Is a political conspiracy killing citizens?

by PAUL COLLITS – IT’S all in the charts, as the renowned American economist and COVID hero Thomas Woods would say. 

Woods has liked to confound his COVID fascist opponents and the non-thinkers all round with data. It is his metier. 

The evidence of excess deaths carries weight and should be the subject of a royal commission. But it won’t be…

Despite the mounting evidence that facts and rational argument seem unable to dissuade Branch Covidians from their embedded belief system, it is still worthwhile – we must cling to this – to engage in the great debates of our day and to do so with evidence-based propositions.


Slowly but surely, one hopes, the needle will shift a little in the direction of sanity.

Hence all the evidence about the uselessness and, indeed, harms, of masks, the fact that lockdowns do little to alter the trajectory of air-borne viruses, the dangers of mRNA vaccines, the utility of early treatment of COVID with proven drugs, the damage done to human health by COVID home detention, and the rest, must be presented publicly ad infinitum.

Despite all the censorship, the disinformation of fact-checkers, the silence of the media and the cringeworthy slithering of governments and mainstream opposition Parties everywhere.

Some data, though, is so compelling as to be jaw dropping.

This chart is a stunner. We have UAP leader Craig Kelly to thank for bringing it to our attention, as we have to thank him for so many things.

It shows the correlation between the Australian vaccination rollout and excess deaths in Australia.


As correlations go, this one isn’t bad. At the time of writing, booster take-up in Australia sits at not much over half the population.

A reassuringly low number, determined, alas, not by widespread knowledge of the dangers of the vaccines but probably the result of sensible risk assessment by individuals, and a growing realisation that COVID in its current form (or any form for that matter), kills very few, harms even fewer and so “I don’t really need a vaccine”. Certainly not one every few months. 

The Guardian reported, no doubt glumly, back in March: “Tracking Australia’s booster rollout data shows millions of eligible Australians yet to get third COVID vaccine dose.”

Oh, and the vaccines, especially the boosters, don’t work anyway. Israeli studies show the efficacy of the boosters down to about eight weeks. This must be seeping through to the consciousness of even the dopiest Australians.

The very useful website, Our World in Data, explains what excess mortality is: Excess mortality is a term used in epidemiology and public health that refers to the number of deaths from all causes during a crisis above and beyond what we would have expected to see under “normal” conditions.


Not just deaths “with COVID”. These are all deaths over a period of time, compared to other time periods, say over the previous five years. Excess deaths have spiked dramatically, in Australia and elsewhere, and this requires our attention and an explanation by researchers and policy-makers.

Alex Berenson states: “Only months after suffering a huge and unexplained increase in their death rates in the fall of 2021, many Western European countries are seeing a new spike.

“The increase includes some COVID deaths but is not limited to them. Several countries now have death rates more than 15 per cent above normal, an extremely unusual event – especially since demographers expected death rates to fall as COVID eased.

“The spike last fall came a few months after near-universal COVID vaccinations. This spring’s rise comes on the heels of third-shot “booster” mRNA jabs that were far more common in Europe than the United States.”

He concludes: “All-cause mortality is spiking – right on schedule, three-plus months after booster mRNA shots – and mostly in the elderly, the most highly boosted group. It’s getting hard to see this as coincidence.”


I do not expect an explanation, however, or even an exploration of the issue, any time soon.

It would be far too embarrassing, politically. It would show that politicians could be guilty of manslaughter, at best, on an industrial scale.

Every single piece of pro-vaccine propaganda would likely come under scrutiny. Hence all the efforts by public health gurus, official, and otherwise, to keep this under the radar and under the carpet.

There are different kinds of evidence for vaccine harms.

First, there are the national systems of reporting vaccine “adverse events”. The one in Australia is called the DAEN system. The USA one is called VAERS.

Professionals in the system believe that these systems massively under-report actual harms and deaths.

The Australian death count is now in the high hundreds. It is huge in the United States and Europe. It is substantial – in the thousands – in the United Kingdom.


Second, there is the anecdotal evidence of increasingly frequent “unexplained sudden deaths”, that surely everyone has noticed over the past year, again since the vaccine rollout.

“Died in his sleep”, “died of an apparent heart attack”, fit and healthy football players collapsing all over the place, and so on.

Think of famous cricketers, Australian senators, BBC broadcasters, Australian TV personalities. All reported but lacking the posing of obvious questions.

And now there is the death of Jason Januszke, fit, 43 and going for a run: “A well-known personal trainer who worked closely with some of AFL’s biggest stars has died doing what he loved as his shattered wife prepares to raise two boys on her own.”

If you want an idea of the personal toll this poison is taking, that’s it right there. His wife is a vaccine widow and his boys are vaccine orphans.

As David Hiscox at XYZ says, “is anybody else losing count?”

Mark Steyn has taken to referring to vaccine widows (it is mostly fit men who are dying without real explanation).

Third, there are the figures on deaths within a certain timeframe following receipt of the vaccines.

Then there is data like those in the chart above. Each of these forms of evidence carries weight and should be the subject of a royal commission. But they will not be.

The COVID State is simply too big to fail.

