervention – for which we must humble ourselves and pray.
    2. A change in the heart and spirit of the population that will welcome the Divine intervention bringing back the ethos of truth and righteousness – for which we must pray and work.
    It is NOT about a change in leadership,
    it is NOT about a change in government,
    it is NOT about a change in laws,
    it is NOT about changing the bureaucrats,
    it is NOT about draining the swamp.
    The swamp must be drained from the hearts of the people.
    This is the point of failure – The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom.

  4. Everything the author said about the demorats is true: they are traitors, commies, corrupt and haters of democracy and average folk. But the real problem for Trump are RINOs like Haley who is obviously a demorat plant. She is a lying back-stabber who personifies the RINOs. They’re the problem. Haley is running to spoil, divide and sabotage. Her 40% of votes in Nth Carolina, a state she was governor for 2 terms, was full of demorat votes because it was an open vote. Dan Bongino also notes the CIA and other deep state players are supporting her:

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