Vindictive Left targets Lib members

by SEAN BURKE – FEARS are growing among NSW Liberal members that the Party’s Leftist leadership will attempt to punish them for campaigning against the Voice. 

There are also concerns that Liberal Party HQ is offering little to no logistical assistance as members campaign for the No position taken by Federal Leader Peter Dutton. 

Newly installed NSW State President Jason Falinski suggested earlier this year that No didn’t necessarily mean No.

Many in the Liberal Party’s NSW State Executive – as well as other senior Left faction members – are publicly supporting the Yes camp, despite an official No position taken at the Federal level.

Newly installed NSW State President Jason Falinski suggested earlier this year that No didn’t necessarily mean No.


“The Liberal Party’s stance on the Voice to Parliament is to focus on a united Australia and one that’s reconciled with its past,” he told Sky News in April.

“The important part here is not that we’ve said no, but what we’re going to put in its place.”

NSW Liberal Opposition Leader Mark Speakman – another Left faction operative – made clear this month that he would not be campaigning with Liberal members in the No camp.

“I think the potential rewards outweigh the potential risks, and I personally support a Voice in the Australian Constitution,” Mr Speakman said.

Mr Speakman said he would “not play an active role in the referendum” and that he would not advise people on how they should vote.

Former NSW Premier Mike Baird – also of the Liberal Left – this week said he was also in support of a race-based constitutional change.

“For the good of the country, for the good of Indigenous communities across Australia, I think it will be a great thing if there was one last chance to try and find that unified position,” Mr Baird told Sky News’ Andrew Clennell.


While in parliament, Mr Baird was repeatedly accused of having a political tin ear – after repeatedly pushing through career-ending legislation during his short time as premier.

This included the unpopular and costly amalgamation of local governments and his ban on greyhound racing – with the former not delivering his promised council rate reductions and the latter having to be scrapped after a popular backlash.

Party members have increasingly raised their concerns about the Liberal Left’s vindictiveness towards the No campaign.

“Senator Andrew Bragg and MP Julian Lesser are refusing to send out Postal Vote Applications for the No campaign,” one senior Liberal member wrote on social media.

“I’m very concerned that Lefty Senators are refusing to help the No campaign at all. Apparently, they just represent Yes voters.”

Another senior member wrote: “Mark Speakman, Jason Falinski and [Liberal State Director] Chris Stone need to confirm that no-one supporting the No campaign will be expelled from the NSW Division!” PC

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Mark Speakman (L) and NSW Left faction leader Matthew Kean. (courtesy SBS)

20 thoughts on “Vindictive Left targets Lib members

  1. I have been Liberal for abt 60 years and my advice to the true Liberals is to get rid of the LEFTIES- kick them out to form their own weird little political party – we do not wan thtem!

  2. A friend who did not respect any political party used to say that the main problem for voters is that regardless of which candidate we choose to vote for we end up with a politician.

    Sometimes mentioned is the “Canberra Bubble”, I believe that that bubble world surrounds parliament houses like a thick fog.

  3. According to Paul Karp (Guardian Chief political correspondent) Julian Leeser is quoted…
    “…Liberal MP Julian Leeser has accused the Indigenous voice No campaign of trying to debate every issue imaginable, echoing criticisms by the prime minister of red herrings in the constitutional recognition debate”.
    Surely, it is the task of the federal opposition to “debate every issue” – particularly in relation to an issue that has the potential to irreversibly change our Constitution?
    Additionally, (according to Paul Karp) Leeser is, “echoing criticisms by the prime minister of red herrings in the constitutional recognition debate”.
    “Echoing the PM??”…..we are entitled to wonder which party MP Leeser represents….Labor or the Greens….it certainly doesn’t reflect the position of the Federal Liberals!

  4. Jason, haven’t you & your lefty faction worked out why you’re losing elections & genuine conservative voters deserting you in droves. If you are Labor-lites get out of the party & give us back our true conservatives.

    1. And have Julian Leeser, Andrew Bragg, Maria Kovacic, Matt Kean thrown out also. All a bunch of taxpayer funded grubs

  5. The problem is the march of communism through the institutions. Look at what’s happening in the leftie Labor Party, the policies they are following. Our electricity system is being degraded, our schools are teaching propaganda to kids instead of 3RRR’s, no law and order in Qld, the whole leftie agenda and political correctness that doesn’t make sense. There needs to be a purge of lefties out of the Liberal Party, let them go to Labor or the Greens. Its not what the faction’s want that counts, it’s what the people’s want.

  6. The so called “Voice” is the ultimate expression of legal discrimination based on race which should be abhorrent based even on the most basic moral compass. MLK paid the ultimate price for people to be judged on their character, NOT on their race. These misguided Voice advocates are the “useful idiots” for left wing activists wanting to extort money and control away from Aussie taxpayers. There is also no such thing as ONE aboriginal voice. Newsflash, the indigenous community, and the 1% hanger-ons, have a myriad of views as does the broader community. They are already sucking up billions and misusing the funds to no avail. Anyone serious about improving indigenous outcomes should start by tearing down the current system, clawing back the 40BN , and starting to allocate funds where they will actually produce outcomes.

  7. Need to get Lefties like Turnbull out of the Liberal party. If Turnbull wants to stay in, then his renewal membership fee is $5 million annually.

    Kean and Falinski are a pox on the Liberals

    1. Before the next election. If No wins and validates Peter Dutton’s electoral judgement, quite apart from anything else, the position of Messrs Bragg, Leeser and Speakman becomes untenable. Deselection is richly deserved. Selection committees should also be closely watching the position taken by state MPs too.

      1. Don’t forget Bridget Archer. She is a real traitor, crossing the floor to vote with Labor and the Greens more than she votes with her own Party.

  8. Mark Speakman has already proven himself to be a bad choice. His lack of support for LP Federal Leader Peter Dutton on the race-based and divisive Voice is clear evidence of that. He has to go – and the sooner the better.

  9. There are more parts to the Liberal Party than the NSW Division. One can always become a member of another Division till NSW cleans up it’s act!

  10. These Lefties should quit while they’re ahead & still have a Party that they can make a noise by. It is becoming increasingly obvious that in their public comments they increasingly have the impact of a feather trying to bash a stone!

  11. There is racial selection in our constitution.
    There is racial preference.
    There is a race-based veto.
    It is called monarchy.

    1. That is just silly. The Australia Act eradicated ALL influence by the monarchy in Australia.

      1. Stop lying.
        The Australia Acts did not change the constitution.
        The powers, identity, and role of the monarch remains exactly as per 1901.
        Stop lying.

        1. If you’re crazy when someone contradicts your craziness it seems like lying.

          Still, I suppose you could initiate an appeal to the House of Lords. Oh wait, the Australia Act abolished that right.


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