Fourth, there is the evidence of specific medical harms, like myocarditis, linked to the vaccines, demonstrated both in drug trials (though hushed up) and since the vaccine rollout.

Intrepid reporters like the de-twittered Alex Berenson (author of the book Pandemia) and Naomi Wolf have been reporting on the forced release (under freedom of information) of the Pfizer trials data, hundreds of pages of it, which show the harms of the vaccines and the fact that the drug companies and probably governments knew about them, very early on.

Too many players were too heavily invested in the rollout to put a stop to it. Denmark belatedly has, though.

Fifth, there is the evidence – very limited, to be sure – of autopsies, which are the agreed way to determine cause of death, and few of which have been done during COVID.

But there has been some evidence, and it suggests that around 30 to 40 per cent of deaths following vaccination are actually caused by the vaccines.


As tech millionaire Steve Kirsch reports: “Dr Peter Schirmacher, one of the world’s top pathologists, reported that in 40 cases examined two weeks after vaccination, the vaccine killed 30-40 per cent of them.

“Immediately after he reported this, his family was threatened if he spoke out. So Dr Schirmacher has been silenced.

“Do you support intimidation techniques to silence legitimate scientists with dissenting views? The Federal Association of German Pathologists has called for autopsies, but the government has silenced them as well.

“Also, Schirmacher’s results have been validated by Bhakti and Burkhardt.”

The truth-telling, freedom-fighting United Kingdom online paper The Daily Expose has been looking at the numbers of deaths following vaccinations.

“The Office for National Statistics has revealed that between January 2021 and March 2022 a total of 69,466 people died within 28 days of COVID-19 vaccination, and 109,408 people died within 60 days of vaccination in England,” it reported.

The Branch Covidians would say, apart from “correlation is not causation”, that all sorts of things explain deaths after vaccination. Nothing to see here.

But it is worth remembering how “COVID deaths” were counted during the great scare.

Any death within 28 days of infection with COVID was counted as being from COVID, in order to talk the numbers up. Even car accident deaths were counted in some places.

This COVID propaganda, recited at the endless daily press briefings, was used shamelessly to drive and justify lockdowns, police brutality, forced isolation, lonely aged deaths, and the rest.


The Daily Expose reminds us of this: “In order to justify implementing draconian restrictions in the name of COVID-19, the UK Government, with the help of the mainstream media, would publicise daily the number of COVID-19 deaths to have allegedly occurred that day.

“The metric used then, and still being used now, is any death occurring within 28 days of a positive test for SARS-CoV-2 is counted as a Covid-19 death.”

So, fair game, then.

An entirely different debate is needed to explain why so many people who have had the vaccine die of COVID. This is the argument about efficacy, and can be left for another day.

The dangers of the vaccines are sufficiently mind-blowing on their own to call into question the whole of the COVID State’s blind faith in experiment and unnecessary medical procedures forced down people’s throats for two years. 

Oh, and they do know they’re lying, as the UK’s Chief Scientific Advisor Mike Yeadon often reminds us.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Brad Hazzard. (courtesy The Australian)

4 thoughts on “Is a political conspiracy killing citizens?

  1. All of Australia’s Federal and State governments main leader:-PM , Premiers, Health Officials, Police, and the other main players are all complicit with mass genocide, murder? or manslaughter of Australians by either co-operative or complicit in their action or inaction’s regarding the Covid-19 scam, cover up and falsifying data. Their day in Court will come. Australians have died through misinformation, deceit, coercion and physiological trauma. They have sold Australia out to the New Order, One World Government of which Covid-19 was the first salvo.


  2. Mind boggling and covid vax mandates are removed by politicians yet institutions still keep them in place. The main stream media and politicians from major parties are enemies of the people. Many Australians now know we are not free people anymore. People are slowly waking up though and I am sure the perpetrators sense doom is coming.

  3. Too big to fail?

    Data matters! Call it what you will, but established facts and figures that withstand the lies of vested interests will ultimately prevail.

    You may own your opinion, but you don’t own the data. This truism for all who rest their case on what they feel is offered by US author, capital financial analyst and forecaster of economic crises James Rickards, tapped for decades by leaders and policy makers on the brink.

    With the corporate fascist global coup d’etat systematically destroying Western civilisation’s peak-modernity, its needless imminent collapse is still “seen through a glass darkly” by the duped mainstream.

    However, the Russian bear has been poked too often by the delusional, Covid-Climate addled US -NATO proxy war in Ukraine which now lays claim to Odessa. All manner of Russian high tech weaponry is now pointed at THEIR key cities and military bases, as Putin has just announced.

    Imminent nation state destruction on this scale is likely to prove the much despised Covid State is NOT too big to fail, or at least self-destruct in its present form. But what kind of beast will it become if the BRICS alliance takes over?

    God alone knows and has provided warnings and answers. That aside, Paul makes a good start here: “… we must engage in the great debates of our day and …do so with evidence-based propositions” in the knowledge truth’s opponents can only further discredit themselves.

  4. The term Nuremberg II has been thrown around a fair bit. It’s past time words became reality. Our politicians and their conspirator bureaucrats must be put in front of a Royal Commission and brought (bought?) to account for their shameful antics.

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