Truth will set you free – from employment

by PAUL COLLITS – FOLLOWING two non-fatal heart attacks late last year, the recovering Mark Steyn was then placed in a position by his then employer, GB News, where he was forced to resign. 

The long-time “niche Canadian” – as he was described by The Guardian – independent journalist and “global content provider” was the victim of the social media-Ofcom industrial complex. 

In Australia, the outsized spike in excess deaths continues, as does the desperate, total silence of the legacy media. It nary rates a mention, let alone an attempted explanation.

Ofcom is the United Kingdom’s media and communications regulator, and is a paid-up member of the woke COVID class.

Ofcom states: “Promoting equity, diversity and inclusion in broadcasting is a priority for Ofcom, and we are working with the industry to make progress.”


Unfortunately, Ofcom doesn’t believe in the inclusion of those who question the core elements of the elites’ narrative. Instead, Ofcom goes after them.

Banging on about how inclusive they are bespeaks a clear lack of awareness of irony. It is so with many of these pretend, do-gooder agencies of government.

Here’s Ofcom’s stated policy on COVID “misinformation”: “In these challenging times, people understandably want to keep up to date with the latest developments in the coronavirus pandemic.

“But given the false claims about COVID-19 circulating online, some people are struggling to know who or what to believe.

“So we’ve collected a set of resources to help cut through the confusion and provide people with the tools to navigate news and information about COVID-19.

“Many of these focus on debunking common misconceptions or harmful claims about the coronavirus. But there are also some useful tips on how to seek out reliable content, how to tell fact from fiction, and how to find out who’s behind particular claims to help us all to ‘share’ information responsibly.”

Shades of Jacinda Ardern. Our truth is the only truth.

We will criminalise anyone who dares to differ. Shut them down. Ofcom is in the business of totalitarian narrative protection, and it doesn’t take prisoners.

And the forces of the progressive, green, globalist, woke, COVID (PGGWC )class know it. They know all the pressure points and the Ofcom buttons to press, and they are allowed to get away with it.

Steyn had dared to interview, on his massively popular prime time program, a number of victims of vaccine injuries.

He remains just about the only commentator in Britain (along with TCW Defending Freedom) to have placed vaccine harms under the microscope. Thank God he has.

A few other champions have, but literally no one in the mainstream media has dared to go there, so bought up have they been by what Woody Harrelson has correctly referred to as a “drugs cartel”.


The rest of the story for Steyn is tediously familiar. Steyn’s opponents got together to arrange a complaint to Ofcom, and it duly agreed to investigate Steyn.

Media proprietors can be fined huge amounts for breaching Ofcom directives. Lose their licences.

Then GB News decided to make Steyn’s new contract conditional upon him agreeing to pay any future Ofcom fines himself. He walked.

For the Covidista class, it was “mission accomplished”. GB News lost its star attraction, and Steyn now produces his show himself.

I believe he has more viewers now than he did with GB News.  So, perhaps not a cancellation after all.  The indefatigable Steyn tends to bounce back from his periodic run-ins with the corporate-right establishment, heart attacks notwithstanding. 

GB News management made its choices. It has sided with the establishment and against truth-telling.

It values Ofcom endorsement over proper journalism. It has given the tick to the rat cunning of the social media operatives who went after its star host.

The Steyn affair has caused a few ructions in the Right-of-centre commentariat. Toby Young, career Spectator columnist was a frequent guest on the Steyn GB News show. But he hasn’t taken up the Steyn cause, putting it mildly.

Fence sitting, n’est pas?

Steyn wrote a letter to The Spectator on February 25. Much, though not all, of the letter was published in The Spectator. [see full letter]

The irrepressible James Delingpole, with no particular dog in the Steyn fight, saw it differently. He had one of his regular fights with his old friend Toby on their London Calling podcast: “You’re sounding quite like you’re part of the establishment there Tobes. I’m quite surprised.

“I mean, I always thought that that like me, you were a journalist and commentator who sort of took sides against when you saw manifest injustice, that you went for it but here you are sort of saying if Ofcom is the villain. I mean, surely there’s no doubt that Ofcom is the villain…

“I agree with your point that GB News has been bullied into this position. But here we have what is essentially the bully boy arm of an increasingly unaccountable, authoritarian State, which is deploying powers of censorship, that one hitherto would not have expected to see outside the Soviet Union or in Mao’s China.

