‘Yes man’ Shorten continues to pander

by PAUL COLLITS – LET’S play whack-a-mole, or better still, whack-a-Shorten. The disappeared man of Australian politics is, unfortunately, still with us. 

It was not for nothing that Bill Shorten was given his nickname, Bull Shitten. The man who lost the unlosable election. He couldn’t even beat ScoMo (in 2019). 

Bill Shorten is one of those dullard functionaries, a cog rather than a leader – “I don’t know what she said but I agree with it” – ready to blindly believe Big Pharma and its shills.

The man who once, memorably, said “I don’t know what she (Julia Gillard, his then boss) said, but I agree with it”.

The man who tried to use an almost non-existent relationship he claimed to have with the dying Bob Hawke to bolster his inevitably failing election campaign in 2019.


The man who, like Malcolm Turnbull, helped to overthrow a properly elected prime minister in his first term. (Yes, I realise it was Kevin Rudd, but it is the principle that counts).

Shorten is back with us. Still peddling lies to cover his fundament. Now he’s bull shitten about COVID vaccine injuries, in his inimitable style.

He is defending the lethal errors of the previous Liberal Government. And the COVID class of which he is a paid-up member.

What a disgrace he is. But we already knew he was a disgrace. A clueless, talentless follower who, through union preferment and strategic marriages above his station (in turn, to a Beale girl then to the daughter of a Governor-General) slithered to the top.

Deborah Beale and Bill Shorten were considered a power couple in the Labor Party. They met while studying for their MBAs.

Ms Beale, whose father Julian Beale is a wealthy Melbourne investor and former federal Liberal MP, was a powerful political asset for Mr Shorten.

She provided a strong link to the corporate world through her father’s friendship with multi-millionaire businessman Richard Pratt.

Mr Pratt flew Mr Shorten back to Australia from the United States on his private plane when the Beaconsfield mine disaster occurred in 2006.

Mr Shorten’s role representing workers during the Beaconsfield tragedy significantly raised the former union leader’s public profile.

“Ms Beale was well regarded by the Labor Party and well-connected in corporate areas,” one source has said.

Shorten then ditched his first wife to head off with Chloe Bryce, who had also by then ditched her then husband.

A Labor insider told The Australian newspaper in 2008: “I don’t think the marriage split will harm Bill’s career. If you look at it ruthlessly, it is better now than later. This will not be in people’s minds in a decade.”


Dame Quentin Bryce, famously Bill’s (second) mother-in-law and a then governor-general, was seemingly very happy to welcome philandering Bill into her family.

Shorten even managed, unlike the late Cardinal George Pell and Liberal Minister Christian Porter, to avoid the pain of close interrogation for an ancient rape allegation.


The alleged victim’s name – yes, I believe we are now entitled, indeed, required, to call complainants “victims” – is Kathy Sherriff, and she is still fighting for justice.

She was sixteen at the time of the alleged rape in 1986. Astonishingly, Louise Milligan left that one alone. Not like Brittany Higgins and her accused, Bruce Lehrmann.

I guess Lisa Wilkinson wasn’t returning Kathy Sherriff’s calls, either. No interest from VicPol, either, in Kathy’s allegations. It’s great having friends in low places.

Normally, unwanted politicians with murky pasts leave the building quietly and move on. Sadly, not Bill.

Distressingly, he is now in charge of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. The NDIS has been and remains a national disgrace.

As the vaccine propagandist The Sydney Morning Herald reports: “Thousands of people are still waiting to learn whether they will receive compensation for injuries they believe they incurred when receiving a coronavirus vaccine, as claimants and lawyers say delays are causing unnecessary distress to people with serious illnesses.

“There are calls for the scheme to offer provisional payments to those facing long waits while their claims are assessed, with some waiting up to 10 months to learn if they have been successful.

“But the federal agencies charged with managing the scheme say this is off the table, with Government Services Minister Bill Shorten having previously said the small number of approvals among applications reflected the overwhelming safety of the vaccines.”

So, covering up one lie with another.

Shorten’s vaccine “science” was faithfully reported by the Herald in 2022: “Less than 50 payments have been made to compensate Australians who have had adverse reactions to COVID-19 vaccines, representing a miniscule percentage of the total number of doses administered.

“Government Services Minister Bill Shorten seized upon the figures to criticise “fringe operators who spread misinformation” about COVID vaccines

“Shorten said the figures showed the vaccines were overwhelmingly safe and hit out at people trying to spread fear in the community.

“Safe and effective vaccines are scientifically proven to be the best way to prevent against death, hospitalisation and severe illness as a result of COVID-19 infection,” he said.

Fringe operators? Misinformation? Perhaps Bill is talking about Dr Peter McCullough, one of the world’s leading cardiologists.

Perhaps Bill isn’t aware that several countries have dropped the lethal and ineffective mRNA vaccines. Like Switzerland and Denmark.

The best way to prevent hospitalisation? Perhaps Bill might not have seen the NSW hospitalisation-by-vaccination status figures. That is, before NSW Health stopped publishing the figures, so embarrassing had they become.


Hardly anyone unvaccinated was in hospital with COVID. Everyone in hospital had had multiple shots.

Perhaps Bill isn’t aware of the hundreds of peer reviewed studies in eminent medical journals reporting on the failures of the vaccines.

