Bruised Tony Abbott joins Team UK

AFTER being overlooked by the Morrison government both inside and outside of parliament, one of Australia’s most impactful leaders has instead been headhunted by the UK government. 

Described as a huge loss for Australia, former Prime Minister Tony Abbott has been appointed to a global trade role by UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson. 

As joint president of the newly re-formed and prestigious British Board of Trade, Mr Abbott will work alongside UK Trade Minister Liz Truss to reset Britain’s post-EU international trade alliances. 


The Abbott government was responsible for forging a quick succession of Australian free trade agreements with China, Japan as well as South Korea.

His UK appointment has been greeted with anger from both conservatives within Australia and Leftist media and politicians in Britain.

Australian political commentator Rita Panahi described the appointment as a “wasted opportunity and an indictment on the Morrison government”.

“It’s an indictment that they couldn’t find something. Given his passion for indigenous affairs … he has so many areas where he has the depth of experience and knowledge – and also a deep passion to contribute,” she said during a Sky News interview on the weekend.

“But we’ve lost him now to the Brits – and they’re not all appreciative.”

Ms Panahi was referring to Left-leaning British media and Labour politicians who simultaneously burst blood vessels over the announcement.

The UK’s ITV political correspondent Harry Horton referred to Mr Abbott on air as a “sexist homophobe who denies climate change”.


Emily Thornberry. (HuffPost)

While UK Labour’s shadow trade secretary Emily Thornberry said the appointment of a “failed Australian prime minister was a humiliation”.

“On a personal level, I am disgusted that Boris Johnson thinks this offensive, leering, cantankerous, climate-change-denying, Trump-worshipping misogynist is the right person to represent our country overseas,” Ms Thornberry said.

“I just find this appointment as absolutely staggering.

“This is someone whose only experience with trade agreements was turning up to sign the treaties that Andrew Robb negotiated for him.”

The former Prime Minister, who also “turned up” to secure Australian borders, may also prove useful advising the Johnson government on its current open border mess.

It’s Abbott’s unashamed effectiveness that the UK Left truly fears. And it’s about time they also started fearing private citizen Abbott’s defamation lawyers. PC

It’s an indictment…

MAIN PHOTOGRAPH: Tony Abbott – relocating to Britain. (courtesy Liberal Party/Jason South)
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10 thoughts on “Bruised Tony Abbott joins Team UK

  1. To all those who speak negatively about Tony Abbott’s appointment or can’t understand why Australia’s Government did not give him a job. When threatened the Left always criticise, lie and insult and right hide in a corner and shut up. In his new job i am sure Tony Abbott will do great things for Australia as well but no one will ever thank him.

  2. If those British detractors had seen (seeing being interpreting what one is looking at) and experienced what Tony has experienced, they would be a whole lot less critical! The trouble is their mouth engages before their brain, so any ‘seeing’ becomes only ‘looking’ at the whoosh on the way past. Poor little bubble dwellers!!
    And as for Australia not employing his talents, it shows the parlous state that the Liberal Divisions have sunk too and why membership is dropping so fast. Time for a shake-up in the backrooms perhaps? Cheers Melanie

  3. Don’t believe a word that Lady Thornberry says. She is a loose cannon with a tendency to overegg the shot. (Mixed the metaphors a bit but it sort of fits her style.)

    Abbott will be a wonderful addition to the UK team. He’s always been a good friend of the UK, was not a ‘failed’ PM at all, has a great respect for traditional values, knows what he’s talking about and will get the job done.

  4. Congratulations to Tony, so pleased to see that he has been appointed to this position.
    I hope he will be truly appreciated in the UK.

  5. People obviously don’t understand how Australia will benefit from having a cutting edge trade operative like Abbott secure great free trade deals for Britain. Firstly, we have now learned that China is no longer a reliable trading partner so we need to find alternate markets in a hurry. One of the biggest prospective markets for Australia would be from a re-vamped British Commonwealth free trade zone, (especially including growing India) which Abbott could build, and he would assumedly help facilitate a great individual FTA with Britain to both countries benefit. Covid has really hurt working families in Australia, and we need all the help that we can get recovery wise. Woke type objectors to Abbott’s appointment mainly derive their incomes from social security, or else soft low or non productive type government jobs, (i.e. the ABC) funded by the sweat of the Australian worker. If they want their privileged life styles to continue to be funded, then they must accept that the money has to be earned somewhere. Their clear choice is not to oppose productivity and remain funded, or to oppose the capitalist system and enter poverty, as there’d then be no money left to support them.

    We live in a democracy, most people want to be able to live decently and support their families, and no minority has a right to take their living standards away from them.

  6. Congratulations, Tony. It’s great to see that some have the respect for you that you deserve. Can’t say the same for Australia, more’s the pity.

  7. Warringah’s loss last election due to the criminal behaviour of the radical movement GETUP, proved how fearful the Left are of Tony Abbott.
    Australia’s loss now to the UK prove how his own party are in fear this good man and his honesty.
    Frankly, I think he dodged a bullet. He may find time to have a life now.
    As for that wretch, who tried to defame him under the cover of Parlamentry Priviledge, mud does stick and s…t does float to the top.

  8. This is a great example of the Lefties being incapable of intellectual disagreement over policy. They are vicious haters! If you do not follow their mantra, they HATE you.

  9. Until Morrison’s mistake early this year of forming a ‘National Cabinet’ which led to excessive panic, excessive lockdowns, excessive welfare payments and now, the massively excessive National debt, my only real gripe around his leadership was that he completely ignored the abundant talents of Tony Abbott and excluded him from his Cabinet. — This to me was absolutely inexcusable!

    Now Tony has left this fractured, provincial, divided Australia behind and taken a step up! Britain’s Trade effort will benefit greatly from his wealth of expertise, knowledge and connections in a multitude of areas; great catch Boris!

    Of course the socialist-soaked Beeb a labor/green politicians are being plain nasty: they really have no idea of the highly valuable asset they have just acquired!

  10. WELL! As is expected from jealous unfounded spectators who didn’t get a sniff of being appointed to the position and as for Great Britain Prime Minister Boris Johnson who not only sees an individual of Tony Abbott, but he sees a person who can perform with sincere integrity and profound duty to the position of the “UK Trade Position”. This would not have happened had Tony Abbott won the seat of his Electorate – Warringah in the last Federal Election. Like an old saying “One Door Closes and the other one “OPENS”. Put it plainly, “Australia’s Loss, Britain’s Gain”. Good for you Tony, and who knows what, could be a “Knighthood” down the track.

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