“We’re living in England, Tobes, we’re not living behind the Iron Curtain.”

Delingpole, like Steyn, a champion in the climate wars, has also been a clear-thinking critic of the COVID State.

He has called out every single one of the lies, the crimes, the demonic influences, the great reset agendas of the World Economic Forum.


He has gone down the right rabbit holes, with evidence and conviction. He is a truth teller and a conspiracy researcher, par excellence. He saw the Steyn play for what it was.

Steyn has pointed out that medical establishment liars have easily survived the Ofcom panopticon. They do not get “dobbed in” (of course), so they are not investigated.

They continue to appear on the television to spruik their collapsing narratives. On all of the breakfast shows. None are investigated.

Ofcom is a vehicle of State oppression. Nothing new there. It is a stereotypical, captured public sector organisation.

And though the elites have not shut Steyn down – who on earth could? – it may well have shut GB News down as an effective critic of the State. It has been well and truly neutered.

This is a textbook case of cancelling their business model. And until (allegedly conservative) governments wake up to Ofcom’s mode of operation, it will continue to be brilliantly successful.

So, we come back to the core problem.

It is the governments that we elect, not only in the UK but in Australia and other Western democracies too, that are the core problem.

They do not seek to control the Ofcoms of the world. All too hard. They just let them be.

Yet, they must be held to account. If they are not, how can we complain when they lie to us, and arrange to have all their public instrumentalities collude in their lies?

A little reflection on the medical context of the Steyn/GB News cancellation is warranted here, to put his case in perspective. 


In Australia, the outsized spike in excess deaths continues, as does the desperate, total silence of the legacy media.

It nary rates a mention, let alone an attempted explanation, outside the confines of commentators generally referred to as conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers. This charge would be laughable were it not for the fact that we are talking about mass murder here.

As Steve Kirsch notes, referring to a recent (2022) peer reviewed paper by two Australian authors: “Now published in the peer-reviewed scientific literature: ‘The mRNA vaccines are neither safe nor effective, but outright dangerous’.”

A memorable line from the paper notes: “Never in vaccine history have we seen 1011 case studies showing side effects of a vaccine.”

And this: “Never in Vaccine history have 57 leading scientists and policy experts released a report questioning the safety and efficacy of a vaccine. They not only questioned the safety of the current COVID-19 injections, but were calling for an immediate end to all vaccination. Many doctors and scientists around the world have voiced similar misgivings and warned of consequences due to long-term side effects. Yet there is no discussion or even mention of studies that do not follow the narrative on safety and efficacy of VOVID-19 vaccination. (Emphasis in the original.)


Speaking about another paper on excess deaths in Australia, by Wilson Sy, Kirsch concludes: “There are a lot of excess deaths happening in Australia. The most likely explanation is that these deaths are being caused by the jabs.

“If this is not the case, why are the Australian health authorities hiding the true cause from the people of Australia?”

If this is the case, how come they aren’t pausing the jabs in the meantime until this can be sorted out?

As Kirsch says: “Every health authority in the world should be warning the public about this.”

Yet anyone calling this out is liable for the sack, for silencing and/or for cancellation.

Yet the excess deaths continue. The use of dangerous, indeed, lethal, end-of-life drugs in hospitals and care homes is being ramped up.

The suspension of normal health care continues, with deadly consequences.

Doctors are being prevented from treating COVID patients with drugs shown to be effective. And are being de-registered if they speak out.

And government agencies – the same governments that perpetrated the whole hideous COVID outcomes – get commentators like Mark Steyn sacked, commentators who are courageous enough to call out this industrial scale, officially sanctioned lunacy.PC

Paul Collits

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  1. The core problem? It’s terminally corrupt governments here and around the world locking us all into a permanent state of global emergency.

    The disintegrating climate and pandemic terrorist narratives have always been elitist camouflage for building a worldwide digital prison.

    The globalists, unheralded, have succeeded in putting us under medical, legal, martial law. All government agencies now are effectively weaponised against the people, enabled by blanket propaganda and compliant mainstream media .

    The enforcers are the US military/industrial complex, the UN’s World Health Organisation (now effectively military in its purpose), the WEF, and the Bank for International Settlements (purse strings keeping governments solvent).

    Recommend Paul Collits and all truth seekers tap into Pennsylvania paralegal researcher Katherine Watt
    ( for what could be game-changing information on these crimes against humanity and how America’s weapons manufacturers are now medication manufacturers.

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