The vaccines that, in Pfizer’s case, were never even tested in trials to see if they stopped transmission of the virus. The vaccines that, in the case of AstraZeneca, have been removed from the market in many countries.

Has Bill heard about sudden death syndrome? About collapsing athletes? Incapacitated pilots? That Australia’s excess death numbers are now approaching 20 per cent and their highest since World War Two? That they have skyrocketed since the vaccine rollout?

Dr Harvey Risch has summarised the current state of play, quoting Dr Paul Marik: “The more shots you get, the greater your risk of getting COVID.”

Bill Shorten is either totally ignorant – or he is a liar. He is certainly not following the science. He is ignoring the evidence.


Even worse, insulting the vaccine-maimed, diminishing their suffering, dismissing their very legitimate concerns, is the act of a heartless, soulless man. A man unworthy of the moderately high office that he has attained.

The rabid vaccinators at the Murdoch press called Shorten’s take on vaccine safety and effectiveness as “sassy” in August 2022.

Sassy? Really?

He is a national embarrassment. The vaccines are a deadly protection racquet. Untested. Not needed. Unapproved. Experimental. Protected from legal action. Dangerous and deadly. Shorten lied.

Perhaps Bill might listen to the words of Senator Ron Johnson in the USA, speaking about the vaccine injured: “You can’t turn your back on people like that. All they wanted was to be seen, heard and believed because they wanted to be cured!”

No, Bill simply ignores them, dismisses them and laughs at their defenders.

Speaking of the Murdoch press, one of its few COVID heroes, the lockdown sceptic, Adam Creighton, has written this week of his tormentors. Creighton has always been a pandemic sceptic and has been mercilessly attacked.

Creighton’s experience is a savage indictment of the alley-cat morals and low-grade intellects of his media colleagues and of the decision-makers of the COVID era.

The people who inflicted fascism on us, people like Shorten, either knew then, or should have known, that their actions were killing people and ruining lives.

Without anything to justify their actions, other than craven fear of the public opinion they themselves shaped through fear and mass formation.

No doubt, Bill Shorten is – still, to this day – faithfully spinning the lines he has been given by his still-unsacked bureaucrats.

The same bureaucrats who lied about the vaccines during the ScoMo driven roll-out in 2021. He seems not to have caught up with the evidence of vaccine harms.


The problem is that Shorten and friends are still spitting out lies. His latest intervention reminds us of a few truths about big government:

  • There is no statute of limitations on big lies;
  • The COVID-enhanced power of the State will remain with us forever;
  • There will be no apology, ever. Instead, there will be doubling down;
  • The glib cliches – “safe and effective”, are now endemic, just like the virus they are used to describe;
  • The narrative remains king;
  • Arguing science with the likes of Shorten is utterly useless;
  • The sheer power of the COVID State transcends changes of government.

Easily and seamlessly Big Pharma’s crimes roll on. As does the fight for justice for the vaccine injured, pursued vigorously and diligently by those with far greater moral compasses than Bill Shorten.

The Italian chemist and Holocaust survivor Primo Levi once said: “Monsters exist, but they are too few in number to be truly dangerous. More dangerous are the common men, the functionaries ready to believe and to act without asking questions.”


Our old friend Shorten strikes me as one of those dullard functionaries, a cog rather than a monster – “I don’t know what she said but I agree with it” – ready to blindly believe Big Pharma and its shills in the public health bureaucracies and the media.

And to witness his continuing gaslighting of victims of vaccine harm is truly vile.

As German-born historian Hannah Arendt termed Nazi Adolf Eichmann:  Mr “I was just following orders”.

If ever there was a man “just following orders”, it would have to be William Richard Shorten. It doesn’t get any more banal than Bill.


Worst of all, Shorten’s off-handed, “sassy” attitude to COVID policy victims gave permission to those like the Creighton trolls to bully and threaten free-thinkers. Imagine if one of these nutters had actually inflicted physical harm on Creighton. Et tu, Bill?

If only the vaccine injured had been homosexual or Aboriginal or Muslim or disabled – well, actually some of them are – then Bill’s attitude would probably qualify as hate speech.

I don’t know what the COVID elites said, but I agree with it.

Bill Shorten kind-of sums up the attitude of the post-Howard era political class.PC

Paul Collits

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH:  Bill Shorten. (courtesy The Guardian)

2 thoughts on “‘Yes man’ Shorten continues to pander

  1. Wow. Just wow. Shorten’s certainly no saint, but like 99% of the population he’s not qualified to make an independent assessment of the merits of Covid vaccines, and has to follow the advice of those who can. If you’re looking for a crypto-fascist where Covid era population control is concerned, Exhibit A is Dan Andrews in Victoria. One thing can be said about Shorten, he’s actually extremely bright, fully masters his brief and can extemporise. Seen it done. In this regard Curly’s probably far more competent than Albo, who’s just a bluffer with the ability to press the right ALP buttons. Albo’s performance in promoting the voice has been woeful, and he clearly lacks the capacity to master the detail and to recognise the potential contradictions in his own position. He just ain’t that bright. A good Coalition leader should be able to take Albo apart.

  2. For Shorten, life has always been a glamour show. Where appearance is always more important than reality. He is, in other words, a dirtbag and a shister.


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